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Here are some of our Grandpups that all have a special place in our hearts
and live outside of our home....all our Grandpups are special!

Also our Gallery of Photos we love.
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Can.Ch WilKing's Lord Of The Dance - OFA


Sire:  Can. Ch Glencotta's Toreador
Dam:  Can. Ch Glencotta's Lucie In The Sky

'Cairo' lives with his Owners
In Toronto Canada

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Brazilian Young Champion WilKing's Wild Rose Of Texas

Sire:  Am. Ch Caymans Texas Ranger - OFA
Dam:  Can. Ch Glencotta's Lucie In The Sky - DOM, OFA

Edward And Vilma Ledsham
Canil Crufts
Bela Horizonte

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2nd Litter
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2nd Litter
'I Love You'

Judy With Chico
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Jake and Tana
Can. Ch Wilking's Delilah's Destiny


'Maybe they wont
notice im on the bed'
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