Businesses on 112 Avenue by John Tidridge


Lot 30 is just west of 64 Street.


The Map of the Edmonton Settlement NWT is dated 1885 (thanks to Geoff Lilge, Highland Kitchen, his great-great-grandfather, William Borwick owned and farmed lot 30




Today's 112



When our Editor (Cheryl Mahaffy) suggested, in 2007, a story on the history of the stores/businesses on 112 Avenue might be appropriate, I decided to take on the task. My original idea was cover from 'day one to the present',however! The first fifty years proved to be 'interesting' enough for now. The original plan was just to list the businesses by year and location, unfortunately, this made the article look like a 'stat' sheet. It is hoped the finished format will be satisfactory, that is, a photo of what is now, and what other businesses operated at the same address. Starting at the 'east' end, through to an 'obituary' for the Bellevue stores. Most Highland locations have a picture except for 6227 Bellevue Meat Market, (1914) 6228-Magrath Hart Building Co. (1914-15). Where the business appears to end in 1964 this may mean, and usually does, the business was open in 1964, the last year of this survey. Henderson's Directories, local business owners, and others are the sources of the information provided.

The accuracy of Henderson's is not 100%, but is accurate enough for our purpose. So, if you disagree, let us know!! You will note it is sometimes Highland, sometimes Highlands, once at least, Bellevue, followed by Bellevue. Some addresses contained two businesses but sometimes only one was recorded. To 'err is human, to forgive divine', or something like that!

The often annual changes perhaps reflect that to be in business is not all 'peaches and cream' and one has to admire the entrepreneurial spirit of those, as it where, 'having a go'!

It seems unlikely that any of the proprietors made a fortune, but many remained in the same location for many years, serving 'Highlanders. Jamison's, according to one person, had the first, albeit unofficial, drive-through window restaurant.

The area west of 65 Street, is not quite so old as the one we have just dealt with. It has, over time, contained a variety of stores including a taxi cab office, jewelers and an electrician. We must not forget Cozy Corner at 11204-65 Street. 11204-65 Street: OK, so it's not on 112 Avenue, but it was definitely part of the scene under its various names: Cozy Corner (1945-1960) Tip Top Café (1961 -1962) Tin Ton Café (1963)

There was a bit of a mystery over 6506-112 Avenue - although listed in Henderson's it did not look like a business. It was later confirmed by a Mr. Fields, who stated for sure Premier Cycle was in fact located at 6506-112 Avenue.

That concludes the lower and middle of the 112 Avenue businesses; included however are a three stores from the west end. 7543-112 Avenue is now an untidy looking lot, the building having been torn down. The two known 'occupants' were indeed diverse... the Grace English Lutheran Sunday School and later Northern Chickeries. 1934 seems to be the last time it was used as a business.



MAY 2011

It was decided by Tidridge (!) that this might be an appropriate article for the website under his family name. This seems to be appropriate as he and his family has lived in the Highlands-Bellevue area since 1957. The businesses have been brought up to to date as far as city and Henderson's records allow (City staff have helped). If you find errors or disagree with the findings please 'call' Tidridge. His email address is: .


September 30, 2011: you will see Tidridge has changed his mind again... this article will provide information on all businesses on 112 Avenue from 50 Street to 76 Street)

September 23, 2011


Several years ago,anyone engaged in people or place searches would sooner or later resort to the Henderson's Directories It was 'gospel' to some! The Edmonton editions started off very small, the 1908 edition was the earliest the author could find; of course as the city grew so did the directory.

The author is attempting to secure the dates or maps that show 112 Avenue for the first time. So far it has been discovered that 112 Avenue was originally called Knox Avenue & ran from Pine Street (78 Street) to the east city limits. It is first listed in Henderson's (page 233) in 1913. Starting from Pine Street to Agnes Street are house numbers 3-91, Agnes Street intersects, 309-289 (remember we are going east), Bissel Street intersects. 515-539 then Carle Street.

What follows is the question from the author and the response from the City of Edmonton Archives

From: John Tidridge []
Sent: Saturday, September 24, 2011 12:51 PM
To: CMS Archives 496-8711
Cc: John Tidridge
Subject: Knox Avenue aka 112 Avenue

Hello People...

According to Henderson's 1913 addition page 233 112 Avenue was known as Knox Avenue... but I can't seem (yet!) to trace if back further until the date of naming.... can you help please?

John T

From: CMS Archives 496-8711
To: 'John Tidridge'
Sent: Monday, September 26, 2011 11:27 AM
Subject: RE: Knox Avenue aka 112 Avenue

Hello Mr. Tidridge

Thank you for the reference request regarding 112 Avenue. I have looked in our 112 Avenue clippings file (Engineering - Roadways - 112 Avenue). There is only one article and it is from modern times talking about how heavy is the volume of traffic at the time.

In the 1916 Henderson's Edmonton Directory (p. 226) it divides 112th Avenue into sections. 112th Street "Formerly Knox Ave. from 50 th St to 78th St.; Pine Ave. from 78th St. to 121st St. and Nipigon Ave. from 121st St. west."

I suspect that whichever section runs through Highlands is the part that interests you.

Knox Avenue is not mentioned in the 1910, 1911, and 1912 Henderson's Edmonton Directories. It first appears in the 1913 volume with (Virginia Park) in brackets after it.

On the 1912 Driscoll and Knight's map, it shows Pine Avenue running along the south boundary of Borden Park but further east it only shows a red line (Street car line?) and no name on the road.

Sherry Bell, B.A. Sp. (Cdn. Studies), MLIS
Reference Archivist
City of Edmonton Archives
10440 108 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta, T5H 3Z9
Phone: 780-496-8711
Fax: 780-496-8732
Reference Desk:

To continue...Then Fraser's Lane, Belleville, Riggs, Graham, Scott, Duprau, Wadleigh and Wentworth Streets then appear but no listing of any house in this stretch of Knox Avenue

Then the unnumbered Gibbard Block, followed by Houston, Irwin and Johnson Streets finishing at the east city limits but no Street designation. The 1914 record shows the city limits as 55 Street. In 1915 the city limits are shown as 50 Street; heading west from 50 Street there are unnumbered houses to start and then there is the note there are no houses to 62 Street. There is one unnumbered house between 66 and 74 Streets. In 1914 the Gibbard Block gets the number of 6425-112 Avenue. The address of 7461 (old number 2498) is shown between 65 and 66 Streets!

This scenario remains until 1921 when the houses without numbers at the east end of 112 Avenue disappear, but there are still no houses to 62 Street. For 1922 (page 222) there is the comment at 50 Street "boulevard intersects" unsure of the meaning of 'boulevard'. There are still no *houses until 62 Street where the Magrath business remains; vacant: there are no houses yet from 66 Street to 74 Street. Highlands Drug Store is shown for 1923 (page 214); the store is vacant the next year (1924). In 1924 (page 193) John Srigley's grocery appears. No other changes. 1925 (page 199) shows the drug store back, and Mr. Srigley adds a Post Office... the first in the area!

In 1930 (page 244) Safeway Stores open at 6414-112 Avenue. 1932 (page 221 finds John Balzer living at 7112-112 Avenue... but no other changes. Mary Methven occupies 5005-112 Avenue in 1933 (page 228)and the first service station appears at 6924-112 Avenue. It is shown as Bellevue Service Station form 1933-36, it becomes Bellevue Service Station from 1937-45, when the names changes to Highlands Motors. The business retains this name until 1966, when it closes for business. In 1934 (page 233) 7461 shows up west of 74 Street, along with two other houses.

Bellevue Grocery & Meats appears at 7204-112 Avenue in 1940 (page 247), 5104-112 Avenue arrives in 1941 (page 247), 1944 (page 179) puts 5002 on the map, in 1945 (page 185) 5002 disappears, but 5406 & 10 appear. In 1946 (page 191) 7114 is added to 112 Avenue, 1947 (page 152) adds 7116, and there is a large increase in 1948, 6231, 7208-15, 7301-47 are now on the scene. In 1950 (page 245) the first bank (Canadian Bank of Commerce) arrived at 7119, together with 7121.

In 1952 (page 279) 5335a-5345 were added. 5345 was Highlands Baptist Church, the first Church actually on the Avenue ... St. Mary's arrived much, much earlier but is situated on 68 Street. Two more addresses were add in 1953: 5341 & 43 were added. This brings us up to date... the houses west of 5335a-112 Avenue to 5311 Street were added in c 1953. This might be a good time to mention that Henderson's runs a year behind.




First Church: 1951 Highlands Baptist Church at 5345,(now the Neighbourhood Church) now at 5347 as the church purchased and included the lot to the east in their original lot.
First Bank: 1950 Canadian Bank of Commerce: at 7119
First Service Station: 1933 Bellvue Service Station (note spelling) at 6924
First Chain Store: 1930 Canada Safeway: at 6410 (Safeway left c 1960 and the bank moved from 71 Street to replace Safeway.
First Drug Store: 1922 Highland Drug Store: at 6423, later Agnew's.
First Hardware Store: 1948 Highland Hardware.

*It should noted that most(!) houses from 50 Street to 53 Street would have Street addresses rather than a 112 Avenue designation.





The following is composed from Ken Tingley's Ride of the Century - The Story of the Edmonton Transit System, and is used with the permission of the author

The Edmonton Radial Railway was extended to the Highlands area in 1912 and initially stopped at Irwin Street (63 Street). This extension occurred when the Magrath-Holgate Company agreed to pay for the construction of more line and to cover any loss of operating costs for the first 18 months. The line was soon thereafter extended to 61 Street




5335-112 Avenue NW

2010 Torres Environmental Corp.

2005-05 Hair Gallery

1987-? Zebra Sports Wear

1986 Vacant

1981-85 Odyssey Outwear

1962-65 Vacant


1960-61 Sammy's Lunch

1959-60 Mount Royal Cafe

1956-58 Mount Royal Snack Bar

1955-56 Lott's Snack bar

1953-54 Joe's Snack Bar

1953-54 Barbara's Ready to Wear





5335a 112 Avenue NW

 1987-95 Alberta ND Party

1977-87 Cliff's Hair Stylists

1973-74 *Franky's

1969-72 *Frankies Beauty Salon

1969-70 Jackie's Beauty Salon


1965-68 Inga's Beauty Lounge

1960 Wally's Super Market

1956-59 Mount Royal Drug  Store  

1955 Duke's Beauty and Barber

* Henderson's





5339-112 Avenue NW


1977-95 Alberta ND Party

1975 Vacant

1963-74 Mount Royal Grocery

1962 Vic's Patent Medicine & Cosmetics

1960-61 Vic's Super Drugs & P.O.

1957-59 Wally's Royal Super Market


1955-56 Mount Royal Super Market

1954 Happy's Meat Market

1953 Tetreau's Super Market

1952 Avenue & B Pigle Wigle

1952 Mount Royal Milk Bar






5355-112 AVENUE NW

The ND (Building) Rises Again .....

The little group of stores at the midpoint of 53 and 55 Street has always been watched with interest by those living in the neighbourhood or associated with the Neighbourhood Church (Baptist) formerly Highlands Baptist Church. Over the years various little stores operated out of the building (I am thinking of writing an account of the stores that have occupied 112 Avenue from 50 Street to say 76 Street for the January issue).

At the last 'rising', shortly after the NDs sold the building, it was thought a hair dressing salon would be the tenant...and although there were changes made to the building ... they stopped midstream and we were left with a bit of an eyesore ....

Recently I noted new work so visited the site and had a fairly long conversation with the fellow doing all the work and can now tell you there is a new owner, the building is being completely gutted and transformed into a facility that will have living quarters at the east end, offices in the middle and a storage area for equipment in the western portion. I learned that the new owner of the building was in the demolition business ....

If I'm right and this occurs (several months down the road) .... you read it here first, if it doesn't.. .. then, don't believe everything you read in our Newsletter!

March 20, 2016: Nothing at the building indicates a demolition business exists here.  The renovations were finished and the back portion of the lot nicely fenced.  A 'for sale' sign now is displayed for the building


Address as found in Henderson's Directory


6228-1914-15 Magrath Hart & Co., Builders



6417-112 Avenue NW    
                2018-Sign in door...attenpts to get reprt on businesses pending...    
Re/Max River City


2007- Re/Max River City

2003-04 Ragamuffins (downstairs)








1987-2007 Wild Bird Market

1984-87 Kim's Gallery

1981-83 Halleluiah Dress Fashions

1980-81 Wee Dicker Antiques

1977-78 Joe's Shoe Clinic

1974-76 Joe's Shoe Klinic

1973-74 Low Cost Appliance Repair

1972-75 Jamison's Catering

1972-73 Trend Pizza

1965-72 Jamison's Café & Catering Service

1947-64 Jamison's Coffee Bar








The Reality Of It AII. .. by John Tidridge

6417-112 Avenue NW


I spoke with someone in the know and learned.arned that some renovations were occurring in the former Bird Seed House ... I had also heard some scuttlebutt around the 'Village de Highlands' that a local business man was setting up 'shop', read 'office'.

My trip to the site was fruitless, apart from a very pleasant conversation with  a fellow doing the renovations .... He, like Sgt. of old, 'knew nothing', I learned nothing! !

My email to a local business man has, at the time of writing, remained unanswered. Do not give up on me, no moening, nor let your interest wayne.

All About That New Office, That Isn't,
AT 6417-112 Avenue:

Telephone 780-439-7000 December 2006

Each enquiry into new businesses comes with its own  peculiarities. The new office that isn't, at 6417-112Aveneu is no exception. Wayne Moen is well known to many in the Highlands and area,.because he lives in the area, but, because he sells many homes in and around the area.

Wayne explains that along with his associates Rosanna Muzzuca and Brian Fischer, the former Bird Seed store will be used as private offices for their real estate business.

Wayne, U of A educated, along with wife Judy and child Morgan live in the, Highlands. The site of the office was selected for the same reason people buy homes here ... because of the trees, neighbours, large lots, central, river valley, etc.

So, Wayne, Rosanna and Brian, welcome to Highlands and area.



AMBERGATE by John Tidridge

Advisors inc.

6417-112 Avenue NW

Edmonton, Alberta

T5W 0N9

Telephone: 780-760-2014

Fax: 780-760-2021

Twas a chilly morning [-21C] when I ventured out for my chat with the owner of Ambergate: Advisors Inc., Stuart Neal. And, as I have said before, it is more important to find out how an owner treats a bumbling reporter than the stock on the shelves or the information in the computer. Let it be known: Stuart is an affable and likeable chap! We spent 40 minutes chatting! So, what did I learn? First, I was 2 years late! Stuart told me he has been in situ for at last 2 years. So make up time! Second, it took me three guesses before guessing his country of originbut I digress!

Stuart, originally from the UK, has been in the real estate industry for almost 20 years. Holding an Alberta Real Estate Brokers license since 2003 he set up the brokerage in September 2012, after working in the real estate market as a licensed agent since 2001.

Ambergate offers a service providing more opportunity and choices to sellers; more interaction between the seller, the agents and the buyer. 

There are many different options available at Ambergate and a viewing of the website at will reveal more of the services offered by this company.

The brokerage is committed to delivering a top quality real estate experience for the lowest possible fee. Home sellers are offered a wonderful alternative to for sale by owner approach and the traditional full fee Realtor

Neal, like several Real Estate Agents has chosen to live in the Highlands area: established here for 5 years, he loves the area and really appreciates access to the river valley where he spends a lot of time cycling or walking his family Wheaten Terrier Fudge.

I am positive Stuart would appreciate any one dropping in for a chat, however, it would be advisable to call 780-760-2014 ext. 3 or:  to make sure he is available!






A good start September 27, 2012. Tidridge spent a pleasant 45 minutes with Mrs. Betty Jamison, widow of Spence Jamison, the former owner of Jamison's Restaurant. It was a wide ranging talk and he was surprised to learn Mrs. Jamison was 92 years of age. She

A good start...1945 Photo from Mrs. Jamison

explained she and her husband (Spence, who served 5 years in the Air force during WW II) had been to New York before the restaurant was built. They had seen a drive-through and that was what they wanted when they could built there own facility.


Building was started in 1945, the lot cost $1,000.00 and the payment took all their money. Carpenters at the site earned $1.03 an hour. To save costs the carpenters agreed to forego the three cents and were provided with a lunch to make up for it.

Almost done Tidridge asked if Mrs. Jamison knew the Monsons, "Yes", she replied and then they were able to talk about mutual acquaintances... The News, Traynors, Sherwins, Pattersons, McVeeys (?),Agnews,

Almost done...1945 Photo from Mrs. Jamison

Herb Horne and Peter Sturko who had built several homes in the neighbourhood of the Jamisons. ... to mention a few! Tidridge was able to add that his granddaughter was now living in the Sturko's old home!



112 Avenue c 1958 showing Jamisons, Highlands Hardware and Agnew Drugs


Apart from building on the lot to the west of Jamisons 112 Avenue the buildings in the block have not changed overly much, however, according to Henderson's there have been over 60 different names for business located on the block. There are obvious errors in Henderson's which we will not discuss here!! Another way of looking at it is, there were 45 distinct businesses! Talk about variety. It's fair to say none of the businesses made a fortune.



Eleven windows smashed at Highlands businesses

   Jonny Wakefield Edmonton Journal.

Businesses in the Highlands neighbourhood of Edmonton were damaged overnight on Sept. 8, 2017, as 11 windows were smashed.

Store owners in Edmonton’s Highlands neighbourhood spent early Friday sweeping up glass after storefronts were smashed along 112 Avenue.

Edmonton police said a blunt object was used to break about a dozen windows near 65 Street and 112 Avenue.

Mischief charges are pending against a 36-year-old woman. Drugs and alcohol were likely a factor, police said.

Julie Morrison, owner of Majesty and Friends, said she received a call from her security company around 3 a.m,. saying her business’s window had been broken. 

And another story...

Businesses in Edmonton’s Highlands neighbourhood got a boost from savvy shoppers Saturday after a vandal caused thousands of dollars in damage to their storefronts in September.

According to police and accounts from local business owners, in the early morning hours of Sept. 8, a woman grabbed a chair from La Boheme at 6427 112 Ave. and started smashing out the front windows of businesses near 65 Street and 112 Avenue.

Julie Morrison, owner of Majesty and Friends at 6421 112 Ave., said she was called by her security company at 3 a.m. after a glass alarm went off in her store.

She said the woman — who appeared to be under the influence — went on “a little bit of a rampage” smashing windows first with the chair, then with her fists.

In all, 11 businesses in the historic neighbourhood were damaged.

Police apprehended a suspect and charges were pending against a 36-year-old woman.

“The businesses are actually very concerned about her and very compassionate about her, much more so than the destruction of their windows,” said Tonia LaRiviere, who sits on the steering committee of The Local Good, which organized a Cash Mob on Saturday to support those businesses impacted by the vandalism spree.

Morrison said her first concern is for the woman’s well being, but she now has to bear the cost of repairing her front window.

“It’s basically $1,000 that I did not think’t think I would be spending on a brand new window this year, so it’s super disappointing. For all of us on the street, we are basically in the same boat,” Morrison said.

“It’s more the time and the hassle that’s a burden,” said Lianne Traynor, the owner of Mandolin Books and Coffee Company at 6419 112 Ave., a store that suffered enough damage for Traynor to file an insurance claim. “I swept glass in the middle of the night.”

Traynor said the Cash Mob — where members of The Local Good ask local shoppers to support local businesses with their money en masse — offers welcome relief to those business owners.

“It’s a neat way to let the city know and for people to come and support us, because there are costs and it is really helpful to have the added cash flow,” said Traynor.

“Strips like this where all the businesses are locally owned mom-and-pops are getting more rare in Edmonton, and we want them to stick around because they are the lifeblood of our community,” said Deborah Merriam, past chair of The Local Good who was at Saturday’s event.



6419-112 Avenue NW   6421
Mandolin Books and Coffee Company Paula's Beauty Salon

c. 2003- Mandolin Book & Coffee Company

2002-03 Scrap Till U Drop

1986-87 Marcella Gibbs, Couturiere

1986-? Jetiu, Psychic Consultant

1984/5-86 R & L Creative Woodcrfts & Ren.

1981-85 S & B Waterbeds

1980-81 Apollo Painting

1977-78 Nuggett Floor Coverings

1973-75 Highland's Men's Hair Stylists


1955-75 Paula's Beauty Salon Highland Barber

1965-72 Highland Barber Shop

1958-61 Meyer's Studio

1957 Victoria's Studio and Camera

1955 Highland Beauty Salon,

1954-55 Airview Photos

1954 Highlands Studios

1953 Highland Barber Shop 


2017- Majesty

1977-78 House of Banjo 






April 2018: Majesty and Friends is the newest little boutique in Historic Highlands to visit! After passing their first birthday in March on the avenue, owner Julie Morrison said: "That was fun, lets do another year!" and renewing the lease was a no-brainer. "The Highlands Community has been so supportive of our shop local theme that we have in the shop, and our clients always find what they are looking for in ethical handmade goods."
Majesty has been a local brand in Edmonton since 2004. Julie Morrison at the time was very unhappy at an accounting job and would dream about being free to create her own brand name. But it's a terrifying world out there, and she started very small, with $40 and 2 meters of fabric she started a bag and wallet company. When she tried a local farmers market downtown she soon realized that Edmonton loves to shop local. They love to support the little guy and have something that was handmade. After 2 Saturdays at the City Market on 104th st, Julie quit her job and went full time with Majesty.
The next 10 years were spent travelling around Canada from craft shows and music festivals and supplying retail stores with orders and to be honest, wearing pjammas 6 days a week at her home studio. But after 10 years of living the dream life, Julie got bored and needed a new challenge. When she knew this Highlands boutique was becoming vacant in early 2017 she knew she found her challenge and without hesitation signed on the dotted line. "My landlord is the kindest and most encouraging person, I instantly felt welcomed to Highlands." With the barrage of smiling locals on opening day, she knew she made the right choice.
Majesty and Friends has made it their mission to support local makers and searches all over Canada to find something unique. Most of the makers are long time friends of the owner. From locally made bath products, sassy stationary, eco friendly bottles, handmade jewelry, adorable kids clothing, craft kits, the funnest pouches and locally made gourmet chocolate, Majesty fits a niche in the neighborhood that was previously missing. The shop itself is quite charming, light, airy and modern with a collection of vintage unicorns looking over the place after hours.
There is always a party happening at Majesty and Friends... and a Cat Pop Up Shop on May 19th is next! From 10am till 7pm you will be able to support 3 local animal shelters with food and litter donations, FREE cotton candy all day, workshops and baby kittens to cuddle inside. How fun is that?
Sabrina Butterfly Designs   Le Petit Montematre



2007- 15 Sabrina Butterfly Designs

2007-07 Collectiv










2005-Diva Communications (door west of Sabrina Butterfly)











1986-87 Petit Montmatre

1984-85 Doug Noyce & Assc. Design Ltd.

1980-83 Zircon Dental Lab.

























Diva Communications

Address: 101, 6421 112 Avenue (moving in September 30/05)
Phone number: 479-3895


When I started to write this article I thought I had an idea of what 'diva' meant. ... but to be sure I checked my Webster's and then I had to discard the clip art  of a rather large female opera singer I had in mind!! Webster's talks about goddess; feminine of divus, divine!!! It does add as an after thought, prima donna .... but that also conjures up good things ... as does the following about Diva Communications
which is an Edmonton-based design company with over 30 years of combined experience in the design and advertising field. Diva offers their wide range of clients,
award winning creative and solid production. While Diva is a small company with three designers, it is a company with strong alliances able to draw on an impressive depth of resources.

Their approach is simple, they are honest about what they do and treat every client with respect. This truthful approach shows in the relationships that have been built over the years. Being very detail oriented, they make every effort to proof their work and correct any inconsistencies.

Diva Communications brings a lot of skill, determination and passion for what they do. They believe it shows in the final product.

In closing, Diva Communications feels very comfortable in developing; creating any project you might want to offer. Designing is a passion of theirs and brings excitement, challenges and opportunities daily. A great number of clients Diva deals with have recommended them and passed their name on through word of mouth. These clients tend to become friends.

Linda Blanchett, who provided the information, says the company employees  are hard working and willing to make the client happy by creating something that works for them.

Grant MacEwan provided part of Linda's education, she lives in the Highlands with her husband John Taciuk, and they are expecting their first baby early in November. Linda loves what she is doing so to her she really does not work ... so the friendly family atmosphere of the Highlands is just what the doctor ordered.

She indicated they have lots of fun in their business, but still work hard. Linda says she is lucky to have very creative and caring employees to work with.

Highlands Hardware La Boheme Restaurant Agnew Drugs
1948-75 Highland Hardware    


Agnew Drugs    





Edmonton Journal, July 2017

Gordon Kent

The city wants to designate the building that houses a long-time Edmonton landmark as a municipal historic resource.

The three-storey Gibbard Block at 6427-112 Ave. Has been the site since 1982 of LaBoheme restaurant which features bed-and-breakfast suites on the upper floors.

 The brick structure was constructed at the height of Edmonton’s pre-First World War real estate boom in 1913 to provide luxury apartments and shops for the exclusive Highlands neighbourhood, promoted as a bedroom community for Edmonton’s elite, according to a report going to city council Tuesday.

The project was partially financed by William Magrath and Bidwell Holgate – the developers who created Highlands and whose mansions still stand on Ada Boulevard – along with Ontario businessman William Gibbard.

Technically just outside the Highlands boundary, the building featured such modern touches as a central gas plant to provide clean cooking fuel, and each suite had a telephone and a bath with hot water night and day, says a note by Alberta Heritage.

However, Edmonton’s land bubble had burst by 1914. Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont. wound up owning the property until 1945, and by the late 1970s, it was used for low-income housing.

The Gibbard Block’s fortunes picked up in 1982 when Alsatian-born dancer Ernst Eder opened LaBoheme, offering high-end French cooking at a restaurant that soon became a local institution.

 Eder, who ran for city council and was a federal Green party candidate, moved to South America about a decade ago.

 If council approves the historic designation, a step up from historical registration that legally protects the building from unapproved demolition or major alterations, the city will give the owners $472,000 toward a planned $952,000 heritage restoration.

 That works includes installing historically accurate storefronts and second- and third-floor windows, replacing the roof and repairing the tin ceiling.

 The owners intend to spend a further $400,000 on non-heritage upgrades.

For further information:



A Final Look at The Gibbard Block Before…








A wee note on Agnews... Jack ran the store here, his father had operated a store at 95 St and Jasper Avenue...the picture was prepared by Neon Products, date unknown, thanks to Bill and Wendy Agnew, long-time Highlands residents.

A mock-up for Agnews, supplied by Bill and Wendy Agnew




Agnew Drugs




6423-112 Avenue

1986-? Vacant

1984-85 R & S Video Interphone

1981-85 Zamar Construction

1960-75 Agnew Drugs

1944-59 Corner Drug Store

1922-43 Highland Drug Store

1916-21 Vacant

6425-112 Avenue

1997-present Boheme B & B

Diversity Works Inc. St. 6

6427-112 Avenue

1997- Present La Boheme Café Galeria

1984-87 Erca Publishing Co.

1970-? Tax Consultants

1968-? Sunnyside Store Grocery & Meats


1965-67 Del-Mold Plumb. Heat. & Gasfitting Ltd

1961-63 Ladies fashions

1957-1960 Dr. Hugh B. Russell [also noted as 11157-65 Street] and 6427-112 Avenue  [rear]

1949-60 Highlands [Kelly's?]Variety Shoppe & Highlands Cleaners

1937-48 Highlands Grocery

1936-36 Williams Highlands Grocery

1935-36 Highlands Meat Market

1929-30 Highlands Meat Market

1929-35 Richards Highlands Grocery

1927-28 Highlands Grocery

1926-26 Richards Highlands Grocery

1922-25 Highlands Grocery

1920-21 Richards Highlands Cash Store

1919-20 Fields Highlands Cash Store

1916-19 Field's Grocery

1915 (rear) empty. Allardice Grocery (front?)

1914 Highlands Cash Grocery (old number 3101)

1914-15 (rear) Belleview Meat Market (old number 3101)





CONFESSIONS: I missed it and it took an email from the United States to sort it all out...maybe!

Paul von Fange of St. Paul MN USA wrote and asked about the doctor who practised in the Gibbard Block in 1958-1961 time frame.

What doctor in the Gibbard Block?  Can't possibly right, I have lived in the area since 1957 and would have noticed a doctor's office. However, having realized a certain degree of error on the odd occasion I sought the advice of three locals, Ted Smith, Bill Agnew and David Brooks. The general response: Hmmm! We don't think so.

Paul, who lived on 65 Street in the 113 Avenue block was adamant. He said he had visited on at least a couple of occasions to have stitches inserted from boyhood misadventures... he later produced evidence in the form of an entry in his dad's records and a partial  page of the 1958 Edmonton Telephone Directory!

I checked my findings and  found in Henderson's go to book for addresses...and lo and behold....but wait a minute, one more scourge, how about Yvonne Lepine, who with her late husband, operated the Highlands Bakery. Fondly remembered by Paul. Found Yvonne's number in the phone book...the only Y. Lepine made the search easier. "Did she remembered the doctor's office in the Gibbard Block", as the question, and, "Yes, of course, was her reply" We reminisced for a bit.

Now to Dr. Hugh B. Russell: Please bear in mind when I quote the year of Henderson's that research would have been done previous year to the publication! So, if it's 1958 the info relates more likely to 1957 etc.

1956: No Dr. Russell listed, 6427 112 Avenue listed to Kelly's Variety Store

1957: Shown with a home at 11157 65 Street with an office at 6427-112 Avenue. 11132-60 Street owned by a M. Powers.

1958: Russell listed at 11132 60 Street and at 11157- and 6427[rear].

1959: Russell back to 11157- still at 11132.

1960: Russell still at 11132, listed  as being also at 11157 and 6427 [rear]

1961: 11132 now owned by John Byttnen. 11157 and 11247 both listed as vacant.

There never was a house numbered 11157 the bakery is 11155 and there is an alley between that and the Gibbard block. It might be that the doctor's office was at the rear of the Gibbard Block.

On 2018-03-19 11:47 AM, Public Inquiries wrote:

Good morning Mr. Tidridge:

I'm sorry, I cannot find anyone by this name.


Irene Klyne, Member Services Agent
T: 780-969-4915
2700 - 10020 100 Street NW  |  Edmonton AB  T5J 0N3  |
College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta
Good Medical Practice – It’s what we’re all about

This email may contain confidential and/or private information. Any unauthorized disclosure, copying, or taking action on the contents is strictly prohibited. If you received this email in error please notify the sender and delete.

-----Original Message-----
From: John Tidridge []
Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2018 11:57 AM
To: Public Inquiries
Cc: Paul von Fange
Subject: Dr. Hugh B. Russell

Hello again!

Recently I wrote to you to see if you could identify a doctor by an address...ha!

Now I have the Doctor's name, Dr, Hugh B. Russell who practiced at 11157
65 Street and 6427 112 Avenue which is actually the same building [the Gibbard Block]. He lived at 11132-60 Street. He worked from the site circa 1958-1961. Are you able to tell me if the good doctor remained in practice in Edmonton. Why you may ask? A now friend, from the United States, lived in Edmonton at that time and was just curious..he is an author.

Thank you,

John Tidridge



The continuing saga of Dr,. Russell.

On 2018-03-22 10:49 PM, Terry Underschultz wrote:

Great history and tons of memories. I grew up next to Concordia college from 1949-1967. Due to the freeway construction we had to move. In reading all about your findings on 112 ave I was very intrigued and have a few things to add. I may be wrong but for some darn reason my memory is much better from 50/60’s than last week. I think the Cozy Corner cafe was there till 1963 as I used to go there when I was around 13-14 and play the juke box.(not that I didn’t go to Jamison’s as well) the Cozy was stated on your write up two different years 1953 or 1960. The Highlands Barber Shop in the early years 1952-1959 was called it Ernie’s as that was the owners name so everyone called it Ernie’s. The barber shop in Bellevue was called Wally’s in the 50’s. The gas station at 7601 -112 ave was called Graham’s service and was a BA service around 1950-1960. Highland Motors the first station and it was a Royalite gas station. The A&W  was open till 1967 not 1964. Now the Dr. Russell mystery......when Dr. Hutton was  in Bellevue and was not available I was taken to Dr. Russell a few times. I know you spoke to Yvonne on this subject and she indicated he was in the Gibbard building.....I am 99.9% sure he was located in the same building as the Highlands Bakery located in the South side of the building. I remember there used to be two separate doors on the front of the building; the door on the left was the bakery entrance and the right door was Dr. Russell's office. It was only about 500 sq.ft. at the very most. Not sure if anyone will remember this ? Love your articles and all the memories.
Terry Underschultz
Sent from my iPad

Good morning Terry,

Thank you for your Highlands note!

First things first: When we moved into our home in 1963 there was an 'Underschultz' elderly couple living on the west side of 60 Street, the first home north of 113 Avenue, they came down to our garden and expressed some surprise at the lack of vegetables being grown!

Second: The information I have recorded came 99.99% from Henderson's Directories. These directories were published on an annual basis and I have found they were not 100% accurate, mainly through human error and complicated interactions with store owners.

Third: The elusive doctor:  I think it would be impolite of me to question Yvonne's version of events. You are suggesting the office was in the same building as their business and home... and that Yvonne is mistaken...would take a braver man than me to question that! It makes interesting reading though!

Fourth: Unless you object, I shall put your letter, with a little editing, in the Doctor panel and call it the 'Continuing saga of Dr. R'.

Terry, thank you again for contributing... and if you know of others who would know of Highlands' history please let me know!


John T


Thanks for copying me on this. I simply don't know what to make of Linda's contention that Dr. Russell's office was in the bakery building. I distinctly remember going in the center (right) door and the bakery goods (and bread slicer) were on that south wall. The door on the left, of course, opened to stairs to the upper-level living quarters. Given my memory of going into the doctor's office up a few steps into the back of the west side, Yvonne's (who lived right there!) memories, plus the licensing address of 11157 which was not the bakery, I'd say it's a 99% chance the good doctor was in the Gibbard. However, Linda does have interesting and specific memories of the neighborhood, so I remain baffled at her doctor office comments.


On Fri, Mar 23, 2018 at 11:29 AM, John Tidridge <> wrote:Good morning Terry,

Thank you for your Highlands note!

First things first: When we moved into our home in 1963 there was an 'Underschultz' elderly couple living on the west side of 60 Street, the first home north of 113 Avenue, they came down to our garden and expressed some surprise at the lack of vegetables being grown!

Second: The information I have recorded came 99.99% from Henderson's Directories. These directories were published on an annual basis and I have found they were not 100% accurate, mainly through human error and complicated interactions with store owners.

Third: The elusive doctor:  I think it would be impolite of me to question Yvonne's version of events. You are suggesting the office was in the same building as their business and home... and that Yvonne is mistaken...would take a braver man than me to question that! It makes interesting reading though!

Fourth: Unless you object, I shall put your letter, with a little editing, in the Doctor panel and call it the 'Continuing saga of Dr. R'.

Terry, thank you again for contributing... and if you know of others who would know of Highlands' history please let me know!


John T:Thanks for copying me on this. I simply don't know what to make of Linda's contention that Dr. Russell's office was in the bakery building. I distinctly remember going in the center (right) door and the bakery goods (and bread slicer) were on that south wall. The door on the left, of course, opened to stairs to the upper-level living quarters. Given my memory of going into the doctor's office up a few steps into the back of the west side, Yvonne's (who lived right there!) memories, plus the licensing address of 11157 which was not the bakery, I'd say it's a 99% chance the good doctor was in the Gibbard. However, Linda does have interesting and specific memories of the neighborhood, so I remain baffled at her doctor office comments

May 18, 2018 Well, John, I finally sat down and read your book which was quite the pleasure! I particularly liked the story of the plumber; to think he was there all the years I was - what an interesting gentleman! Thank you again for sending it; it certainly spurred many memories. A few random thoughts ... Borden Park was a place we did not frequent, but there was one major event, long before Klondike Days. I remember it as the Edmonton Exhibition and we'd trek west along 113th avenue to get to the park. Strangely, I remember little about what went on every summer at the exhibition, but I have vivid memories of jets (The Blue Angels maybe) screaming over our house as part of that celebration, barely clearing the trees from my elementary school perspective. Also interesting is that I don't remember going to the Highlands Park. However, we'd go skating at the rink just north of 113th avenue on 62nd street. I fondly recall purchasing yellow blocks of "Sea Foam" candy for five cents. That building must have been the Highland's Community Center? I also remember between the rink and Highland's School was a Quonset-type building where we would meet for Cub Scouts I am amazed when I look at a map today and realize for two years (4th and 5th grades) every day I walked to and from our house on 65th street to Mount Royal on 55th street, taking 113th avenue the whole way except for a brief jog north on 58th street, very near to where your house is/was! That must have been quite the trek during the long winters. I found a clipping in my Dad's materials (below) but don't know from what publication it came. As you mention about Henderson's accuracy, this list managed to misspell our last name, my father's name and my mother's name. There is a photo of my Dad and I working in the living room of 11314 65th street. I remember every room of that house and would love to see it again some day I noted you worked with/for Transit in Edmonton. Another fond memory is the electric trolley (?) buses that ran on 112th avenue. I would go to the bus stop just east of Safeway on 112th and 65th and go to my dentist (Dr. Teppo in the Tegler building) or to my church (Grace Lutheran, 9907 114th Street), traversing Jasper Avenue with all its sights! The bus would occasionally stop because one of the long poles (don't know the terminology) would come off the track of the overhead wire and the driver would pull on the rope (they would coil up in a round spring-loaded container on the back of the bus) to pull the pole down and reconnect it with the wire, and off we'd go. I'm sorry to see those were all eliminated. Well, thanks for listening! Always enjoy hearing from you. Paul.

John T



AUTHOR'S NOTE: As you look at the earlier occupants of 6427 you might say it is obvious, for example; that Richards ran from 1920 to at least 1935... but that is not what Henderson's Directories say! So to be on the safe side the author has noted as noted in Henderson! Henderson's is both a joy and a despair to the reader. One can assume that some of the difficulties result from differing instructions to the canvassers, or indifferent or simply careless canvassers




These three businesses are not on 112 Avenue but are so close they have been included... they are part of the village



11155-65 Street NW

6506-112 Avenue & 11204-65 Street NW

 (6506-112 Avenue was originally on the lot of 11204-65 Street)



Sterling Real Estate Chickies Chickies


c 2009 Sterling Real Estate

2008-09 Oakmont Construction Ltd.

1947-c 2004 Highlands Bakery

1946-1947 Penny Bake Shop


6506-112 Avenue

1987 Vacant

1949-1949 Premier Cycle & Sporting Goods

11204-65 Street

1998 Bogie's & then Chickie's

1987-98 Second Chance

Vacant (1968)

1965-68 Highlands Coffee Shop

1963 Tin Ton Café (probably error in Henderson's)

1961-1962 Tip Top Café

1944-1953 Cozy Corner

1942-1943 Cosy Corner

1939-1941 Johnny's Confectionary




This article and picture are from the Highlands Historical Society Newsletter



once Premier cycle now part of Chickies    



11209-65 Street NW
                      2018-Highland WELLNESS

2012-16 Sherri Shorten, Architects

2010-12 wheelwrx


2018-04-12 Changes noticed, info sought.



Moon River Mercantile Sandalwood

2017-09-03-Now there is no publication of the Highlands Highlites magazine,  stories of new busineess are not sought.  The sign board, however, will show some differences in businesses at this address.

c. 2017 Codega Therapy 

c. 2017 Intuitive Ground

c. 2017 Constant Care & Massage

c.2017 Red sparrow Gallery

c. 2017 Fully Nourished

Current businesses

2014- Moon River Mercantile

2000-2013 Sandal Wood Skin Care & Massage

Codega Counselling

Roses Remedies

Holistic Healing

Jeni Master (Hair) Design

Sandalwood Spa & Wellness Center




Pure Hair Design
11209 65 Street NW
(Sandalwood Spa)
Edmonton, Alberta
T5K 4K4

Telephone 780-819-3632

Jonathan French (on behalf of his significant other, Jeni Kristensen) advised me she had opened a hair salon in the still operating Sandalwood Spa, at 11209 65 Street NW, just north of the La Boheme Restaurant.

He continued: He and Jeni have been together now for 10 years. Jeni found her passion early on in high school wanting to become a "Hair Stylist": One day owning her own business. Now a licensed stylist, Jeni started out in learning the business in the Southgate Mall. It was a very competitive environment but she earned her hours and became qualified. Jonathan says it was a very proud day for the both us.

Give Jeni a call!

Jonathan went on to say: As outdoors types we have taken long walks in the local river valley with our two dogs Charlie and Frankie and as we walked we came to the Highlands neighbourhood. The more we visited, the more we fell in love with its sheer beauty. The community has a rich feel of historical beauty, from the tall trees to the amazing blend of old and newly renovated homes. We wanted to be a part of  the community. We thought it would be a great place for Jeni's Dream Salon: If she was going chase down this dream, then this was the community in which to do so.

That dream finally came true for us: We found space in a house converted into several businesses. Jeni and I were thrilled and jumped at the chance to get the hair salon up and going. After 5 weeks of hard work, helped by friends and family,  Jeni's dream finally came true. On November 26, 2009 we opened for business: The Pure Hair Design Salon located with Sandalwood Spa.

Your roving reporter learned in speaking with Jeni, the salon will be open Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9.00 a.m. Jeni will offer all  there is to offer in first class hair styling including, but not limited to, perms, coloring and etc.




6507-112 Avenue NW

Interestingly enough the City Assessment map shows this entire half block
covered by the addresses of 6507-6513-112 Avenue






Sugar Bossom/Apple Box Boutiques Catfish Coffee Swish

2011- Sugar Blossoms Flowers/Apple Box Boutiques

2010-11 Catfish

2006-2009 Swish

2004-05 Collectiv


Mike's Big Way Grocery    

1997-2005 Mikes (?) Big Way Grocery

1953-78 Pete's Grocery Store

1951-52 Leo's Meat & Grocery

1949-50 Aubin's Meat & Grocery Meats

1947-48 Chan's

1931-1946 Stone's Meat Market & Grocery


Taxi (1948)


Mike's Grocery

6507-112 Avenue NW

Mike's store will be closed at the beginning of April. The grocery store has been in this location for almost twenty years and was operated by Mike An effort to interview Mike was refused in the politest of fashions. Mike had also declined an offer earlier to wrote a story on him and his store. Over the years Mike has offered that convenience when you run out of milk or sugar or need that candy bar to satisfy an craving. All  the times I have been in the store Mike has been polite and attentive to my needs.

In late March I was able to learn from Mike that he knew of no new tenants as of that date. The community hopes that a new store will soon open. We shall be
watching with interest.

6509-112 Avenue NW BODEGA

Olio d'oliva


Creole Envie

2016- Bodega

2015- 15 Olio d'oliva

2012-15 Creole Envie


Olio d'Oliva...Allie Korpesio

6509- 112 Avnue NW, 780-705-4007

Try a taste of Italy in the Highlands In case you didn’t know, the business district on 112 Avenue got a little bit tastier in the last few months…...

Wadii Bouzemmi and his family opened Olio d’Oliva in the location formerly occupied by Creole Envie. A dedicated pizza oven has been ordered, and the restaurant will also offer pasta and couscous.

Mr. Bouzemmi, an engineer, helped put himself through school by working in Greek and Italian kitchens. Bouzemmi moved to Canada to be closer to his brother, and a third brother will be coming to Canada in the next few months.

Olio d’Oliva is a true family business run by all three Bouzemmi brothers.

Along with pasta and couscous dishes, they also serve pizza made in a real pizza oven.

They are open seven days a week and delivery service to the surrounding neighbourhoods. On the day of the interview, I was sent home with a giant plate of seven vegetable couscous with lamb, brika (fried tuna, spices, and egg) and a salad consisting of tomato, cucumber, onion, olives, and dried mint. To say that the husband and I were in a glorious food coma is an understatement. Everything we sampled was perfectly seasoned and cooked, and my husband would have eaten the ceramic plates if it meant he got every last particle of food. Make sure to visit soon.




Highlands Kitchen Culina Bacon

 2012-12 Highlands Kitchen 

 2010-11 Cul-ina

2007-2009 Bacon



Bacon .

6509-112 Avenue NW



It seems the norm these days that in order to get the story on a new business in the Highlands and Bellevue one has to clamber over or under construction material. .. I did this visiting Bacon for the first time .. .Julianna Mimande emerged from  the scene to tell me about her new restaurant!

Several weeks later she was able to add some more information: With her business partner Cindy Lazarenko Bacon will be operated as a bistro serving lunch, brunch, dinner and take-out. The cuisine is also locally inspired, so they have chosen to buy as much produce and meat from local farmers as possible.

The partners aim to provide a fresher and lighter menu using these products while maintaining some elements of their grandma's cooking. Their food is also a convenient and healthy take-out alternative as there is less fat in their cooking and less waste in the packaging. The take-out packaging is environmentally friendly as it is made of corn plastic; they also value recycling and other socially conscious business practices.

Julianna urges those living in the area to support the neighbourhood unique and local businesses; to promote community cohesiveness, and to get products that are homemade and from local farmers and are available closer to home. Further, to
support entrepreneurs who are challenging old standards of business that do not support local initiatives or maintain environmentally sustainable practices.

 Julianna has had her home in Montrose for 5 years. She has worked in many restaurants from the time she was 14 working as the dessert girl at Bullwinkle's. She has also organized many community events such as art shows and craft fairs. She is a constant supporter of local initiatives and just loves food and wine. Cindy is a very new member of the Highlands and has also worked extensively in the food industry. She ran her own catering company called "Mise En Place" as well as created the TV dinners at "Culina" restaurant in Edmonton.

Both like the Highlands and Bellevue because it has character and charm and community involvement. It is one of the last communities to maintain and support a small business district run by 'moms and pops'.

Julianna and Cindy .... welcome to the Neighbourhood!!

Hollywood Pizza    



1984-2006 Highlands Pizza and Donair

1980-1981 No entry

1970-1978 Wayne's Grocery

Highlands Studio

1963-1968 Highlands Jewellers

6511 & 13-112 Avenue NW HIGHLANDS YOGA ROOM
6515-112 Avenue NW
Wool Revival

6511-112 Avenue

1948-50 &1962- Jewell Electric 1978 Vacant

6513-112 Avenue

2018-Highlands Yoga Room

c 1987- 2017 Wool Revival

1955-64 Dr. Cornish

1954 Dr Gallagher

1951-62 Dr. Mackenzie (Dentist)

1950-51 Premier Cycle and Sporting Goods

2016-Pamela Adam Hair Stylist

6517 & 19- 112 Avenue NW
Brian Mason, MLA. Office


015- Julie's Day Spa
















c. 2004-14 Eye Master

1986-? Highlands Constituency Office

1986-86 Care Free Hair

1975-85 Saurette's Hair Stylists

1956-65 Highland Beauty Parlor

1955 Tailor Shop

1952-60 Highlands Cleaners

1952 Barber Shop









6519-112 Avenue

2007-Brian Mason MLA

2003-07 Diabetic Dee Likes

2002-2004 Emma Scott Design

1986 Marcella Gibbs, Couteriere

1986-1986 PC Constituency Office

1982 No return

1981 Vacant

1980-1981 Ada Realty

1975-1978 Patton Glass

K9 Stripper Poodle Grooming

1951-74 Premier Cycle & Sporting Goods

6517-19- 112 Avenue

2001-2003 Emma Scott

1969-1974 Premier Cycle & Sporting Goods


Julie's Day Spa Allie Korpesio

6515 112 Avenue NW. 780-7650-1772

Award winner brings her knowledge to Highlands

She’s glowing! That was my first impression upon meeting Julie Budge. A petite, vibrant woman with a clear passion for helping people feel beautiful in their skin, Julie and I sat down to discuss the new spa/salon/boutique business at 6515 112Ave.

Julie is the owner/operator of Julie’s Day Spa (next door to Brian Mason.) Julie met husband , Mike, a Highlands resident, while vacationing in Hawaii. Originally from California, Julie moved to Canada in 2011, married Mike, got a standard poodle named Sean Connery, and fell head over heels for Highlands.

The owner of Julie’s Skin Spa in Modesto, California, Julie has earned numerous accolades as well as the #1 spot from the Reader’s Choice Awards three years in a row. With over 28 years caring for skin, Julie has a firm understanding of what each individual needs. Using only Dermalogica products, made in Southern California, Julie has also attended training in both the US and Canada. Noticing the vast difference between the California climate and the Edmonton climate, Julie is making sure each client receives the customized skin care they need. Specializing in anti-aging treatments, icrodermabrasion, chemical peels, acne facials and teen facials, the day spa will also feature a salon with a hairdresser on staff, skin care specialists, a massage therapist, an aesthetician (for manicures and pedicures and waxing) as well as eyelash extensions , and eyelash and eyebrow tinting. If all of that isn’t enough to get you in the door, Julie also designs and makes custom jewellery using Swarovski Crystals, sterling silver and precious stones. Julie was wearing a necklace she designed and made, and it was nothing less than stunning. I’m told the Day Spa will also carry scarves and candles.

A quick peek into the space, loving remodelled by both Julie and Mike, confirm it is inviting and relaxing and will most assuredly be an asset to the 112 Ave business corridor. Julie is also offering a 25% discount to ALL residents of Highlands and Bellevue on their first service, yet another reason to pop in for a visit (as if you needed one).






Eye Masters Family Eye Care
6515-112 Avenue NW

Store hours: Monday to Friday 10 A.M.-7 P.M. Saturday 11.30 A.M. - 5 P.M.

After being pressured by large companies to get their glasses in an hour or  whatever, it was pleasing to see the opening, in March, of Eye Masters Family Eye Care at 6515-112 Avenue.

In April I dropped into the store and chatted with the owner Ahmed Hatoum a personable young man. I learned that this is the third store opened by the family, the other two being in Camrose.

Eye Masters offers top quality eyeglasses and contact lenses at competitive prices. Highly qualified persons conduct eye examinations. Ahmed offers courteous,  personal and professional service, in an establishment where the customer comes first. Single, living in Edmonton, Ahmed was educated at NAIT and the University of Alberta. He also took courses at Concordia, just up the road from his store. He admits that before opening his store he did not know much about the Highlands or Bellevue!! He first considered this site, in part, because a friend, who wondered what could be done with the vacant store, owns it. Over dinner, the possibility of opening an Eye Masters store was discussed.

A careful study of was conducted of the surrounding area and it was decided because the distance between this store and any other
of a similar nature was considerable, it seemed the ideal location to open up the Eye Masters operation.

Highlands as a community has grown on Ahmed, he indicated that the area seems like a small town. (Howard, you may have to up grade your village idea! i). He liked the friendliness of the people and the wide economic backgrounds present in
the greater area of Highlands and Bellevue.

In my brief encounter with Ahmed I found him to be professional, courteous, and (important when dealing with us golden oldies), patient.

The store is bright and pleasantly set out.

Pay Ahmed a visit'!






What We Do...Brian Mason your MLA

As you make your way down 112th Ave do you ever wonder to yourself, what does the constituency office of Brian Mason do? What can they do for me? What services do they offer? Well it is my pleasure to take this time to explain.

As your provincial representative my constituency office is established to serve as a link between the residents of Edmonton Highlands-Norwood and the Government of Alberta. We are happy to offer a variety of services for you, the constituent:

Information: We provide all constituents, local businesses, community qroups and others with information on government grants, awards, funding, legislation and policies that may affect you. We are happy to provide and assist with any applications you may need from the Government of Alberta. We can also provide the forms and guide you through your appeal with certain provincial programs such as AISH or WCB. We are here to advocate for you.

Assistance: We support members of the riding with problems, questions or
concerns they may have with the provincial government. Whether it is a provincial program, ministry or department you are dealing with, we can help you with everything from petitions, grant information and letter writing, to referrals and program information. We also do anniversary and birthday scrolls.

Community: From crime prevention to housing, seniors and the arts - my office
strives to connect and work with the community to facilitate your needs and listen to your questions, comments or concerns when it comes to where you live. I am also available to visit your classrooms, senior's residence, parent advisory meetings, special events, community league meetings and other public events. The office can assist in launching new ideas and services in the community as well.

I do my very best to ensure that my office and the information within it is accessible to all constituents. From information on seniors' services, to reading the latest Rat Creek Press - my office has it. The work my staff does is con-ducted professionally, with integrity and confidentiality. If you need assistance, please contact Constituency Manager Tyler Bedford at: 780.414.0682.

It has been my pleasure to serve you for the last nine years as MLA.

Brian Mason, MLA Edmonton Highlands-Norwood
Leader of Alberta's NDP Opposition






Diabetic Dee Likes Rumours Hair

6517-112 Avenue

c 2000-2003 Emma Scott Design

2002-c 2011 Hair Rumours

1952-62 Melton Real Estate


Diabetic Dee Likes

6519 112 Avenue


What do 'Dick Barton Special Agent', a former City detective, a John  Constable print, Dolores and Patricia, and loads and loads of candies have in common? Nothing really that makes any sense; but read on!

On December 31, 2003 I visited Diabetic Dee Likes and met Dolores Kotyk and Patricia Barton the operators of this delightful addition to the Highlands area and in particular to the shopping area around 112 Avenue and 65 Street. It was here that I learned
that Dolores is related to Zane, albeit distantly, who I served with on the City Police Service, Patricia remembered 'Dick Barton (not related!) Special Agent, the hero of a BBC Radio program of a least a couple of years ago, a similar copy of the Constable
print adorned my own home at one time, and boy, do I like candies. I like chewy ones, hard ones, soft one ... but I digress!!!

Diabetic Dee Likes is operated by Dolores Kotyk, married to Robin, with three adult children, and Patricia Barton married to Ronald, also with three adult children. Both have sparkling personalities, by this I mean they have a retail attitude, which is
(among other things) a desire to serve their customers, to treat them as friends and to laugh at their attempts at humour.

Their store is unique to Edmonton, carrying all sugar free products that are diabetic friendly. The store is very warm and cosy, has good looking furniture, very well laid out and invites one to stay!!

Both the ladies live in Clareview, Dolores is an Edmontonian, as is Patricia only difference is, Patricia originally came from England.

Highlands is attractive to them because of its mature neighbourhood and friendliness. Dolores and Patricia intend to work and cooperate with all the other businesses in the area to make this area even more friendly and attractive to others.

So Highlanders and Bellvueites(?) pay a visit to Diabetic Dee Likes, and meet Dolores and Patricia. You'll be glad that you did.

Oh, yes, what are the candies like ... you'll just have to drop in and taste!





On October 29, 2012 this email was received by John Tidridge: Rosemarie, although no longer living in the Highlands is still one through parental ties.

HI John

My dad sent me a link – very interesting to read about the old stompin’ grounds.

Wasn’t Saurette’s there in the early 1976-1984 range already? 2009 does not seem right?

I got a perm done at the hair salon in fall of 1976 in preparation for my graduation photos, and I thought it was Saurette’s then, but maybe it was the Beauty Parlor still – can’t recall exactly. I (changed) hairdressers for a while after receiving that perm (it wasn’t a great perm….) but later I recall coming when it was Saurette’s and let them cut my hair again in the 1983-1984 years I think, in the years before I met and eventually married my husband.

I had moved to the south-side as my parents were in Ottawa for a 4 year period, but did come back for haircuts if I can recall. Not sure exactly, but it might be safe to say Saurette’s was there prior to 1984.

It’s amazing how hard it is to remember these things.

Rosemarie Stalker
Daughter of Cor and Marie Labots

Of course, Rosemarie is correct in her comments… and the page has been corrected. More work may have to done! JT



6410-14-112 Avenue NW
(The two addresses now appear as one, 6410-112 Avenue, on City Assessment plans)


Direct Insurance Company Wall Mural Canadian Imperial Bank

6410-112 Avenue

c. 2008 Building demolished

1961-87 Trudeau's Cleaners and Shirt Service

6414-112 Avenue

2002-Direct Line Insurance.

1997-2002 Canada Broker Link

1991-97 Heron-Seigel Insurance

1961-91 Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

1930-1961 Canada Safeway



Bank Interior Bank Interior

November 13, 2012: John Tidridge is extremely grateful to Ms. Margaret Blenkhorn of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Her office experienced flooding and it required a great deal tenacity on her part to get the pictures prepared and sent to Tidridge! Thank you Margaret.

Space did not permit use of all the photographs but the following are acknowledged:

562.000 7119-112 Avenue
562.005, 008 and 009 6414-112 Avenue
562.010 and 12 7119-112 Avenue



6510 & 6520-112 Avenue NW

 (City Assessment show only one lot as 6510 west of the lane west of 65 Street)






Be-a-Bella dermalounge beck's

6510-112 Avenue


2011-13 dermalounge

2009-2010 beck's Designs


DermLounge ...

6510 112 AVE NW
780.761.DERM (3376


It was a sad day to see 'becky's' closing ... however, life does go on and it was interesting to see activity in the building so soon after the closing ... a questionnaire was left in the mailbox and so a new contact was made. Even if the e-mail service had its moments!

A visit had been made to the studio a couple of days before actual contact was made with the new operator, Stacey Johnson. What a transformation!

Stacey tells me her business is a Medi-Spa offering Clinical Facials, Chemical Peeling, Skin Rejuvenation, Laser Hair Removal, Permanent Lash Extensions, Full Esthetics and coming soon Injectables! (that sounds painful to a mere male!)

Highlands is the home of Stacey, her husband Steve and their puppy; they live just a couple of blocks from the studio. Edmonton educated, Stacey thinks the Highlands/Bellevue is very eclectic, cozy- neighbourhood and has a ton of character and great people!

Offered is a full service Medi-Spa with highly trained staff to bring you the best service possible! We also donate proceeds from every treatment we do to local charities.

Chantelle Devisser, a medical esthetician met me at the spa ... the photographs show Chantelle and a couple of the displays. Chantelle is a graduate of the European Institute of Esthetics.

As always, this reporter suggests you visit the spa; and is sure you won't be disappointed!




beck's Designs Inc
6510 112 Avenue NW

Phone number780-761-2222


Web address: (Under construction)

It's always a good thing when an established business moves and it is replaced immediately by another business! This is the case with beck's Design Inc, which filled the spot vacated by Madsen's.

One gets a pretty good idea as to whether the proprietor of a store is a 'retail person or not when you catch them unprepared! . I caught Becky Shave, owner of beck's Design (and yes, there is no uppercase B; try telling that to a computer!) in the midst of the early stages of setting up her operations ... she passed the test; she received me politely, listened to me intently, and said she would like a story written!

Beck's Designs will focus on Local, One-Of-A-Kind art, pottery, gifts, and more. Offering a full range of floral choices including arrangements and delivery service!

A fourth generation Highlander Becky has many friends living in the Highlands and surrounding community. She hopes to move back to the Highlands ... soon. Attending Virginia Park Elementary, Highlands Junior High and Eastglen Composite High Schools was part Becky's educational journey.

Most of the Artists patronizing the business live right in the neighbourhood and most are more than happy to customize or bring in special orders, a unique part of the operation.

Becky, who is not married (but keeping an eye out for that special man) loves the Highland/Bellevue area - as she says, "What's not to love, the people, the history, the true "old school" community feeling of actually knowing your neighbours".

You are urged to drop in and encourage this local entrepreneur.


2005-09 Madsen Studios Inc.









2003-2011 Bella Crusta Food

1987-? Vacant

1955-82 Highlands Shoe Repair

1944-55 Highland Beauty ( Henderson's error?)

1943-44 Highland Beauty Parlor

1936-42 Highland Beauty Parlor & Barber Shop

1932-35 Highland Beauty Parlor

6520-112 Avenue

1933-1949 W.R. Henry Shoe Repair



Madson Studios Inc.
6510 - 112 Avenue
Phone number 468-9543


I've been framed .... well not yet.. .. but welcome to Madsen Studio Inc, owned and operated by Shauna Madsen




We offer a venue for artists and collectors to showcase, rent and/or sell their work. Our passion to support emerging artists
attracted the attention of art collectors who work with us in art rental and sales offering international renowned works to compliment the talent of local artists.
Custom framing is a large component of our services with a large variety of mouldings to choose from. We've framed everything from Ukrainian eggs to hockey jerseys and wedding wreaths since we've been in our new location.

Our flower cooler is stocked with mixed bouquets, exceptional roses and weekly specials. Our clients come in and tell us that their bouquets last up to a month in some cases.

Art is good for any community and Highlands is home to many art enthusiasts. Products are one of a kind and include hand forged iron works by a master-blacksmith/artist; fused glass plates and glass jewellry; stained glass panels; original paintings and prints and hand made stationery that can be planted to produce wild flowers.

Madsen Studios grew from a home based business where painting, graphic design and marketing expanded to include the art promotions quickly outgrew the home location. I've been looking for the perfect location for two years and was elated when this place became available. Even though the research and planning presented favourable potential for the new venture, the response since we opened on
November 3rd has been beyond our expectations and we are grateful to the Highlands community for their gracious welcome, encouragement and support.

Shauna, born and raised here currently lives in northeast Edmonton with her husband Nick and youngest daughter Amy. Her eldest daughter Erika works with her on a part time basis while she attends Grant MacEwan in the public relations

program. Along with two classmates, she has designed our Open House for June of  this year to coincide with the start of the gardening season to tie in several artists who create outdoor art and garden creations.

Welcome to the Highlands and Bellevue district! 






















7543-112 Avenue NW


Apartment block

c. 2009 Building demolished

No indication of use from 1934 on

1932-34 Northern Chickeries

1929-31 Grace English Lutheran Sunday School

1921-1928 Vacant store



7599-112 Avenue NW
(According to the Assessment map this is now 7599-112 Avenue South)

Hair Rescue

  Hair Rescue

2011-? Hair Gallery







c. 2005-2010 Hair Rescue

c. 2002 Hair Artistry

1940-64 Parkview Red and White Grocery

1938-40 James Warmington Grocery

1932-37 Park Grocery

1921-31 Hambley Confectionery Store




7601-112 Avenue SOUTH NW
(At various times in Henderson's this was known as 7601-112 Avenue and 7601-112 Avenue South.)


Plutonic Marble & Granite

2009- Plutonic Marble & Granite

1935-50 Driveway Service Station

1932-1934 Vacant


1931 Hoffman Grocery

1928-1930 Vacant

1927 Young Confectionery

1917-1926 No mention or vacant

1915-16 Avenue Park Café





Item of Interest: 112 Avenue from 50 Street to 78 Street was called Knox Avenue.

As an 'item of interest' details regarding the date of erection of the building and the assessment value of the building as per the 2011 Assessment as been included at the end of this document. In checking city records some of the dates did not ring true... for example 6417-112 Avenue was shown as being built in 1975 (new building date)(NBD)... and those of you who have lived in the Highlands will know is not quite kosher. A check with the Assessment Branch revealed that the date of 1975 was the date the building was extensively renovated and thereby became a 'new' building...where possible the initial date of building has been included with the new building date in parenthesis

5335-39-112 Avenue Built (B) 1951, Assessed value (AV) 2011-$482,000.00
6417-112 Avenue B-1948, the plaque on the wall says 1946, NBD 1975 AV-2011-$212,000.00
6419-112 Avenue B-1952 AV 2011-$248,000.00
6421-112 Avenue B-c 1948 NBD 1978 AV-2011-$219,00.00
6423-112 Avenue B-1937 AV-2011-$1,199,00.00

6507-112 Avenue B-1932 AV 2011-$207,000.00
6509-112 Avenue B-c 1962 NBD-1962 AV 2011-$334,500.00
6513-112 Avenue B-c 1950 NBD-1958 AV-2011-$347,000.00

11155-65 Street B-1946 NBD-1975 AV-2011-$420,000.00

6410-112 Avenue (now includes 6420-112 Avenue) B 1930 NBD 1940 AV-2011-$596,500.00
6414-112 Avenue (the first address of Canada Safeway... on Knox Avenue)
6510-112 Avenue (now included 6520-112 Avenue) B c 1935 NBD 1970 AV-2011-$210,500.00

11204-65 Street B-1937 AV-2011-$191,500.00
11208-65 Street B-1929 AV-2011-$258,500.00
11209-65 Street B-1960 AV-$263,500.00

6506 Address no longer used.
6510 B-c 1934 NBD-1970 AV-$210,500.00
6520-112 Avenue Address no longer used.



Bellevue area stores since gone

Business Heritage

The following stores were once in Bellevue. We can trace the demise of some to the 1960's construction of what is now Wayne Gretzky Drive.

1933-1964 Bellevue/Bellevue Service Station/Highlands Motors
1949-1964 Avenue Grocery Store Quilley's, Wayne's
Dates ? Grocery Store various names including Strigley, Anderson's, Quist, Munson's, Perras' Bros., Rene's, Martell's, Steve's, Scandinavian
1959-1964 B K Grocery,Borden Park Grocery
1949-1959 Highland Polar Bar
1962-1964 Lutheran Church Office



1949-1962 Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce



Canadian Bank of Commerce Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Bank Interior




1959-1964 Jarman Shell
1956-1964 Dr. Hutton
1954-1956 Dr. Denton
1953 Stahler's Ladies and Gent's Wear
1950-1952 Bellevue Beauty and Barber Shop
1950-1951 Melton Real Estate
1940-1964 Bellevue Grocery and Meats
1959-1964 A&W Drive-In
1949-1961 Bellevue Pharmacy
1953-1964 Bellevue Beauty Parlor & Barber Shop
1948-1951 Progress Photos
1948-1964 Service Station, Bills' Esso (now Concordia High School)



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