Selfridge Ceramic Art

Carol and Richard Selfridge

Tour of the Pottery Studio and Showroom

Past and Present

Our Edmonton home studio/
showroom on a sunny summer day

Carol models her "Young Grad"
"Absolut Selfridge" painting

Summer shaded front porch showroom

Winter afternoon, front porch showroom

Stoneware and porcelain on glass
shelving in porch showroom

Translucent porcelain in
showroom window

Front porch showroom in winter

Majolica in main floor
living room/gallery

Mix of stoneware and majolica
in living room/gallery

Face vases and thrown bowls
in dining room/gallery

Illusionistic majolica and woodfired
plates in front room/gallery

Dining room gallery, December, 2001

Dining room gallery, mid 1990's

Blue bunny woodfired basket
on dining room table

Amanda, Genevieve and Carol
in basement studio, circa 1982

Our three best productions,
daughters, Amanda, Genevieve and
Marion, on front walk circa 1984

Amanda, Richard and Genevieve
in basement studio, circa 1982

Richard and Genevieve at 20 in our
front hall/gallery, winter 2001

"Adam and Eve in the Garden Cubist
Vase", 25th annual summer
open house, 2000

"Amanda, Hot House Flower"
Carol's 2001 portrait
of Amanda, age 24

Bisque ware in our back porch,
(north light) painting area

A "family" of recently constructed vases drying
in our Edmonton studio before bisque firing.

Early 80's unloading of the two
chamber gas and wood kiln

The four hand process of pot
construction, 1995

Our backyard annual
"Party in the Yard", June 1993

Summer open house
back yard, 1993

Tatsuzo Shimaoka and Ken Matuzaki
in front of our two chamber gas and
woodfired kiln in 1983

Carol and Richard before unloading
the two chamber wood kiln, 1986

Mr. Shimoaka looking
into gaijin's kiln

Crackle glaze in the first chamber
of the cross draft/wood kiln,
December 2001

Woodfiring in second chamber, July 1996

Cool side of the gas fired stoneware
kiln with variety of crackle ware

Recent salt glaze woodfiring in
second chamber of old kiln

Cart half-way out on gas and
woodfired two-chambered kiln.

Summer open house portrait, 1997

Collectors choosing our work at
June "Party in the Yard", 1993

Urban view at our June "Party in the yard", 1993

The new coffin kiln in winter
viewed from our house

View of two-part counter weight and lid
in up position of coffin kiln in back yard

Kiln with lid up and safety bars in place after first
test firing, before addition of insulating castable
on wire mesh on exterior.

First chamber of gas and wood cross draft kiln, hot
side, celadons and porcelain, December 2001

Richard stoking the coffin kiln with
spruce slab wood, December 2001

Cool side of the first chamber
with crackle glaze, December 2001

First chamber gas firing, hot
side of car with translucent
porcelain and celadon glazes,
December 2001

Spring show at Scott Gallery, 2001
Carol's oil still life, majolica
plate and woodfired pieces

Spring show at Scott Gallery, 2001
majolica pieces

Friends drinking at summer open house

Garage as gallery wall

Woodfired work at open house

Flowers in "Cream Can Vase"

Summer view from the back steps

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