Rational for and Advantages of School Based Management

Herman, J., & Herman, J. (1993) School Based Management: Current Thinking and Practice. Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas. The book looks at the origins of support for decentralization, the rationals for school based management, and the advantages of the model.

Herman and Herman (1993,p7) cite J.J. Herman who suggested the following as rationales for SBM:

  1. The best way to ensure improvement in education outcomes is to focus on the individual school building.

  2. The key instructional leader is the principal.

  3. Business and industry want schools to improve in order that workers will be more productive, which will improve the competitiveness of business.

  4. An under educated populace, dropouts, is an expensive drain on government finances.
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  5. There is political pressure for restructuring schools.


Herman and Herman (1993, p7) cited AASA (1998) for a list of the advantages of SBM. SBM:

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