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George Harvey husband of Jane Woodhatch
There son was: Henry James Harvey (1872-1947)
Henry James Harvey (1872-1947) husband of Edith Elizabeth Anne Godsell (1876-1960)
Their 8 children were: William Charles  (1900-?), David Frederick (1903-?),
Earnest Alfred  (1906-?), Henry Reginald  (1907-?),
Elsie Ellen Louise  (1908-?),
Grace  (1916-?)
Henry Reginald Harvey married Florence Mary Cummings
Their children: Peter Henry  (1933-?), Jean Florence Olive  (1935-?), Brian Reginald  (1937-?), Terry Richard  (1940-?), Alan Barry  (1942-?),  Sylvia Edith (1944-?), Richard James  (1946-?)
Alan Barry Harvey (1942-) husband of Barbara Vaughan (1947-?)
Their children:Martin Neale  (1970-?), Leanne Jane (1973-?)

The Titheridge connection is where Alan's uncle David Frederick married Florence Rosina Titheridge click here


From: alan harvey
To: jtidridge@interbaun.com
Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 12:21 PM
Subject: Titheridge

Good afternoon John, or whatever time of the day it may be in Canada. My Name is Alan Harvey, and I am The Grandson of Henry James Harvey.

Charles as he was known and his wife Edith, had 7 Children, four boys and 3 Girls, their second son David Frederick Harvey, married Florence Rosina Titheridge on 22nd October 1924 at St John the Baptist Church Shedfield.

Florence was born on 25th October 1904 in Swanmore, and was Christened on 4 December 1904 in St Barnabas Church Swanmore , the Daughter of Alfred George Titheridge and Lydia Scammels. Alfred George Titheridge was Born about 1875 in Swanmore the son of William and Eliza

My Uncle and Aunt had just the one Child, Barbara Isobel who was born 22nd January 1928. As far as I am aware she is still alive living in Dorset. She and her Husband John Nichols had three Daughters, 7 Grandchildren, and 2 Great Grandchildren.

It would be nice if we were in some way connected, even if it is only tenuous, If not can I wish you and your family all the best for the season

PS If you need more information, or need local information for your own research, please do not hesitate to ask, as I am a Genealogist Myself, and spend some time doing Research


From: John Tidridge jtidridge@interbaun.com
To: alan harvey alanbarb@btinternet.com
Sent: Tuesday, 30 November, 2010 20:33:44
Subject: Re: Titheridge

Hello again,

Sorry to be so long... yes we are related... back to John and Ann of Cheriton...

My information stops at Florence and David... please up date me!

I shall create a web page for you when I when I get the information!

A little about me... retired, married, my wife's name is Maureen. We have four adult children, 11 almost adult grand children and a gg grandchild expected in March.

I was born in Hedge End, Hants, came to Canada with my wife in 1957. Served in the Grenadier Guards.


John T

From Alan

hi ya , I was born in Swanmore in 1942, the fifth child of Henry Reginald Harvey and Florence Mary Cummings. There were two more children after me.

I am Married, my wife's name is Barbara, we have two married children, and four grandchildren all boys. 7,5,3,1. I have been retired for approx 7 years.

I will try and bring you up to date with Uncle Dave family ASAP. We are currently experiencing some cold weather here, not as cold as you.

December 1, 2010

Hello Alan,

Hello Alan,

Thanks for your last...

I am missing the names of your siblings with pertinent info!

I am missing the pertinent info on your parents!

If you are able to do research....

This is what we have:

My wife's Dad was George Frederick Barrett (1907-1994) wife Winifred Rosina nee (first) Norris second not sure! (1914-?) married in 1936

G-father Frederick John Barrett (1878-c 1996) wife ? Susan (we think this was her second Christian name) Bennett

two children in addition to George, Edie (1911-?) Susan.

The children all lived local to Southampton... my wife thinks she has Irish connections... but nothing confirmed!

Weather here mild only -10 C, sunny today, no wind, good walking weather.

Regards to you and yours...

John T




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