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5347-112 Avenue NW
SE corner 112 Avenue and 55 Street NW


Formerly known as Highlands Baptist Church this place of worship came about because a minister was cycling in the area and he felt there was a need for people to gather. So, in 1949 Sunday school was opened in Virginia Park Elementary School.

It was not long before a move was made to Mount Royal Elementary School and shortly thereafter the church moved into its first building on the southeast corner of 112 Avenue and 55 St.

It was a modest building, but over the years provided most of the programs available at the time. These included Explorers, C.G.I.T. Cubs Scouts, Sunday school, Women's Auxiliary, later: Christian Service Brigade, and Chatta Box. These groups were always 'open' that is children with or without church affiliations were welcomed.

The church building has been modified twice. Many pastors have come on gone (at that time minsters tended to serve about 5 years before moving on.) The church strives to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a meaningful way, to enable people to live Christ-like lives; becoming positive examples of the Christian lifestyle in their communities.

Written by John Tidridge in consultation with Pastor Kevin Green

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The three circles

Some churches are particularly strong in one element of the Christian emphasis. For example, there may have a fiery preacher , but no interest in Missions, or a strong Mission focus while neglecting the need for good speaking and reverent, meaningful Worship. This can leave church attendees incomplete in their Christian character. The development of the three parts of the circles, made up of Mission, Formation, and Worship is an attempt to 'bring forth' Christian who have developed a complete character so as to function as competent Christians in their localities.


MISSION Being Christ's presence together in context

Mission means different things to different people. At Highlands, our goal is to send our congregation to be Christ's presence in context. To do this, we need to understand the gifts and burdens of the congregation, and also to understand our context. Our intent is to find ways to engage the communities and neighbourhoods around us in justice, mercy, humility, and the kingdom of God. Whether present in our local neighbourhoods, in the city at large, or in the larger global context, our aim is to be Christ's presence in that place.

FORMATION Becoming communities of God-formed persons who are Christ's presence.

Formation is one of the three essential components of a balanced church congregation. The formation team, made up of a director and two other team members, is responsible for organizing, facilitating and providing opportunities for members of our congregation to further explore and develop their faith, hopefully resulting in a greater depth of spiritual maturity and community.

Mentoring, discipleship, spiritual disciplines and equipping leaders also falls under the area of formation. Our ultimate goal is to become more like Christ, as evidenced in how we love God and each other.

WORSHIP Gathering to experience Christ's presence.

The Worship circle is joined to the circles of Mission & Formation, together offering a complete bonding in our attempts to be complete in Christ.

One might think worship was just singing, with, perhaps, the raising of hands. There is nothing wrong with this thinking, but it is only part of the process of worship. Our church has different aspects of worship coming together at different times to present a unified and worshipful atmosphere. Every effort is made to plan the worshipful outcome as being positive experience: God is properly worshipped.

The main task of the Worship team, under the watchful eye of Pastor Garry Mullen, and directed by Rachael Goertzen, is of course, to prepare the morning service so that every part either creates or adds to the worshipful atmosphere. The music chosen must fit in with the pastor's sermon, and compliment other portions of the service, such as helping sending the children off to Sunday school, or suitable ambiance music for the communion service.

The Worship team is also responsible for 'special' Sundays or occasions. Some of these would be Christmas Eve, Resurrection Sunday, and mid-week services that might celebrate/recognize parts of the world-wide church calendar.

Prayer, whether for individuals or the corporate body, come under the purview of the Worship team: A prayer room has been created, and steps are underway to bring more prayer to the morning service.

Contact: Rachael Goertzen (call the Church Office 780-479-4348)


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