Byte minus_spaces(Byte *a, Byte n) return the number of characters without trailing spaces
Byte binary(Byte bcd) convert a 2 digit bcd number to binary byte
Byte bcd(Byte binary) convert a binary byte to a 2 digit bcd number
void fill_frame(Byte i) send i exclamation marks as frame fillers
void frame(Byte f) send a frame
Flag got_bytes(Byte a[], Byte n) attempt to fill buffer from rx
Cell field which field is selected
void select(Byte row, Byte first, Byte last) select a field
void unselect(Byte row, Byte first, Byte last) deselect a field
Byte lcd_icons[64]
void load_icons(void) download icon patterns to LCD RAM
void startup1(void) initial keypad
void run_startup1(void) setup initial keypad
Byte sequence[6] loadlock sequence
void loadlock(void) set box up for load state
Byte oxygen_sensor flags for frame types
void main(void) setup Invacare application and run the pobox


QUEUE(10,editq) contains information about editable fields
void to_cursor(Byte n) set cursor column
Byte cursor(void) return cursor column
Byte first(void) return first column of field
Byte last(void) return last column of field
Byte row(void) return row of field
void cursor_off(void) turn the cursor off
void no_cursor(void) turn off cursor and reset shift flag
void choose_cursor(void) pick underbar cursor or block cursor
void lcd_icon(Byte icon) display icon in top right corner
Byte shifted_key(void) return the shifted key value
void unshift(void) unshift whatever key is shifted
void a_m(void) select or unselect A-M shift mode
void n_z(void) select or unselect N-Z shift mode
void zero_12(void) select or unselect 0-12 shift mode
void enter_user_info0(void) default keypad
void enter_user_info3(void) edit user's name keypad
void enter_user_info2(void) look for special key sequence
void enter_user_info1(void) start off keypad
void enter_user_info4(void) edit serial#
void enter_user_info5(void) edit time
void enter_user_info6(void) time has been sent wait for user
void enter_user_info7(void) name has been sent
void enter_user_info8(void) serial# has been sent
void enter_user_info9(void) oxygen sensor setting
void enter_user_info10(void) optimization setting
void enter_user_info11(void) edit phone#
void enter_user_info12(void) phone# has been sent
void enter_user_info(void) entry point to function
void run_enter_user_info1(void) set to first keypad
void run_enter_user_info2(void) wait for key
void run_enter_user_info3(void) edit name
void run_enter_user_info4(void) edit serial number
void run_enter_user_info5(void) edit time
void run_enter_user_info6(void) time sent message
void run_enter_user_info7(void) name sent message
void run_enter_user_info8(void) serial number sent message
void run_enter_user_info9(void) enter oxygen sensor select state
void run_enter_user_info10(void) enter optimization select state
void run_enter_user_info11(void) edit phone number
void run_enter_user_info12(void) phone number sent message
void send_serial(void) send the serial number
void send_name(void) send the name
void send_number(void) send the number
void send_time(void) send the time
Byte plus_char(Byte c) increment the character and return it
Byte minus_char(Byte c) decrement the character and return it
Byte nine_limit(Byte c) limit the keypad key to a maximum of 9
Byte clip(Byte data, Byte clip) clip the data value with the clip value
void serial_edit(Byte data, Byte vector) editor for serial number
void name_edit(Byte data, Byte vector) editor for name
void number_edit(Byte data, Byte vector) editor for number
void hour_edit(Byte data, Byte vector) editor for hours
void ten_minute_edit(Byte data, Byte vector) editor for minute: tens
void one_minute_edit(Byte data, Byte vector) editor for minute:ones
void am_edit(Byte data, Byte vector) editor for am/pm
void day_edit(Byte data, Byte vector) editor for day of the week
void month_edit(Byte data, Byte vector) editor for the month
void ten_date_edit(Byte data, Byte vector) editor for the date: tens
void one_date_edit(Byte data, Byte vector) editor for the date: ones
void ten_year_edit(Byte data, Byte vector) editor for the year: tens
void one_year_edit(Byte data, Byte vector) editor for the year: ones
void edit_serial(void) start editing the serial number
void edit_name(void) start editing the name
void edit_number(void) start editing the number
void edit_time(void) start editing the time
void put_char(Byte c) give a character to the current editor
void decre_char(void) decrement the current character
void incre_char(void) increment the current character
void first_char(void) move to the first character for the editor
void last_char(void) move to the last character for the editor
void left_char(void) move one character to the left
void right_char(void) move one character to the right


Cell sent(void) for keeping a tally
void just_sent(void) a record was just sent
void send_data_eol(void) send count prefixed buffer as a line of text
void send_data_and(void) send an intermediate piece of data and a comma
void send_records(void) send all the records in a dataset
void send_dataset(void) send the dataset values
void stop_sending(void) terminate any sendings
void send_to_pc1(void) send data keypad
void send_to_pc2(void) the abort sending keypad
TIMEOUT(4 SEC,summary_timeout) timeout for the sent display
void sum_time(void) wait for timeout before redisplaying send keypad
void send_to_pc(void) entry point for sending data
void run_send_to_pc1(void) display dataset ready to send
void run_send_to_pc2(void) send the current dataset
void run_send_to_pc3(void) temporary state: sent nnn records message


Flag create_dataset(void) create a new dataset
void clear_datalog(void) clear out the data log
void check_dataset(void) verify integrity of dataset
Byte heap_initialized flag for marking first heap initialization
void check_log(void) verify integrity of log anytime and at startup
Flag got_serial(void) get the serial number thru the serial port
Flag got_name(void) get the name thru the serial port
Flag got_number(void) get the modem phone# thru the serial port
Flag calibrated(void) test to see if we are calibrated
Byte get_serial(void) return the buffer holding the serial number
Byte get_name(void) return the buffer holding the serial number
Cell nrecords(void) return the number of records in the dataset
Cell zero_oclock(void) 00:00
Cell twentyfour_oclock(void) 24:00
Cell date(record *r) month + day
Cell minutes(record *r) hours + minutes
Cell total_minutes(void) totalize activated minutes
void hh_mm(Cell minutes) format minutes into: 11:15
void get_hours(void) append the text for hours and minutes
Cell uses(void) return the number of times the records indicate used
void get_usage(void) format the number of uses
void get_ave_usage(void) calculate the average usage and format it
void get_ave_flow(void) calculate average flow and format it
void get_ave_oxygen(void) format the average oxygen level
void display_number(void) print number of the modem
void display_name(void) print name of current dataset to the LCD
void display_serial(void) print the serial number to the LCD
void show_beginning(void) display the date of the first record
void show_ending(void) display the date of the last record
void show_hours(void) display the total number of hour used
void show_usage(void) display the usage
void show_ave_usage(void) display the average usage
void show_oxygen(void) display the average oxygen
void show_flow(void) display the average flow
void live_data(void) set live data memory the focus
void first_dataset(void) set the first recorded dataset as the focus
void last_dataset(void) set the last data set as the focus
void right_dataset(void) move the focus right one dataset
void left_dataset(void) move the focus left one dataset
Flag next_dataset_ok(void) is there a next dataset
Flag back_dataset_ok(void) can we go back a data set
Flag log_full(void) check to see if log is full


void receive_calibration(void) machine for receiving calibration
Byte item
void show_value(void) display a value from the data
void show_item(void) display the text for an item
void first_item(void) go to the first data item
void last_item(void) go to the last data item
void left_item(void) move left one data item
void right_item(void) move right one data item
Cell updating length of time to use for timeout
TIMEOUT(200 MSEC,update_timeout) how often to update the view
Cell hold_update flag to pause the polling
Byte pintype type of pinwheel to display
void pinwheel(void) machine to display action
void receive_update(void) machine to receive the update
void get_update(void) stimulate the concentrator
void update_data(void) refresh the log display
Cell summary summary selector
void show_summary(void) show one of seven summaries
void show_dataset(void) display a dataset
void view_real1(void) keypad for viewing real data
void view_real2(void) keypad for viewing real data
void view_log1(void) first keypad for viewing the log
void view_log2(void) keypad for viewing the log data
void view_log(void) view log entry point
void view_real(void) view real data entry point
Byte live_(void) test to see if we are live
void run_view_real1(void) set up the first keypad for calibration
void run_view_real2(void) start getting the real time updates
void run_view_log1(void) set up the first keypad for log data
void run_view_log2(void) set up to view the log records
void run_view_log3(void) cannot view log since it is empty


void create_record(void) create a record for data
Flag got_data(void) is there data to be collected?
Flag got_record(void) attempt to get a record
Flag got_time(void) get the time thru the serial port
Byte get_time(void) get the buffer containing the time array
void update_flags(void) update the oxygen sensor and optimization flags
char day_of_week(Byte day) return string for the day of the week
char month_of_year(Byte month) return string for the month of the year
Byte scale_oxygen(Byte in) scale the oxygen value from calibrated values
Byte scale_pressure(Byte in) scale pressure value with the calibration
Byte scale_flow(Byte in) scale the flow with the calibration
Cell scale_sieve(Cell in) scale the sieve time
void get_short_time(void) time is like: 09:25pm
void get_short_date(void) mm/dd/yy
void get_long_date(void) date is like: Mon Dec 16, 96
void get_oxygen(void) generate text for oxygen value
void get_sieve(Cell sieve) generate text for sieve value
void get_sieve1(void) for sieve1
void get_sieve2(void) for sieve2
void get_min_pressure(void) generate text for minimum pressure
void get_max_pressure(void) generate text for maximum pressure
void get_error(void) generate text for any error numbers
void get_flow(void) generate the text for the flow rate
void get_cur_pressure(void) generate text for current pressure
void display_short_date(void) short date format: 12/21/96
void display_long_date(void) long date format: Sat Dec 21, 96
void display_time(void) time format: 02:23am
void display_time_date(void) display time and date
void display_oxygen(void) display oxygen to lcd
void display_sieve1(void) display sieve1 time to lcd
void display_sieve2(void) display sieve2 time to lcd
void display_min_pressure(void) display minimum pressure
void display_max_pressure(void) display maximum pressure
void display_error(void) display the error
void display_flow(void) display the flow rate to the lcd
void display_cur_pressure(void) display the current pressure to the lcd
Flag forward_record(void) attempt to move forward one record
void back_record(void) move backward one record
void first_record(void) move to the first record of the dataset
void last_record(void) move to the last record of the dataset
void forward_day(void) move forward one day through the records
Flag forward_record_ok(void) is it ok to move forward?
Flag back_record_ok(void) is it ok to move backward?
Flag records_done(void) check to see if last record is received


Byte info display states: serial#(0), name(1), time(2) and phone#(3)
void show_info(void) machine for showing serial#, name, time and phone#
void get_number(void) get the telephone number for the modem
void get_user_time(void) get the time from the concentrator
void get_user_name(void) get the name from the concentrator
void get_user_serial(void) get the serial number thru the serial port
void start_gathering(void) initiate getting the serial number
void stop_gathering(void) stop all machines gathering info
void get_user_info1(void) keypad for gathering data
void get_user_info2(void) keypad for displaying data
void get_user_info(void) entry point
void run_get_user_info2(void) state machine for showing info


void first_field(void) hilite the first field
void last_field(void) hilite the last field
void delete1(void) the selection menu keypad, logger or concentator
void delete5(void) last chance keypad: delete or cancel
void delete(void) initial entry point
void run_delete2(void) result message for emptying logger
void run_delete3(void) result message for deleting concentrator
void run_delete4(void) result message for aborting
void run_delete5(void) give em one last chance
void clear_concentrator(void) send frame to clear concentrator

This file created by a Timbre script ©NMI 1997