Selfridge Ceramic Art

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Carol and Richard Selfridge are ceramic artists working collaboratively in Edmonton, Canada since 1974. Their illusionistic majolica and woodfired stoneware has been exhibited nationally and internationally in over 250 juried and invitational exhibitions in the past 40 years.

"Northern Ice Flow Crackle Jar"
thrown and altered stoneware
cone 11, gas fired, 10" , $200 US sold

"Focus on Function: The University of Minnesota National Ceramics Biennial 2000"
Purchase Award, Permanent Collection, Minneapolis Institute of Art

"Eve's Red Apple Amphora"
constructed terra cotta
majolica, 30", 75cm, $1400 U.S., sold

Monarch National Ceramic Competition
Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts, Florence, Alabama, 1997

(As seen in Ceramics Monthly, Dec.1998)


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For information contact:

Selfridge Studio
9844 - 88 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T6E 2R3
Phone (780) 439-9296

To purchase our work, either contact us directly or the gallery for those works that are in various noted venues.

Artist Information

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Korean Macsabal Woodfire Festival 2003 and Kanayama Residency

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