Sarah Hodges

Born - Aug 17, 1807, Longnor, Shropshire, England
Daughter of Rowland Hodges and Sarah Tyler

Died - 1890

Married - Jan 1, 1838, St. James, Bristol, Gloucestershire, John Leathan Roach

Henry Leathan Roach, b. July 29, 1839, Clifton, Bristol, England; d. July 29, 1860.
Edwin Rowland Roach, b. December 08, 1840; d. 1897, Kingston, Middlesex, Surrey, England.
William Roach, b. August 01, 1842, Clifton, Bristol, England; d. July 21, 1843.
Sarah Ann Roach, b. April 17, 1844; m. Henry Frederic Godbye.
Ellen Roach.

1861 Census, Stapleton, Gloucestershire, Reg. Dist. Clifton
Sarah Roach, age 53 is a servant, a widow, and a nurse in the Stone houshold (mother, Maria Stone age 31, Coachman's wife, John age 1, William age 1 month)

1871 Census, Clifton, Bristol, Cornwallis Crescent
In the Household of John S. Hare, merchant, is Sarah Roach, servant, 64 years old, monthly nurse, b. Longnor, Shropshire.

1881 Census, Cudworth, Warwickshire, Tedemoor Parade, Pedemoor Road
Sarah Roach, 73, boarder b. Longnor, Shropshire, widower, annuitant in the household of William Hopkins, 62, Agr. Lab.

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