John C. Ryckman

Born - 1795, Ontario
Son of Cornelius Ryckman and Margaret Bradt

Died - September 09, 1867, Elgin Co., Ontario

Married - Mary Lincoln

William Ryckman, b. Abt. 1823
Isaac Ryckman, b. 1825, d. September 25, 1882; m. Lucinda Jane Grass, June 11, 1854.
Amanda Ryckman, b. January 01, 1826, d. May 20, 1914; m. Joseph Lincoln, March 01, 1850.
Walter Ryckman, b. January 03, 1830, d. October 23, 1921; m. Martha Hodgken, July 01, 1856.
Elizabeth Ryckman, b. Abt. 1833; m. Noah Mann, June 15, 1854.
Lester Ryckman
John Ryckman, b. February 20, 1837, d. December 16, 1923; m. Elizabeth Walter Braden, October 06, 1866.
Joseph Ryckman, b. May 05, 1843, d. October 29, 1925; m. Mary Jane Doolittle, July 13, 1885.
George Albert Ryckman, b. October 25, 1848, d. 1926; m. Cecilia Jane Dangerfield, October 29, 1873.
Melissa Ann Ryckman, b. July 21, 1850, d. June 04, 1920; m. Edward Parker, November 11, 1869.

National Archives Reel C2750 R4/101
Canada Land Petitions "R" Bundle 4, 1847-1848 (RG1, L3, Vol. 140)
"To His Excellency Sir Peregrine Maitland KCB Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Upper Canada, Major General and Commanding his Majesty's forces thereon & & &
In Council
The petition of John C. Ryckman of Yarmouth Farmer
Humbly sheweth
That your petitioner is the son of Cornelius Ryckman of the Township of Yarmouth, District of London, Yeoman That he was located by Colonel Talbot on a lot of 100 acres of land being the North half of lot number 23 in the 1st concession in the year ---- liable to settling duties which he has performed and is ready to pay the fees that may be required immediately. Wherefore your petitioner prays that your Excellency will be pleased to grant him the said lot. And your petitioner as in duty will ever pray.
John C. Ryckman
in Port Talbot Nov 7, 1826
In Committee 8 April 1848
Approved in Council same day
Cond to the CCL 10 April 1848"

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