John Wismer

Born - October 5, 1804, Lincoln Co., Ontario
Son of John Wismer and Esther Fry.

Died - January 30, 1888, Mapleton, Ontario.

Married - Mary Crane, 1828, St. Thomas, Ontario

Elizabeth Ann Wismer, b. October 03, 1829, d. May 08, 1915; m. Thomas McGregor.
Nancy Jane Wismer, b. September 09, 1831, d. June 13, 1908; m. Johnathan W. Brooks.
Henry Wismer, b. October 26, 1833, d. June 27, 1865; m. Mary Taylor.
Amanda Wismer. b. October 19, 1835, d. May 22, 1911;. m. Jesse Hoover.
John Franklin Wismer, b. January 19, 1837, d. September 28, 1918; m. Emeline Burns.
Orlando Wismer, b. December 27, 1839, d. October 05, 1863; m. Clarina Caughell.
Alma Wismer, b. December 16, 1842, d. March 13, 1930; m. Robert Alexander Putnam.
Mary Wismer
George Wismer, b. April 29, 1846, d. March 13, 1910; m. Lavina Bishop.
Stephen Wismer, b. May 28, 1848, d. December 1903; m. Carrie Burns.
Andrew Wismer, b. March 28, 1850, d. March 22, 1935; m. Carrie Butchart.
David Wismer., b. October 10, 1852, m. Groton Park.

"John Wismer was a Canadian, and acted as a magistrate until his death. He left a fine farm and residence a short distance east of Mapleton."
Ref. "South Dorchester" by Joseph A. Newell, Springfield Ont. page 76-7 in "A Pioneer History Elgin County" - Prize-winning school essays published by James S. Brierly in the Southern Counties Journal, St. Thomas Ontario 1896, Petrolia, Ontario, Canada, Reprinted 1971.
"John Wismer settled on Concession 10, South Dorchester, east of Mapleton in the late 1820s or early 1830s. He took an active part in the area as a farmer, member of his church, business man, and magistrate. He replaced his log home in 1856 with a brick dwelling and opened his first store on the southwest corner of the hamlet on the Charleton land. This was the first store established in the hamlet. He operated the store for a period of time, then sold out to William Appleford and built a new store on the northeast corner. (The store was of unusual construction with bricks and mortar placed between the framing, and the exterior being covered by clapboard.) He and his brother Stephen went into business. Down through the years the store changed hands many times... The old store was purchased by the Department of Highways and dismantled in 1956."
Ref. Sims Vol. 2 " Mapleton" pg. 6. Note the picture of "The Wismer store and hotel in 1937".

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