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 Buttercup Farm Park




My interest in the commemorative benches in the Highlands and Bellevue communities was aroused as I noticed them and then as I either wrote or encouraged other people to write, about the memorials they had had erected for departed loved one.

It seemed to me there also had to something of interest in the history of the parks as well. I hope you find what I found interesting.

With the exception of one picture scanned from an article, all the photos are the author's; the articles from which information was gleaned have come from various sources but mainly from the City of Edmonton Community Service (thanks to Darrell Nordell for his help) and the City Archives, particularly Paula Aurini-Onderwater, where the staff is always polite and helpful.

In the Community Newsletter, first time around, the articles included pictures of the benches, this time; however, pictures will show what can be seen from the bench, that apart from sitting on is the purpose of the bench, surely! Words on the plaques will be included.

What also came to mind, as I visited the sites, was how blessed our two communities are with parks and benches (there are other benches as well as the commemorative ones). The sites are well maintained, and, obviously readily accessible, without charge. We should make better use of these facilities!

John Tidridge




How to secure a Commemorative Bench


Steps in commemorating a special person or event under the City of Edmonton Benchmark Program include completing a data form, having the plan approved, providing script for a plaque and paying the cost of plaque and any bench refurbishing. Tax-deductible receipts are issued, and profits help preserve and develop city green spaces. For more information, call 311.

A different and longer process is required to name a park but the process begins with a call to 311.



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