Frameworks are a gathering of rules and rulesets providing a base for development of Timbre scripts. They are a factoring of a previous solution and offer a way of sharing common solution components to help others from reinventing the wheel. The fundamental forms are the simplest frameworks. Note to be able to show the files in a browser window they are labeled with a .txt ending. They should be labeled with a .tim ending when used properly.

  • English to Norwegian translator - starter application for language translation and pronounciation
  • C Parser - This framework parses C code and discards it. The different states of parsing are represented by rule sets. These rule sets can be augmented to capture, translate or manipulate any part of the code. It is a good starting point for C parsing projects. An example of a script which builds upon this framework is C-Inside rules which process C code and produce links to a Forth kernel along with headers so that the C code can be run interactively.
  • Parse text - this framework walks through text and outputs the same text. Rules and rule sets can be added to it to manipulate the text.
  • Forth Text Parsing - a similar framework but keeps spacing on comments and strings intact.
  • Tu be or not Tu be - a framework which allows detection of scripting errors.
  • Tune - a framework for changing the Tu of a script. Here's the current sample. It uses two different Tu (two) to achieve a translation from rules written with curly brackets to ones written with vertical bars:

  • Forth to C - framework for generating C code from Forth code, removing the VFM (virtual Forth machine), and produce quality C code.
  • C Tu - this would complement the current Tu and allow for different coding styles and algorithms to be used. A more vertical syntax would probably result.
  • Glossary and Index - fully linked of course, to and with code.
  • Web page generators - there's some cool stuff here for solving some maintenance problems.
  • more frameworks are available through the download page