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April 19, 2018: Write up on the Majesty Store. Click here and scroll to  6421 112 Avenue

April 17, 2018: An enquiry was received asking about Beatrice E. Ebson. A page was made up outlining Beatrice's connection with our family. Click here. 

April 14, 2018: More news about Arthur Charles Titheridge [1883-1914] Sad, enlightening. Click here 

April 13, 2018: Robert Arthur Titheradge [1861-1915] click here

April 13, 2018: Memorial bench Cissie Ethel Titheridge nee Sutcliffe. Click here 

April 13, 2018: Learn about James Walter Titherdage and his family. Click here

April 11, 2018: James Fabian TITHERADGE Family Bible click here 

April 10, 2018: George Sutton Titheradge's account of his proclamation of Queen Victoria as Empress of India. Click here and  http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/search/label/George%20Sutton%20Titheradge

April 9, 2018: Follow the mystery of  the disappearing tree...a Highlands community story. Click here

April 5, 2018: Contructing the varied acting  career of Madge Titheradge, claimed by Ann T to be to most famous T. To be built on. Click here   and http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/search/label/George%20Sutton%20Titheradge and http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2017/07/madge-titheradge-on-film.html

March 31, 2018: Titherage, another variation read about it here.  And here: http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/search/label/James%20Titherage

March 31, 2018: Sad story of the Joseph Blaik Titheradge family: http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/search/label/Joseph%20Blaik%20Titheradge For family history click here

March 30, 2018: An artist, almost missed: http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2016/06/a-titheridge-artist.html  Looking to identify more correctly which A.Tidridge was the artist, click here

March 28, 2018: Sad story of mental illness check here for family info. And  https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2014/12/the-sad-tale-of-gertrude-titheridge.html

March 28, 2018: James Titheridge and his second wife Charlotte Freemantle, tragic loss of son. Click here

March  28,2018: Arthur Charles Titheridge, killed in the Falklands, family update click here

 March 28, 2018: A fraudulent relative even in our family: https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2018/03/titheridge-surname-in-poor-law-union_10.html  and here

March 28, 2018: Update on George Titheridge [1892-1916] killed in WW I sea battle click here and   https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2018/03/letter-from-george.html

March 23, 2018: Highlands Bowling Club added click here

March 22, 2018: More information on Amelia Minnie Georgina Tidridge click here

March 20, 2018: The mysterious Dr. Hugh B. Russell  click here and scroll way down

March 20,2018: 112 and 118 Avenue Edmonton, files updated click here and here

March 17, 2018: Poetic skills of Sarah Tyler, and of the photographer, her twin sister, Andrea, granddaughters of John T: go to  scrolll down!

March 16, 2018: PIctures and words re: Jean nee Tidridge's 80th birthday and Jean and John's 60th wedding anniversary. See here

February 19, 2018: Amelia Minnie Georgina Tidridge [1891-1939] m Ernest P. Seward, they had a son Ernest Percival. A bit of a mystery here. Check it out. and here: https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2018/02/the-birth-of-new-surname-variation.html

February 16, 2018: Not everyone is perfect including the T family. Check here but keep it quiet!

February 4, 2018: I was delighted to see this blog: https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.co.uk/2018/02/a-tidridge-wedding.html

January 31, 2018: Bob Stanton appears to have a buffalo coat fetish, go to here and scroll down, carefully.

January 25, 2018: Check out this address https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2018/01/lieutenant-commander-benjamin.html on another Titheridge, here.

 January 25, 2018: From David Bunn: Memorial for L/Cpl Cooksey, Grenadier Guards, kiilled during the Boer War. Click here

January 24, 2018: a Short history of Highlands Baptist Church Corn Roasts. Click here

January 20, 2018: Highlands Junior High School garden...a start has been made click here

January 18, 2018: A new T TUTHERIDGE Alfred [1906-23] click here see also https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2018/01/tuberculosis-common-cause-of-death.html

January 8, 2018: New photo of the airfield, Qrendi, Malta used for a 'tent town' during the Suez Crises. Click here and scroll way down to Malta

January 7, 2018: William Joseph Blaik Titheradge m Emma Dorothy Higgins. Click  here. Also: James Wm. [1843-90], m Mary Ann Blaik. James Fabian [c. 1816-77] m Dianah F. Jamieson.

January 6, 2018: Is there a place for unions in the armed forces. Click here and scroll down to the Suez item.

January 4, 2018: James Titheridge/Tetheridge [1840-1923], Eliza Harfield/Titheridge/Tetheridge [1847-1909] and their family. Moved from UK to New Zealand check here

December 25, 2017: Even after 51years the Suez/Malta 'incident' still lingers: check here and scroll down.

December 13, 2017: Added late obits..

Eric 'Dusty' Titheridge here

Edward Harry Tidridge here

Martha Lou Tidridge nee Scatterday here

Frances Moynahan McKinney nee Tidridge click here                                                        

December 12, 2017: The Ryedale Talking Magazine editor, Philip Anthony Lester Titheradge click here

December 9, 2017: Our Catholic connection, a priest in the family, Joseph Tytheridge click here.

December 7, 2017: George Robert Titheradge Sarah Isabella Emblim [1964-c. 1825] family update check here.

November 28, 2017: Finally Emily Eliza or Eliza Emily Titheridge [1874-?] information here

November 27, 2017: John Tytheridge [c. 1795-} and his wife Sarah nee Saunders, had eleven childeren. One daughter Elizabeth [c. 1828-?] [married Obed WICKENS]  and had a son, John Tytheridge born 1847 click here for more information. See blog from AnnT below. 

October 2017: Fifth great grandchild for John and Maureen. London Grace Ella born to Nicole and Trevor Tidridge

October 19, 2017: Ainslie Burton Tytheridge Honour Roll and family update click here 

October 17, 2017: Four churches added, Lao Temple, former Pentecostal Church, United Church and a Catholic Church. Click here and then scroll down! 

October 16, 2017: Gertrude [nee King] Kroll family added click here

October 16,, 2017: Sad news of Florence Haven's [nee King] death. Click here

October 13: Page added to cover possible extinct T's. Click here

October 7, 2017: Some interesting [for some] items from the  1st. Battalion Grenadier Guards, Berlin 1954-55. To view click here

October 4, 2017: Laurier Height Baptist Church click here and scroll

September 29, 2017: More of John's garden, from way back click here and scroll to the heading...'Some photos found..'

September 27, 2017: New business, Highlands Yoga Room. To view click here

September 24, 2017: Business updates at 11209-65 Street. Click here and scroll!

September 14, 2017: Some interesting changes to our NZ Titheridges check here and here

September 12, 2017: Crestwood Presbyterian Church and Higher Ground Tabernacle added. Click here and scroll

September 8, 2017: Highland's Shops damaged click here

September 3, 2017: Update on 5809 & 6401 118 Avenue, click here and scroll! And 11209 65 Street Click here  and scroll.

July 19, 2017: Vacations put on one page, click here

 July 19, 2017: LaBoheme restaurant seeks to renovate click here

 July 7, 2017: Guards Regiments pictures updated, possible family member added, in Life Guards uniform. Do you know him..click here to see.

July 3, 2017: Up date from Craig Paul Tithridge of New Zealand. Looking to up date his emails. Click here

June 19, 2017: Two new churches: Ralph Connor United, Sacred Heart RC, both Canmore, Alberta, click here and scroll to the end.

June 22, 2017: New 118 Avenue store added, scroll to 5015

June 22, 2017: Andrea and Danian picture updated look here

May 22, 2017: Borden Park working on a new style pool. Click here and scroll down..

May 17, 2017: Highlands Community Hall - demolition process click here

May 16, 2017: New store on 112 Avenue Majesty to view click here 

April 24, 2017: Some Barrett family pictures click here 

 April 8, 2017:  Memorial service for Det. Boyd noted click here

April 8, 2017: Two Churches: Zion Baptist and Our Lady of Good Help RC added click here

 April 5, 2017: St. Edmund's RC Church added check here

April 4, 2017: Evengelical Baptist Church added check here

 March 23, 2017: Stolen Plaque replaced: Betty Stanhope-Cole click here

 February 5, 2017: Highlands Community Garden click here

February 1, 2017: Obituary for Betty Stanhope-Cole. Canadian golfer click here

January 21, 2017: Some info on Titheradges of Sidney NSW Aus. click here

January 13, 2017: Up date on Charles Clark and Charlie Clark, and Harefield House click here.

January 10-2017: An update on the Diane Mason story, photos of Diane, click here to read.




NB Ann is now given credit for the infroamtioin she provides on the actual FAMILY PAGE.... 

ANN TITHERADGE'S BLOG ...Ann is the go to person for all things Titheridge/Titheradge/Tidridge and all variations of the name.


March 31, 2018: Titherage, another variation read about it here.  And here: http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/search/label/James%20Titherage

March 31, 2018: Sad story of the Joseph Blaik Titheradge family: http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/search/label/Joseph%20Blaik%20Titheradge For family history click here

March 30, 2018: An artist, almost missed: http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2016/06/a-titheridge-artist.html  Looking to identify more correctly which A.Tidridge was the artist, click here

March 28,2018: Mental illness: https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2014/12/the-sad-tale-of-gertrude-titheridge.html

March 28,2018: Tragic accidents: https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2014/12/accidental-death-of-henry-lewis.html

March 28, 2018: Lost at sea: https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2018/03/letter-from-george.html

March 19, 2018: Poor folk! https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2018/03/titheridge-surname-in-poor-law-union_10.html

March 19, 2018:: Most wanted T's https://titheradgefamilyhistory.wordpress.com/most-wanted/

Another family member....this one with some mystery...https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2018/02/the-birth-of-new-surname-variation.html

February 4, 2018: A wedding story, a surpise, and a thank you to Ann: https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.co.uk/2018/02/a-tidridge-wedding.html

January 25, 2018: Another good read about a Royal Navy Titheridge. http://clubweb.interbaun.com/~jtidridge/indbt57.htm

January 17, 2018 Read about sad loses through TB https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2018/01/tuberculosis-common-cause-of-death.html

January 7, 2018: Read about the Trades Union man... https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2018/01/william-titheradge-trade-unionist-and.html

January 3, 2018: Tither or Tether...read Ann's blog here: http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2016/11/a-voyage-from-east-meon-to-new-life-in.html

December 9, 2017: A priest found in New York https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2017/11/

December 7, 2017: Some unusual names among the Titheradges: https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2017/12/the-unusual-use-of-surnames-in-two.html

November 23, 2017: The South African Tytheridges: https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2017/11/john-tytheridges-journey-from-kent-to.html

October 13, 2017: More interesting news  on, perhaps, extinct T names click here: http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2017/10/titteridge-and-titeridge-extinct_13.html Ann Titheradge at her best!

September 12, 2017: Tough justice... https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2017/09/tough-justice-for-william-titheridge.html 

August 31, 2017: More about those Tidridges, this time from Eire, https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2017/08/the-tidridge-family-of-cork.html

August 14, 2017: The last days of Ernest Tidridge  https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2017/08/ernest-alfred-tidridge-died-4-august_4.html

August 1, 2017 http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2017/07/joseph-titheridge-died-31-july-1917-he.html : The last days of Jospeh Titheridge [1889-1917]

July 24, 2017: The nerve of it! Stealing our name! http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/stage-name.html

 July 12, 2017: More from Ann: Madge Titheradge makes a film to sell War Bonds: http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2017/07/madge-titheradge-on-film.html

June 21, 2017: Arthur Robert Titheradge: 100 year aniversary of his death, go to: http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2017/06/in-memory-of-arthur-robert-titheradge.html courtsey of Ann Titheradge.

May 31, 2017: Ann Titheradge seeks information on Lawrence Tiotherige, d December 31, 1952, Cornwall. Conact Ann at http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2017/05/titheridge-family-of-st-tudy.html

 December 23, 2016: Another interesting item from Ann, Christmas at the Titheridges click: http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2016/12/christmas-in-waltham-chase-with.html  For the family file click here

November 15,2016: Excellent paper by Ann and Mike Titheradge on Frederick Titheridge/Titheradge. [1842-1914] Check the blog: http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2016/11/from-swanmore-to-australia-and.html For the family file check here

October 19, 2016: Read Daniel Titheridge's story [blog] about life in Australia click here or her http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.co.uk/2016/10/daniel-titheridges-journey-from.html   Please note: All blogs [unless identified as otherwise] are by Ann Titheradge.

October 12, 2016: For Henry Titheridge's [1836-80] sad story click: http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2016/10/henry-and-robert-titheridges-journey.html

Octoberhttp://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/  3, 2016: Read about Daniel Titheridge's [1807-72- trip to Australia courtesy of Ann Titheradge:






From time to time information on the Grenadiers is received. so, being somewhat biased, I have provided a space for this information. For your edification and whatever!

This Facebook item is monitored for content and makes good reading. https://www.facebook.com/groups/fbgrenadiers/

This one from my English, Swedish Grenadier Tony Matthews https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhsb4W_iZ_E









Frnt R. l-r Sarah (Liz - Tuppy] Emily [Sarah-Ken] Megan [Pat-Ted] Andrea [Elizabeth-Tuppy]

Mid R. l-r Trevor [Steve-Michelle] Tuppy [Elizabeth's spouse] Elizabeth [daughter] Maureen &  John Koen [Sarah-Ken] Sarah [daughter] David [Pat-Ted] Rachael [Elizabeth-Tuppy]

Bck R. l-r  Kayla [Steve-Michelle]Stephanie [Elizabeth-Tuppy] David [Stephanie's spouse] Isaac [Elizabeth-Tuppy] Michelle [Steve's spouse], Steve [son] Ken [Sarah's spouse] Ted [Pat's spouse] Pat Keith [Rachael's spouse]  

Pictures taken circa 2007




             Greatgrand children: Stephanie and Reuben [parents- Stephanie & David]                                   Greatgrand children Eliza RIP Jude & Sully, and Guineveve [parents- Keith & Rachael]




Greatgrand child: London Grace Ella - [parents- Trevor and Nicole










                                   Nicole-Trevor [Steve & Michelle]                      Kayla-Landon [Steve & Michelle]             Sarah-Colin [Elizabeth & Tuppy]




                           Sarah-Danion [Elizabeth & Tuppy]        Kathryn-Isaac [Elizabeth & Tuppy]                   Justin-Emily [Sarah & Ken]

                                                                                               All pictures c 2016-17]



To those who are interested in more T information are directed to here , the excellent Mike and Ann Titheradge site.
'Bear with us, this sign will always be around

Under construction








*ASHTON, Mary w of John TITHERIDGE [1823-?] click here

*BATCHELOR Sarah [1787-1822] w of  TITHERIDGE, John [1786-1866] - ]. Their chilren were: Mary [c1810-?], Harriett [c. 1812-?], Elizabeth [c. 1814-?], William [1815-c. 1891], James [1817-?], Jane [1820-?]. To view click here

*BATHGATE, John [1853-?] - Janet. Earliest known members of the John BATHGATE [1934-?], To view click  here

*BATHGATE, John [1934-?] - Jean Ann Tidridge Click here

*BATHGATE, John [1960-?] Click here

*BATHGATE, Michael [1962-?] Click here

*BIGNELL,  Ada Cornelia w of Arthur Edwin Titheridge [1870-?] check here

*BULGAR,  Elizabeth w of William Titheridge [1832-1877] check here   

*CHUBB, Nicholas - Unknown Their children were: Nicholas, Marie [1616-?], Susannah [1622-?] These are the first known descendents on the material side of John BATHGATE [1934-?] To view click here

CLARK, Caroline Elise m John Tytheridge [1847-?] More information here

*CLARK, Frances Ethel see TIDRIDGE, Frances Ethel

*COLE, Rosemary click here

*COLLINS, Raymond John [1952-?], - Glenda May PARISH [1962]. Their children: Daniel John [1997-?], Zoe Rebecca [1998-?] Other connections: William George Collins [1887-1958] - Alice May Green, Agnes May Clark [1896-1986] - William Collins [1887-1958]. To view click here

*CLEMENT, Elizabeth [c. 1613-1741] w of William Titheridge/Tythereg [1674-1743]. Cick here and here 

*FIELDER, Elizabeth Rose [c 1893-?] w of Alfred Charles Titheridge [1893-1937] Click here for more info.

*HAND, Lily Bess w of James Titherdge [1856-?] click here

*HANNIBAL, Georgina w of George TITHERIDGE [1862-1933]   Click here

HAREFIELD, Eliza Rossey wife of James TITHERIDGE [1840-1923] Click here

*HARVEY, Alan Barry [1942-?] to view click here

*HASTED, Anne w of Henry Titheridge 1856 click here

*HASTINGS, Eliza w of John TITHERIDGE [1829-1886] click here

HAVEN, Richard L h of  Florence KING m of Virginia and Annie click here

*HOUSE, Bertha w of John Titheridge 1880-1970] click here

 *JARVIS,  Eliza [1832-c. 91] w of Henry Ashton Titheridge [1837-1916] clock here 

*KENT, Sophia [1840-1938] h of John Titheridge [1837-92] For more info click here

KING, Florence [1923-2017] w of Richard L. HAVEN- c Virginia and Annie click here

KING, Gertrude [1925-?] m John Kroll Sr. c Marc, John Jr., m Cathy, Marion m Edward De Long c Katherine and Wm. , Beverly,m Michael LaCrone,  Robert H. m Diane c Jennifer, Dan, Ben, Allana  click here

*LASHAM Mary Ann [c. 1811-74]. h of  TITHERIDGE, Richard [1808-91] - Their children: Mary Ann [1832-?], Willaim [c. 1834-1917], Henry Ashton [c. 1837-?], Richard Ashton [1839-?], Frederick [1842-?], Anna Maria Hannah [c. 1844-?], Emma [1848-?], Elza [1850-?], George [1853-?]. Click here

*LEE, Elizabeth [1806-80] w of William TITHERIDGE [1805-66] click here

LUDLOW, Peter [-2002] h of Virginia HAVEN Click here  s Michael LUDLOW [1977-?]

*MAIDMENT, Sarah Jane w of Arthur Earnest Titheridge  click here

*MANSFIELD, Mary [?-1801] w of John Titheridge [1743-1821]  Click here for more info

*MANSFIELD, Sarah [? -1786] w of TITHERIDGE, John [1710-1767] - Their children were: John 1737-1786], Sarah [1739-?], Willam [1743-1821] To view click here and here

*MASTERS, Ema Elizabeth w of William Henry TITHERIDGE Click here

*MERRETT,  Jane [c. 1851-?].w of TITHERIDGE, James [1817-83]  Their children: Elizabeth [1838-?], William [1840-?], John [c.1842-96], Ellen [1845-?], Sarah [1847-?]  Click here

*MERRITT, Eliza [1831-1904] w of William Titheridge [1830-1908]  Click here for more info. 

MOSS/MOYES Mary w of William TITHERIDGE  [1831-1907]  click here

*PACE, Harriett [1842-1914] w of James TITHERIDGE [c. 1840-1905] Click here

*PAICE, Ann [1817-1901] click here

*PLACE, Robert [Rob] [1975 - Janice Louise AUBERTIN. Their children: William Edward [2008-], Rose [2011-] to see click here

*POINTER, Amelia [1849-1922], wife of William Titheridge click here

PORT, Emily Jane wife of Frank TITHERIDGE [1854-?]  click here

*PRIOR, Elizabeth w of George TITHERIDGE [c. 1849-71]  click here

*PRIOR,  Hannah w of William Titheridge [1772-1851] Click here for more info. 

*QUALLAT[T], Ann ?-1792] husband of John Titheridge, earliest Titheridge click here

ROGERS, Willaim husband of Maria TITHERIDGE [1838-?] click here   

SAUNDERS, Sarah m John Tytheridge. More information here

SCATTERDAY, Martha Lou [1922-2008] w of Edward J. Tidridge click here

*SCAMMELL, Lydia [1868-?] w of Alfred George Titheridge Click here for more info.

*SMITH, Mike - Linda Turner (Henry Ashton Titheridge) Click  here

*STEWART, Phyllis Susannah [1884-1921] here

SUCHOMEL, Michael h of Annie Haven, child: Steve MOOSOL [1975-?]

*TEE,  Jane [1776-c. 1831 w of TITHERIDGE, Thomas [c. 1774-1846]

TILLMAN, Mary w of William Titheridge click here

*TURNER,  Linda h of Mike Smith Click  here

*UNKNOWN, Fanny w of George Titheridge [1856-c.1930] click here

*WALKER,  Celia Kate w Arthur Horace Titheridge [1887-1962] Click here

*WELLS,  Eva Agnes w Benjamin James Titheridge [1884-1951] Click here 

*WEST, Catherine w of  Albert James Titheridge 1866  more info click here 

WICKENS, Obed m Elizabeth Tytheridge. More information here 

WILLS, William husband of Elizabeth TITHERIDGE [1842-?] click here

WINTER, Charlotte [1805-1893] w of George Titheridge [1803-?] check family here

*WITHERS, Sarah [1808-1875] w of John Titheridge [1804-1873] Click here for more info.   

*WOODERSON, Mary [?-1801] w of William Titheridge [1743-1821] More info click here



            TEDRIDGE,  Ernest Percival [1912-78] wife Elsie May SLARK [1915-2001] five children plus all information on the Tedridges available at this time [March 2018]. Click here. See also Amelia Minnie Georgina Tidridge here And, Ernest Philip Seward here



*TIDRIDGE, Alfred, Welsh Regiment Reg. No. 29177 No further connection.

*TIDRIDGE, Alfred William [1871-?] - Mary. Their children: Anna, Florence, Alfred William [1902-1987] To view click here

*TIDRIDGE, Alfred William Jr. [1902-1987] - Marie DRUM Their children: Alfred Livingstone [1929-1998]. To view click here Alfred [1929-1998] married Wauneta BOWEN Their children Alfred Livingstone [1949-?], Elizabeth Suzanne [1950-?] Alfred [1949-?] married and had a son Lawrence. In a first  marriage he wed Rosalinda GARCIA. Their children; Christopher J [1975-?], Patrick Joseph [1977-?], Jennifer [1980-?]. Elzabeth Suzanne has a son Daniel Biffy To view click here

TIDRIDGE,  Amelia Minnie Georgina [1891-1939] m to Ernest P. Seward, their son, Ernest Percival [1912-?]  Click here

*TIDRIDGE, Bertie [1893-1958] - Minnie A. Daisy LEAMON Their children: Doris [1916-19160, Barbara Joan [1923-?] - Peter BOARD. Their children: Richard [1946-?], Elizabeth [1949-?], Lesley [1951-?], Nicholas [1953-?]. Nicholas [1953-?] married Sandra [1955-?]. Their children: Christopher James 91994-?], Catherine Louise [1985-?]. To view click here

TIDRIDGE, Edward Harry [1884-1971] m Ellen Connor [1883-1971] Chilsdren: Jane Ellen, Barbara, Mary Therese. Click here

*TIDRIDGE, Ernest Alfred [1898-1917]  for family click here for military history click here

*TIDRIDGE, Frances Ethel To view click here

*TIDRIDGE, Harriett Elizabeth [1899-1980] - George Harley BISHOP [?-1957]. There child was Ruth Bishop [1941-?] To view click here

TIDRIDGE, Harry [1842-1916] - Ann CULLIMORE [c.1839-1917] Their children were: Ellen [1862-?], Harry John [1862-1944], Sarah Agnes [1867-?], George Cullimore [1869-1941], Alfred William [1871-?], Minnie Louise [1873-c1939], Frederick C. [c1877-1937], Annie [1878-?]. To view click here

*TIDRIDGE, Harry J. [1863-1944] - Emma L. NEWMAN Their children were: Edward Harry [1884-1971], Annie Louisa [1886-1949], William John Newman [1888-?], Amelia Minnie Georgina [1891-1939], Berite [1893-1958], Daisy Lilian [1896-1966], Ernest A. [1898-1917],John [1900-?], Louise Ellen [1902-1981], Walter Sidney [1905-1991] To view click here and here

TIDRIDGE, Henry [1815-68] married Anne Newell [1815-73] click here 

*TIDRIDGE, Ivan C. (1940-?], married  Phyllis Meatyard. Children Alec and Sanda. For more information click here.  

*TIDRIDGE, Jane [1947-?] - James SPARROW Their children: James [1967-?], Patrica Ann [1972-?] To view click here

*TIDRIDGE, Jean Ann [1938-] - John Michael BATHGATE [1934] Their chilren were: John [1960-?], Michael [1962-?]. To view click here

*TIDRIDGE John Harry [1884-1947] - Evelyn DAVIS [?-1989] Their children: William A. [1916-?], Lionel J. [1918-1980] To view click here

*TIDRIDGE, John Walter Francis [1935-?] click here

*TIDRIDGE, Lionel John [1912-1980] - Helen Jane MUSSON [1924-?] Their children: Jane [1947-?], Nancy Ann [1949-?], Timothy John [1955-?], Elizabeth Edith [1957-?] To view click here

*TIDRIDGE, Louise Ellen [1902-1981] - John [Jack] PLACE [1903-1952] Their children were: Edward [1922-?], Jack [1924-2010], Gwendolyn {1926-?], Ronald [1928-?] To view click here to see other members of the Place family.

TIDRIDGE, Melody [1992-?] click here Father Lawrence, Her siblings Catherine and Brandon

*TIDRIDGE, Nancy Ann [1949-?] first married to Carl Boyle, then Daniel Heaney. Children: Heather [1978-?], THomas [1999-?] To view click here

*TIDRIDGE, Nathan [1978-?] - Christine VANDERVAL [1980-?] Their children: Sophie [2009-?], Elyse Greta Rae [2011-?] To view click here

*TIDRIDGE, Raymond [1963-2013] - Janet Williams Click here for more information.

*TIDRIDGE, Timothy John [1955-?], - Lynn CHARRON [1957-?] Their children: Nathan To view click here

*TIDRIDGE, Walter Sidney [1905-1991] - France Ethel Clark. Their chlidren were: John Walter Francis [1935-?], Jean Ann [1938-?], Ivan Charles [1940-?]. Click here to view

*TIDRIDGE, William [1845-1929] - Mary Baker BROWN [1856-1939] Their children were: John Harry [1883-?], Ann Amelia [1885-?], William Alfred [1887-?], Elizabeth Jane [1887-?], Mary Alice, [1887-?], Louisa Frances [1889-?], James Alexaner [1894-?], Ruth Lydia [1896-?], George [1898-?], Harriett Elizabeth [1899-1980]. To view click here

*TIDRIDGE, William Alfred [1887-?] - s of Henry Titheridge/Tidridge Click here





*TITHERADGE, Annie [1880-?] Click here

*TITHERADGE, Annie Sophie [1857-?] Click here

*TITHERADGE, Alfred [c. 1859-/] son of Edward E. Titheradge. Click here

*TITHERADGE, Alfred Henry [1859-?] Click here

*TITHERADGE, Alfred R. Royal Engineers. Driver Reg. #'s 3128, 558611No connections.

*TITHERADGE, Arthur Charles [1883-1914] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Arthur Charles [1920-1941] Click here and here

*TITHERADGE, Arthur Robert [1887-1917] Click here and here

*TITHERADGE, Augustus [1852-1877] Click here and here

*TITHERADGE, Barbara Ann [1936-1941] Click here

*TITHERADGE, Colin Francis [1917-?] - Elizabeth Priscilla HOWARTH Their children: Frederick James [1940-?], Leslie John {1942-1994], Eleanor Ruth [1943-?], Douglas Colin [1945-?], Barrie Reginald [1956-/}, Stuart Allan [1958-?]. click here

*TITHERADGE, Christine Janice [1956-?] - Gerald Anthony PHELAN Click here

*TITHERADGE, Christopher Fabian [1852-1877] - Martha E. SUTTON Their children: Elizabeth [1844-?], James Fabian [c1816-?], Frances M [1821-?], George Robert [1825-?], Ursula J. Click here

*TITHERADGE, Eric [Bob] Norman [1921-2000] - Beatrice ALLEN, their children were: Robert Edward [1947-1993], Michael A. [1951-?] To view click here

*TITHERADGE, Edward E. [1832-1874] - Eliza PETERS. Their children were: Elizabeth Emma, Emma Eliza [1852-?], Sarah Ann [1854-?], Henry John [1955-?], Annie Sophie [1857-?], Alfred [c1859-?], To view click here

*TITHERADGE, Edward Hetrel[l] - Rose Warding MOSS. Their children: Harold Edward [1900-?], Francis [Frank] Hetrell [1902-?], John A.J. [1904-?], Herbert Owen [1906-?], Stanley [1909-?], Gladys E. [1913-?], Lawrence Ernest [ 1915-?], Doris D. [1918-?], Eric [Bob] Norman [1921-200]. To view click here

*TITHERADGE, Elsie Beatrice [1895-1972] click here

*TITHERADGE, Frederick [1884-1938] - click here  Phyllis Susannah STEWART [1884-1921]. Their children: Thelma Phyllis Martha [1906-1974], Frederick Stewart [1908-1927], Leonard Austin [1909-1969], Keith George [1911-1978], Wilfred Henry [1914-1975], Colin Francis [1917-?] click here

*TITHERADGE, Frederick James [1940-?] - Lorraine Janice McCAULEY Their children: Christine Janice [1956-?], Trudsy Jasmine [1966-?], Susan Jeninifer Click here

*TITHERADGE, George Robert - Sarah Isabella EMBLIM [c. 1825-64]     Their children:  George Sutton Click here Ernest Montague [1850-51], Augustus Fabian [1852-1877], Sarah Ann Elizabeth Adela [1853-?] Blanche [1857-?] Herbert Hine [1859-1926], Annie Ada [1862-?] Robert [1864-64]

*TITHERADGE, Henry John [1855-?] - Louise DENNIS. Their children: Edward Hetrel [1877-1942], Annie [1880-?], Edith [1881-?], Alfred Henry [1855-?], Nellie [1890-?], Florence [1900-?]. To view click here

*TITHERADGE, James [1748-?] - Mary FABIAN, their children were: Mary [1772-?], Becky Fabian [1778-?], James Fabian [c1784-?] Elizabeth F. [1789-?], Lizzy [1791-?], Daniel [1754-?]. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, James [1817-43] h of Jane MERRETT [C. 1851-?]. Their children: Elizabeth [1838-?], William [1840-?], John [c.1842-96], Ellen [1845-?], Sarah [1847-?]  

*TITHERADGE, James Fabian [c. 1784-?] - Mary HEATHRELL, their children were Henry [1808-1857], Mary Heathrell, James Fabian. To view click here

TITHERADGE, James Fabian -1816-1877] h of Dianah JAMIESON Click here

TITHERADGE, James Walter [1843-90] m Mary Ann Blaik Click here 

TITHERADGE, James Walter [1903-59] m Ellen Shaxon Stansbury. Click here

*TITHERADGE-TITHERIDGE, Frederick [1842-1938] - Martha Hannah PRITCHARD [1860-1943] Their children: Unknown prior to 1879, Margaret [1879-1964], John Albert [1882-1992], Frederick [1884-1938], Daniel [1885-1961], Richard Joseph [ 1888-1969], Leonard Arthur [ 1890-1968], George William [1892-1899], Henry David Alexander [1894-1967], Elsie Beatrice [1895-1972], Rita Muriel [ 1897-1988] click here

TITHERADGE, Madge [c.1887-?] click here

*TITHERADGE,  Michael  [1951-? ] h of Ann Christine MEEKER. Their children: Catherine L, David A.H. Richard D, Rachel K.K. Click here

 *TITHERADGE, Peter Dion {1910-89]- s of Dion George TITHERADGE to read more click here.   

TITHERADGE, Philip Anthony Lester s of William Charles. Click here

TITHERADGE, Richard Cobby m Annie Donaldson. Click here 

TITHERADGE, Robert Charles m Alice Amelia Marion Viney click here

TITHERADGE, William Joseph Blaik [1895-1955] m Emma Dorothy HIIGGINS click here




TITHERAGE/TITHERIDGE, James [1845-19-16] m Susan Ann Maller, their son Hubert m Mary Ann [Minnie] Armstrong, James Alexander, Katherine Louise, a baby in 1906 who died one day later, and Edith Rose. For the family history check here        






*TITHEREDGE, John [c. 1830-?], William [c. 1831-?], sons of William Titheridge and Elizabeth Lee. To view click here and here




*TITHERIDGE, Alfred Dudley. Australian Engineers. Regimental # 6426  No further connections.

*TITHERIDGE, Alan John [1949-?] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Alan J. 3rd Company of London Yeomanry, Machine Gun Crps [Calvary] Reg. #'s 1949, 110661. No further connections.  

*TITHERIDGE, Alan William RAAF. Commended for Valuable Air Service. Nothing more.

*TITHERIDGE, Albert [1869-1925] - Ester GAMLIM [1867-1950] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Albert [1885-1941/5] - Florence Huey COX [1885-?] Their children: Albert James [1885-1941}, Arthur Charles [1920-1941], James [1922-?], Edward [1926-?], William {1930-83]. click here

*TITHERIDGE, Albert Edward [1881-1971 - Edith Margaret AYLING [1877-1963]. Their children were: Leonard Albert [1903-1999], Henry Alex [1914-?], KItty [1916-?], Margaret [1918-1918] To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Albert Edward [1910-?] - Margaret Mary HENDERSON [1912-1973] Children: Mary Rose [1941?], Anthony Charles [1943-?], Angela Christine [1945-?], Barry, Roslyn, Jean, Diane. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Albert George [1906-1966] - Iris Elaine PIKE [1905-1985] Their children were: A. Noel [1927-?], Henry Ross [1931-?]. To view click here and here

*TITHERIDGE,  Albert James [1866-?] h of Catherine West, click here for more info. 

*TITHERIDGE, Albert James Henry L/Cpl. 6th Essex Regiment Reg # 1922 No further connections. 

*TITHERIDGE, Albert J.R. 17th London Regiment. No connections found.

*TITHERIDGE, Alex Stanley James [1900-1965] - Coila Lily MOSES [1897-1982] Their children were: Fay, Tui Lily, [1921-?], Neil Alexander [1924-2005] To view click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Alfred Charles [c. 1847-?] s of John TITHERIDGE [1804-73] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Alfred Charles [1893-1937] - Elizabeth Rose FIELDER [c1893-?] Their child: Pat Titheridge [1927-?] To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Alfred George [1864-?], - Lydia SCAMMELL [1868-?] Their children were: George Edward [1888-?], Lydie Elizabeth [1890-?], Alfred Charles [1893-1937], Isobel May [1897-?], Florence Rosina [1904-?]. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Alfred G. mpshire Reg. Prvt. Labour Corps Reg. #'s 25354, 245887 Cannot tie into Alfred George above.

*TITHERIDGE/TYTHERIDGE, Ann [1664-64] d of John TITHERIDGE/TYTHERIDGE/TETHERIG [1643-C.1708] Click  here 


*TITHERIDGE, Ann [1843-?] d of John TITHERIDGE [1804-73]  Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Anne d of William TITHERIDGE [1743-1821] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Annie [1858-?] - Henry CLARK [1852-?] Their children were: Cecillia [1882-?], William Henry [1884-?], Herbert James [1886-?], Alice Mabel [1889-?], George [1890-?], Annie C [?], Margaret Matilda [1894-?], Agnes May [1896-1986] To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Anne[ie] - William OAKLEY To view click h ere

*TITHERIDGE, Anthony Charles [1943-?] - Margaret Ruth McLAUCHLAN [1946-?] Children: Craig Paul [1971, Simon Andrew [1973-?], Kirsten Louise [1977-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Anthony Robin [1926-2005] s of William Henry Titheridge/Tetheridge [1892-1951] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Arthur Earnest [1869-1937] m Sarah Jane Maidment click here

*TITHERIDGE, Arthur Earnest [1900-1943]  click here 

*TITHERIDGE, Arthur Charles [1883-1914] - Bertha Rose MERRITT [1883-1920]. Children: Ellen 91877-?], Emily Rosetta [1879], Ester [1882-?], Arthur Charles [1883-1914], Mary [1886-?], Gertrude Adelaide [1897-1943], Ada Florence [1899-?] To view click here and here 

*TITHERIDGE, Arthur Charles [1920-1941] son of Albert Titheridge [1885-1946].  Click  here  more information here  and here

*TITHERIDGE, Alfred [1877-1949] s of John TITHERIDGE [1837-92] Click here 

*TITHERIDGE, Alfred Edwin [1870-?] h  of Ada Cornelia BIGNELL   Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Arthur Horace [1887-1963] - Celia Kate WALKER. Click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Barry John [1943-?] son of Joseph Philip. Click here and here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Benjamin [1857-1918] - Louisa POPE. Their children were: Ruth [1882-?], Benjamin James [1884-?], William George [1886-?], Arthur Horace [c1887-?], Ethel Louise [1892-?], Harry Percival [1899-1970], To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Benjamin James [1884-1951] - Eva Agnes WELLS Their children were: George William [1911-?], Harry [1914-?], Philip [1917-?], Jack Ronald [1920-?], Ethel Beatrice [1921-?], Elsie [1922-?]. To view click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Benjamin Ralph [1920-?] - Alva Joy ELFORD [?-1995] Their children: Gregory John [1948-?], Martin Ralph [1953-?], Jan Alva [1954-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Bertram [1876-1927] son of Henry [1834-1901] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Betty 1776-?] d of William TITHERIDGE [1743-1821] Click here

 *TITHERIDGE, Bettie [?-1775] daughter of John [1737-1786] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, B[ruce], possibly son of Cecil Edward Arthur Titheridge click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Bruce Graeme [1958-?] - Carol Ann SMITH [1958-1998] Their children: Liam Stanley [1989-?], Alana Rose 91991-?]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Carolyn Jenifer [1985-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Cecil Baird [1900-70] - Mae SNEDDON Their children: Jack Ralph George [1924-/], Nanette [1932-?] Click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Cecil Edward Arthur [1900-?] - Edith Rose HAMES. Their children William Hames, Dorothy May R. [1920-?], Edward Henry [1925-?], Edith, Douglas, Margaret, Bruce, Patricia. Click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Charles [1844-?] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Charles, 1849-1915] - Ann GARRETT [1858-1958] Their children: Ellen [1877-?], Emily [Rosetta [1879-?], Ester [1882-?], Arthur Charles [1883-1914], Mary [1886-?], Gertrude Adelaide [1897-1943], Ada Florence [1899-?]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Charles Henry [1845-1885] - Elizabeth EMERY [1847-1899] Their children were: Elzabeth Harriet [c. 1866-?]. Ann Elizabeth [c. 1868-71], Fanny [c. 1870-?], Harriett Eleanor ]c. 1872-?], Kate [c. 1874-1939], Charles Henry [ 1875-?], Lucy [1879-?], Alfred George [1880-1928], Edith Florence [1883-?], Ann Elizabeth [1884-?]. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Charles Henry [1875-?] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Charles Levi [c. 1862-?] son of William [1830-1908]

*TITHERIDGE, Craig Paul [1971-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Daniel f of. Daniel Tytheridge Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Daniel [1807-72] - Charlotte DUFFEN Their children: Alfred [1807-72], Henry [1836-80], Robert [1939-99], Daniel [1850-87]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Daniel [1850-87] son of Daniel [1807-72] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Daniel son Daniel Tytheridge: To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Dayrell Charles John [1915-39] - Jessica WEBB Click here and here  on Wars page.

*TITHERIDGE, David son of Reginald Samuel Click here

*TITHERIDGE David James [1989-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, David Alexander [1911-99] His son Warwick John Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Dora [1895-?], Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Dorothy Gladys [1902-86] Father Noah J. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Edith d of George TITHERIDGE [1862-1933] 

*TITHERIDGE, Edith Florence [1883-?], - William Adolphus BELL Their children were: Cyril, Christine, Dorothy, Norman. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Edward [Ted] [1874-?] - Isabella McDONALD [1876-1958] Their children: Albert George [1903-1966], Maytel Geraldine [1879-1985]  Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Edward [1876-?] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Edward Henry Reginald [1923-?]  click here and here then scroll to Cecil Edward Arthur

*TITHERIDGE, Edward William [1849-1921] - Mary Ann PHILLIPS [1852-1963] Their children were: Henry Edward [1873-1943], Philip William [1874-c. 1942], Edward [1875-?], Agnes [1877-?], William [1879-c. 1933], Albert Edward [1881-1971] To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Eliza [1846-?] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Eliza [1850-1901] - John BOULTON [c. 1845-c. 1901] Their children: John [c. 1878-?], Harry [c. 1880-?], Sarah [c. 1881-?], William [c. 1882-?], Ada [c. -1885-?], Alberta [c. - 1889-?]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Elizabeth [1701-02] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Elizabeth [1705-05] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Elizabeth [1807-07] d of William TITHERIDGE  [1772-1851]

TITHERIDGE, Elizabeth [1842-?], husband of William WILLS click here

*TITHERIDGE, Elizabeth Ann [1850-?], d. of William Henry Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Elizabeth Harriet [1866-?] d. of Charles Henry Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Ellen [1877-?] possible d. of Charles click here

*TITHERIDGE, Ellen Beatrice [1867-?] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Elsie Olive [1892-?] d. of Noah John click here

TITHERIDGE, Emily [1874-?] d of James Titheridge [1838-?] and Eliza Williams [1842-?] Their children: Georgina Rhoda Agnes, Emma , James Henry, George Surgay, Eliza Emily, Florence, Willam John. Here for more information 

*TITHERIDGE, Emily [1855-?] d. of William [1830-1908] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Emily Rosetta poss. d. Charles 1848/9 Click here and  here 

*TITHERIDGE, Emma [1848/9] d. of Richard [1808-91] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Emma [1862-?] d. of William Henry [1828-] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Ethel [1891-?] - William Thomas TRIMMER Their chilldren: Wiilam, Annie, Eric, Elsie, Dorothy, Cecil, Phylis, Alec. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Eric [Dusty] Victor [1923-?] - Ruth HUNTER Their children: Janet, Mark Allan [1950?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE-TITHERADGE, Eric [Bob} Norman [1921-2000] - Beatric Ellen UNKNOWN Their children: Robert Edward [1947-93] Michael A. [1951-?] For Click 7 click here and for family here

*TITHERIDGE, Ernest [1900-76] s of George TITHERIDGE [1862-1933] Click here   

*TITHERIDGE, Ester [1882-?], d. of Charles click here

*TITHERIDGE, Fanny [1855-?], d. of Wm. [1830-1908] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Fanny [1870-?] d. of Charles H. [1845-85] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Flora Marie [1864-1954] - James HEDGES Their children: Florence Emma [1887-?], Henry James [1889-?], Unknown [1892-?], Ethel Kate [1893-?], Lilian Jane [1894-?], George Leonard [1896-?], Regie Victor [1899-?], Winifred [1906-?], William Herbert [1908-?]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Florence Rosina [1904-?] - David Frederick HARVEY [1903-?] Their child: Barbara Isobel [1928-?] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Frances not further infor but check  here

*TITHERIDGE, Frank: [1860-] To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Freda Flossie [1898-1983] - George A. GREEN[A]WAY Their children: Ellen Joyce [1919-?], Neville Arthur C. [1923-?], Claude [1926-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Frederick [1841-?] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Frederick [1869-1902] - Rachel Louise HOMEWOOD Children were: Frederick William [1893-1977], Louise Maude [1895-?], Doric May [1900-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Frederick George [1888-?] s. Noah John [1858-1929] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Frederick Willam [1893-1977] - Victoria Phyllis PORTER [1893-1980]. Children: Frederick Syd [1916-98], Hazel June [1919-96], Olive June [1933-77]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Gavin Roy [1956-?] - Jan McDONALD Their children: Kendrah Leah [1989-?], Jemma [1992-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, George s. Wm. Titheridge-Tythreg [1674-1743] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, George [1803-?] - Charlotte Winter [c. 1805-1893]. Their children: William (c. 1835-?) Charles (c. 1835-?), Mary Ann (1837-?), George (1839-?), Henry (1842-?), James (1844-?), Eliza (1846-?), Sarah (1849-?), Hannah (1852-?) Click here

*TITHERIDGE, George [1839-1910] - Emily Charlotte Whitear [1844-?]. Their children :Georgina (1866-?), William (c. 1867-?) Louisa [c. 1869-?), Alice Louisa (1870-?), James (c.1871-?), Rose Emily (c.1875-?), George (c. 1877-?), Mabel (c.1880-?) Click here

*TITHERIDGE, George [c. 1849-71] h of Elizabeth PRIOR Click here

 *TITHERIDGE, George [1853-?] f. Richard [1808-1891] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, George [1856-c. 1930] - Fanny UNKNOWN [1861-c. 1935]. Their children: William George (1882-?), Dorothy Blanche (1887-?), Albert (c. 1890-?), May (1893-?), Ada Pamphylia (c. 1896-?), Walter James (1898-1918). Click here

*TITHERIDGE, George [1862-1933] - Georgina HANNIBALL Their children: Edith [?], Ruth [1883-1971], George David [1884-1885], Samuel [1885-1957, Mary 1866-?], Lily [1888-?], Joseph [1889-1917] William Henry [1892-1969], Ernest [1900-1976] To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, George [c.1870-1905] f. William Henry Titheridge [1828-1896] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, George [1892-1916] click here and further here

*TITHERIDGE, George David [1884-85] s of George TITHERIDGE [1862-1933] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, George Edward James [1888-?] s. of Alfred George [1862-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, George H. [1892-1943] Click here.

*TITHERIDGE, George William [1912-43] s. of Benjamin James [1884-1951] Click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Gertrude Adelaide [1897-1943] d. of Charles [1848/9. Click here. Possible connection here

*TITHERIDGE, Gillian d of Peter Lionel TITHERIDGE [1923-96] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Gregory John [1948-?] s. of Benjamin Ralph [1920-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Hannah [1852-?] - Henry SIMMS Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Harriett [1810-?] - James ANGLESS Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Harriett Eleanor [1872-?] d. of Charles Henry Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Harry Ashton [1837-1916] - Eliza JARVIS [1832-c. 1891] Children: Clara Emily [1863-?], Frederick [1865-?], Albert Edward [1868-?], Julia [1870-?], Harry [1874-?]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Harry Percival [1899-1970] - Edna WEST. s. of Benjamin. here, family click here

*TITHERIDGE, Harriett [1810-?] - James ANGLESS To view click here

*TITHERIDGE Harry Percival [1899-1970] - Edna WEST To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, [note name change from Titheradge] Henry [1808-1857] - Eliza JENKINS [?-1875]. Their children were: Henry [1829-1836], James [1830-?], Edward E [1832-?], Sarah Ann [1834-?], Eliza Jane [1840-?], John [1841-?], Lewish G [1842-?], Elizabeth A. [1844-?]. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Henry [1813-1873] - Agnes TAYLOR Their children were: Henry [1834-1901], Agnes [1835-?], James [1838-?], Sarah [1840-?], Emma [1842-?], Mary Ann [1846-1904-], Edward William [1849-1921]. To view click here and here best here

*TITHERIDGE, Henry [c. 1834-1901] - Lucy BURGESS [1839-1909]. Their 6 children were:James (1866-?), William (1868-1915), Lucy Harriet (1870-?), Alice Mary (1872-?),Bertram (1876-1927), Amy Ann (1880-1882) Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Henry [1836-80] - Louisa BUSH Their children: Rhoda [1864-93], Walter [1865-1934], Daniel [1867-1904], Frederick [1869-1902], Edward [1871-78], William [1872-1952], Ann [1874-75]. Click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Henry [1837-?] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Henry [1842-1928] - Phoebe [Lucy?] BURGESS [?-1927] To view click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Henry [1846-1913] - Elizabeth UNKNOWN [1849-?] Children: Elizabeth Jane [1876-?], Martha Ella [1878-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Henry [1856-?] - Anne HASTED Their children: John [1880-1970], Louisa [1882-?], Mary Rosa [1884-?], Charles [1860-1931] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Henry [1860-] - Eliza FLETCHER Click here for suggested family connection here

TITHERIDGE, Henry [1868-?] s. William Henry [1828-1896] Click here

TITHERIDGE, Henry [1872-1952] - Nellie Matilda JOHNSON [1879-1967] Their children were: Albert George [1903-1966]. Maytel Geraldine [1879-1967] To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Henry Alex [1914-?] - Dorothy Maude JACKSON [1923-?] Children: Shirley Ann [1949-?], Arthur Alex [1953-?], Janice Dorothy [1955-?], Vivian Paul. Click  here and herehere

*TITHERIDGE, Henry John [1855-?] - Louisa DENNIS Children: Edward Hetrel [1877-1947], Annie [1880-?], Edith [1881-?], Alfred [1885-?], Nellie [1887-?], Florence [1890-?]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Henry Ross [1931-?] - Doris Merle CANTON Their children were: Masrl Albert [1967-?], Grant Henry [1969-?] To view click here and here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Henry William [1853-?] Click here for *TITHERIDGE, Henry William [1873-?] Click here *TITHERIDGE, Henry William [1889-1976] s. of Henry and Eliza. Click here *TITHERIDGE, Herbert Harry [1873-?] s. of William [1830-1908] Click here

*TITHERIDGE,  Herbert John [1884-1963] h of 1. Bertha 2. Jessie Kirby click here

*TITHERIDGE, Hilda Grace [1895-?] d. of Noah John Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Isabel May [1897-?] d. of Alfred George [1864-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Jack George Ralph [1895-1958] - Mabel STEAINS Children: Benjamin Ralph [1920-?], Roger Noel [1928-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Jack Ronald [1921-1941] s. of Benjamin James [1884-1951] Click here

*TITHERIDGE-TYTHERIDGE, James [1711-1711] s. of John Tytheridge-Titheridge Click here

*TITHERIDGE, James [1779-1815] - Ann PITT Their children: James [1804-?], Daniel [1807-72], Robert [1812-?], Alfred [1818-?] Click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, James [c.1785-?] s. John Tythuridge Click here

*TITHERIDGE, James [1817-83] h of MERRETT, Jane [c. 1851-?]. h of  Their children: Elizabeth [1838-?], William [1840-?], John [c.1842-96], Ellen [1845-?], Sarah [1847-?]  Click here

 *TITHERIDGE, James [1833-40] s of John TITHERIDGE [1804-73]  Click here

*TITHERIDGE/TETHERIDGE, James [1840-1923] - Eliza ROSSEY [ROSSI] Their children were:  To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, James [c. 1840-1873] - Harriett PACE [1842-1914] Children: Harry [1864-73], Albert James [1866-1951], Alice [1869-?], George [1872-1955], Amelia Harriett [1874-5], Kate [1880-?], Ellen [1884-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, James [1850-?] See here

*TITHERIDGE, James [1852-55] s. of William Henry [1828-96]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, James [1855-?] See here

*TITHERIDGE, James [1856-1942] - Eliza INNEL [1859-C. 1934] Children: Blanche Ineel [1884-?], Maude May [1889-?], Ernest James Baird [1890-1955]. Click here and here *TITHERIDGE,  James [1856-?] - Lily Bess Hand click here

*TITHERIDGE, James [1864-?] s of John TITHERIDGE [1837-92] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, James [1866-?] s. Henry [c. 1834-1901] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, James [Jim] [c. 1868-?] - Mary Ann DAVIDSON [c. 1873-1947?] Their children: Rita Ruth Clara [c.1903-?], Ronald Granville [c. 1905-?], David Alexander [1911-99] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, James [1922-?] s. of Albert [1885-1941] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, James [1959-?] - Albertia BALTAZER [1956-?] Children: Roger Herbert [1977-98], Fiffany [1998-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, James E [1865-?] - Alice BUTTERWORTH Children: Percival [1896-?], James E. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, James Francis Charles [1898-1918] Click here TITHERIDGE, James Henry [1895-1915] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, James Herbert [1892-1962], - Minnie Ella MILLEST Children: James Arthur Frederick [1916-1994], Minne Beatrice [1920-?], Edith Sarah [1925-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Jan Alva [1954-?] d. of Benjamin Ralph [1920-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Janet d. of Eric [1923-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE-TYTHERIDGE-TETHERIG, John [1643-c1708] - Ann QUALLAT [-1702]: Their children: Ann Ti-Ty [1664-1664], Ann T/T [1665-?], Mary T/T [1667-?], John Tythreg/Titheridge [1669-1711], Em. Ty [1672-c1690], William Tythreg/Ti, Sarah Titheirdge [1677-?]. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE/TYTHERIDGE, John [1710-1767] - Sarah MANSFIELD [-1786] Their children were: John [1737-86], Sarah [1739-?], Willam [1743-1821] To view click here and here

*TITHERIDGE-TYTHEREG, John [1719-65] - Mary RING Their child: John Tythereg [1755-1830] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1737-1786] - Elizabeth COMPTON [1735-1805] Their children were: Betty [?-1775], Mary [?-1764], John Ty [1768-1802], Richard [1769-1893], Elizabeth Ty [1772-?], James Ty [1774-1775]. To view click here click here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1742-1815] - Elizabeth HICKER [?-1806] Their children: William [1765-?], Sarah [1769-?], Thomas [1777-91], William [1775-1851], James [1779-?], Jane [1779-?], Robert [1781-82] Click here

TITHERIDGE-TYTHURIDGE , John [1755-1830] USA Click here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1786-1866] - Sarah BATCHELOR [1787-1822]. Their chilren were: Mary [c1810-?], Harriett [c. 1812-?], Elizabeth [c. 1814-?], William [1815-c. 1891], James [1817-?], Jane [1820-?]. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1804-1873] - Sarah WITHERS [1808-1875]. Their children were: Wliiam [c. 1830-1908], John [1831-1837], James [1833-1840], Ann [1834-?], Sarah [1835-?], John [1837-1892], James [c. 1840-1905], Maria [1841-1902], Charles Henry 1845-1885], Alfred [c. 1847-?], George [c. 1849-1871] To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1814-c. 1905] - Ann PAICE [1817-1901]. Their children: William (1842-1844), Richard (1844-1845), Mary Ann (1846-?), Sarah (1849-?), Harriett (1851-?) James (1854-1855), Henry (1856-?) George (1856-c. 1830), Frank (1860-1931) Click here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1823-?] h of Mary ASHTON click here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1831-37] s of John TITHERIDGE [1804-73] Click here

*TIITHERIDGE, John [1832-?] Click here 

*TITHERIDGE, John [c. 1829-1886] - Eliza HASTINGS Click here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1837-1892] - Sophia KENT [1840-1938] Their children: George [1862-1933], James [1864-?], John [1864-1865], Arthur [1869-1937], Louisa [1872-1946], John [1874-1961], Alfred [1877-1949]. To view click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1859-?] To see C lick here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1860-1946 - Maude UNKNOWN Children: Jack George Ralph [1895-1958], Cecil Baird [1900-70] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1864-65] s of John TITHERIDGE [1837-92] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1874-1961] s of John TITHERIDGE [1837-92]  Click here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1875-?] To see  click here

*TITHERIDGE, John click here

*TITHERIDGE, John  click here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1880-1970] - Bertha HOUSE Click here and here . And here

*TITHERIDGE, John Edwin [1876-?] - Annie MILES Their children: Florence Ivy [1905-?], William Henry [ 1908-c. 1999] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Johnathon s. of Warwick John Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Joseph  Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Joseph [c. 1898-1917] Click here and here and here 44. s of George TITHERIDGE Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Kate [c. 1866-?] d. of Kate Titheridge, Her child Georgina Kate. Nothing further

*TITHERIDGE, Kitty [1916-?] d. of Edward William Click here

*,TITHERIDGE, Lawrence [died December 31, 1952]  click here 

*TITHERIDGE, Leonard Albert [1903-c1999] s. of Albert Edward [1881-1971] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Leslie Frank [1920-1941] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Lewish G [1842-1927] - Sarah A. LOOP Their children were: Sarah A. [1864-c. 1865], James E. [1865-?], Edward E. [1867-?], Harriett [1873-c1874], Willam D. [1872-1952], Elizabeth M. [1877-1880], Eliza Jane [1879-?]. James E. [1865-?], married Alice Butterworth. THeir children were: Percival [1896-?], James E. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Liam S. [1989-?] s of Bruce Graham Click here

*TITHERIDGE, [TYTHURIDGE] Lidia [c1783-?] - William BONE Their child: George Titheridge. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Lois Jean [1922-?] d. of Fredrick William [1893-1977] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Lottie Ivy [1896-?] d. of Noah John [1828-1929] Click here

*TITHERIDGE Louisa [1872-1946] d of John TITHERIDGE [1837-92]

*TITHERIDGE, Lucy [1879-?] d. of Charles Henry [1845-85] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Lucy Harriett [1870-?] d. of Henry [c. 1834-1901] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Lydia Elizabeth [1890-?] d. of Alfred George [1864-?] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Mabel Leah [1890-?] d. of Noah John [1858-1929] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Mabel Iris Ruth Clifford [1909-?] d. of Samuel Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Maisie Geraldine [1919-2009] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Maria [c.1800-?] wife of Joseph Hall, children John and Emma Titheridge. Click here for more information

*TITHERIDGE, Maria [1841-1902] d of John TITHERIDGE [1804-73] Click here 

*TITHERIDGE, Margaret [1870-?] d. of Wiliam Henry [1828-96] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Margaret [1918-18] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Mark Alan [1950-?] s. of Eric Victor Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Martin Ralph s. Benjamin Ralph [1920-?] click here

*TITHERIDGE/TYTHERIDGE,   Mary [1667-?] d of John TITHERIDGE/TYTHERIDGE/TETHERIG [1643-C.1708] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Mary [1667-?] d of John TITHERIDGE/TYTHERIDIGE/TETHERIG [1643-c. 1708] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Mary [1707-?] d. of John Tytheridge/Tythereg [1669-1711] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Mary [1886-?] possible connection click here d. Charles [1848-1915]

*TITHERIDGE, Mary Ann [1837-?] - possibly MATTHEWS Their[?] child: Rose Matthews Titheridge. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Mary Ann [1854-54] d. of William Henry [1828-1905] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Mary Ann [1864-?] d. of William Henry [1828-1905] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Mary [1886-?] d od George TITHERIDGE [1862-1933] Click here

 *TITHERIDGE, Mary Ester [1896-?] d. [possible line] click here Albert [1869-1923]

*TITHERIDGE, Melanie Faith [1957-?] d. Peter Lionel [1923-96] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Muriel [1913-?] d. of Reginald Sam [1911-99] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Neil Alexander [1927-2005] - Margaret Mary BOWN Their children: Sandra Gail [1953-?], Roy Gavin [1955-?], Bruce Graeme [1958-?] To view click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Noah John [1858-1929] - wige Amelia Gardner [1858-1940] Children: Alice Jane [1878-?], Edith Florence [1880-?], William Edwin [1883-?], Walter Charles [1884-?], Noah John [1886-?], Frederick George [1888-?], Mabel Leah [1890-?], Elsie Olive [1892-?], Alfred Charles [1893-?], Reginald Hubert [1894-?], Dora [1890-?], Hildra Grace [1895-?], Lottie Ivy [1897-?], Freda Flossie [1898-?], Audry Dora [1900-?], Dorothy Gladys [1902-?]. Click here  To learn how the family spent Christmas go to ANN TITHERADGE'S BLOG AT: http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2016/12/christmas-in-waltham-chase-with.html

*TITHERIDGE, Noah John [1886-1959] - Annie Louise FERRIS [1896-1951] Their children: Dayrell Charles John [1915-39], Ubert [1918-?], Walter [1921-?], Clifford [1925-?], Maurice [1926-?], Stanley [1928-?], Edgar [1919-?], Daphne [1936-?]. Click TITHERIDGE, Norman

*TITHERIDGE, Pamela Margaret [1947-?] d. of Philip Joseph [1929-63] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Pat [1927-?] to view click here

*TITHERIDGE , Peter [1948-?] s of Anthony Robin TITHERIDGE [1926-2005] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Peter s. of William John Henry [1875-1962] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Peter Lionel [1923-96] - Rose UNKNOWN Children: Valeria, Gillian. Second wife: Sheila GRAHAM Child: Melanie Faith [1957-?]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Philip Errol [1917-?] Click here s. Benjamin James [1884-1951]

*TITHERIDGE, Philip James [1956-?] - Sue BRADLEY Their children: Caroline Jenifier [1985-?], David James [1989-?] To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Philip Joseph [1920-1963] - Minnie BARTON Children: Barry John [1943-?], Pamela Margaret [1947-?] Click here and here and here TITHERIDGE, Reginald Samuel Clifford [1911-1999] - Violet LESTER [1919-96] Their children: Patrical [1947-?], Alan John [1949-?], Philip James [1956-?]. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Reginald Frank [1892-?] was born 1892 in Eastleigh, Southampton, Hampshire son of James and Lilly Bess Titheridge. He married Violet Burton in 1919. Not enough information to make a family connection. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Reginald John [1874-?] s. of Noah John [1858-1919] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Reginald Samuel Clifford [1911-99] - Violet LESTER {1919-96] Their children: Patrica [1947-?], Alan John [1949-?], Philip James [1956-?] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Richard [c. 1712-13] s. of William Henry Tith-Teth Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Richard [1769-?] - Sarah WHEELER. Their children were: Sarah [1804-?], Richard [1807-96], Elizabeth [c. 1809-09], John [c. 1809-?], William [c. 1810-93], Henry [1813-75]. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Richard [c. 1779-c1860] - Mary UNKNOWN Their children: Sarah [1802-?], Annie [1804-?], Elizabeth [1807-?], Harriett [1810-?], John [1814-?], James [1815-?], Richard [1820-?], To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Richard [1807-1896] - Ann PARVIN [c1807-?]. Their children were: William Henry [1828- 1896] - John [c1884-?], Sarah [c1884-?], Mary Ann [c1884-?], Elizabeth [ c1836-?], Richard [1841-1870] To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Richard [1808-91] - Mary Ann LASHAM [c. 1811-74]. Their children: Mary Ann [1832-?], Willaim [c. 1834-1917], Henry Ashton [c. 1837-?], Richard Ashton [1839-?], Frederick [1842-?], Anna Maria Hannah [c. 1844-?], Emma [1848-?], Elza [1850-?], George [1853-?]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Richard [1788-1834 Dickey Dung Prong Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Richard [c. 1779- c. 1860]  wife Mary  ?? [1780-c.1855]  click here

*TITHERIDGE, Richard [1841-?] No further info. Click here *TITHERIDGE, Richard Ashton [1839-?] s. of Richard [1808-91] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Rita Ruth Clare [1902-93] d of James [Jim] TITHERIDGE Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Robert [1842-?] No further info. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Robert [1784-1834] - Lucy Ann HOLDUP Their children: William Henry Walter [1812-86], Mary Ann [1815-?], Elizabeth Holdup [1818-?], Lucy Ann [1820-?], Ellen [1830-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Robert Arthur [1861-1915] Service number 100310 Born Paddington, Middlesex on 08 May 1861 son of James and Emma Titheradge. Died on 19 September 1915. No family connection Click here

TITHERIDGE, Roger Herbert [1977-98] s. of John Click here

TITHERIDGE, Ronald [1784-1834] Ronald and dob don't go together! No further info.

*TITHERIDGE, Roy Gavin [1956-?] click here  to see connections

*TITHERIDGE, Ruth [1883-1971] d of George TITHERIDGE  [1862-1933] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Samuel [1885-1957] - Daisy Florence LOVELAND Children: Philip Joseph [1920-1963], Ursula Joan [1921-?], Geoffrey William [1923-94], Monica Ruth [1924-96], Greta Valerie [1926-?], Margaret Clarice Peggy [1928-?], Dennis John [ 1929-?], Derek [1931?]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Samuel - Maud Ann CLIFFORD Their children: Mabel Iris Ruth Clifford [1909-?], Reginald Samuel Clifford [1911-?], Muriel [1913-?], David [1915-?]. To view click here


*TITHERIDGE, Sarah [1739-?] d of John TITHERIDGE [1710-67] Click here

*TITHERIDGE-TYTHERIDGE, Sarah [1701-?] d. of John T-T [1669-1711] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Sarah [c. 1714-?] Daughter of Wm T-T click here

*TITHERIDGE, Sarah (1722-?) married Richard Lympus. No other information.

*TITHERIDGE, Sarah [1783-?] d of William TITHERIDGE [1743-1821] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Sarah [1812-?] d of William TITHERIDGE [1772-1851]  Click here

*TITHERIDGE-TYTHERIDGE, Sarah [1808-?] - Thomas MOCKFORD Their child: Mary Ann [1825-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Sarah [1835-?] d of John TITHERIDGE [1804-73]  Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Sarah [1848/9-?] - Edmunder FORDER Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Sarah Emma [1859-1915] d. William Henry [1828-1896] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Tiffany [1998-?] d. of James Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Timothy [1949-?] - Cheryl HITCHCOCK Their children: Anna, Peter Alexander [1976-?], Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Thomas [1706-?] s. of William T-T [1674-1743} Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Thomas [c. 1744- 1846] - Jane TEE [c1743-?]. Their children: William [To view click here and here   ] [1805-06], Ann [1807-1824], Hennry [1811-1831], James [1818-?], Maria [1820-1833]

*TITHERIDGE, Valerie d of Peter Lionel TITHERIDGE [1923-96]  Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Walter James [ 1898-1918] s. of George [1858-c. 1930] Click here and here and

*TITHERIDGE, W.click here

*TITHERIDGE, Walter [1865-1934] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Warwick John His child: Johnathon Click here

*TITHERIDGE-TYTHERIDGE, William [1701-79] - Sarah TURNER [1711-90] Click here. See also William Tytheridge - Mary Tillman click here Mary was William's second wife.

*TITHERIDGE, William [1705-06] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, William [1709-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, William [1734-1802] - Ann CRANSTON c. 1720-1802] Their child: William [1762-1802] click here

*TITHERIDGE, William [1743-1821] - Mary WOODERSON [?-1801] Their children were: Anne , Mary [1667-?], William [1772-1851], Betty [1776-?], Richard [1779-c. 1860], Sarah [1783-?], John [1786-1866. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, William [1762-1802] - Ann SMITH Their children: Robert [1784-1834], William [1786-?], Richard [1788-1834], Joseph [1789-?], Stephen [1791-91], Jeremiah [1792-1793], Elizabeth [1794-?] Click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, William [1772-1851] - Hannah PRIOR Their children were: William [1803-1803], John [1804-1873], Elizabeth [1807-07], Richard [1808-91], Sarah [1812-?], James [1817-83] To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, William, [1775-1851] - Priscilla PARGENT Their children: Fanny [1806-66], William [1809-73], Charles [1812-74], Henry TITHERIDGE-TIDRIDGE  Click here and here

TITHERIDGE, William [1803-03] s of William TITHERIDGE [1772-1851] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, William [1805-66] h of Elizabeth LEE [1806-80] Their children: Harriett [1827-1830], John [1829-86] h of Eliza HASTINGS, William [1831-1907] h of Mary MOYES, Harriett [1833-36], Eliza [1835-?], Jane [1836-37], James [1840-1923], h of Eliza Rossey HARFIELD,  Ann [1841-?], Elizabeth [1842-?] w of William WILLS,  Sarah [1844-1932] w of William FLY, Hannah [1846-46], Henry [1847-55], Ellen [1849-?], Frank [1854-?] h of Emily Jane PORT.     

*TITHERIDGE, William, [1809-1873] son of William [1775-1851] To read his sad story click here 

*TITHERIDGE, William [c. 1810-93] - Jane Ann HEWETT [c. 1812-85] Children: Sarah Jane [1840-?], Martha [1841-?], William [1844-49], Richard [c. 1845-?], Henry [c. 1846-1913], John [1849-?], Benjomin [c. 1851-1929], Jane Ann [1852-?]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, William [1815-c. 1891], Cecelia GRIFFEN [c. 1820-1899]. Their children were: Charles [1848-1915], Henry William [1850-?], James [1855-1911], Annie [1858-?], Elizabeth [1863-?]. To view click here

TITHERIDGE, William [1831-?] Click here No family connections. A serivce number of 47837.

TITHERIDGE, Willam [1831-1907' h of Mary Moyes/Moss check here

*TITHERIDGE, William [1830-1908] - Eliza MERRITT [1831-1904] Their children were: Emily [1853-?], Fanny [1855-?], Alice [1856-?], Noah John [1858-?], William Henry [1860-?], Cherles Levi [1862-?], Alfred George [1863-?], Ellen Beatrice [1867-?], Albert [1869-?], Olive LInda [1871-?], Herbert Harry [1873-?], John Edwin [1876-?]. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, William [c. 1834-1917] - Sarah Ann KEELING [1864-1954] Their children: William Henry [c. 1857-?], Harry [1859-?], Frederick [1862-?], Sarah Ann [c. 1862-?], Flora Maria [1864-?], Kate [1866-?], Amelia Emily Alice [1868-?], Arthur Edwin [1870-?] Charles Bernard [1872-?]. click here

*TITHERIDGE, William [1840-?] - Ellen DYER Click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, William born [184?-?] In ?esford, possibly Alresford. No family connection made.  Click here

*TITHERIDGE, William [1866-?] [mother Jane Tee [c1743-?] - Elizabeth LEE Their children: Ann [c. 1828-?], John [c1830-?] William [c. 1831-?], James [1840-?], Sarah [c. 1844-?], Henry [c. 1847-?], Ethel [1850-?]. To view click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, William [1868-1915] s. Henry [c. 1834-1901] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, William [1880-?] Click here 

*TITHERIDGE, Willam [1930-83] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, William Edwin [1883-c. 1963] - Beatrice Louisa DAYSH [1883-1961] Children: Reginald George [1910-?], Doris [1914-?] Eric [Dusty] Victor [1923-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, William Henry [1828-1896] - Elizabeth Ann BAIRD Their children: William Henry [1849-1905], Elizabeth Ann [1850-?:], James [1852-1855], Mary Ann [1854-1855], James [1856-1942], Benjamin [1857-1918], Sarah Emma [1859-1915], John [1860-1946], Emma [c1862-?], Ann [c. 1864-?], Mary Ann [c. 1864-?], Henry [1868-?], Margaret [1870-?], George [c. 1870-?]. To view click here and here

*TITHERIDGE,  William Henry [1874-1916]  Son of Willam [1832-1877] and Elizabeth. Click here      

* TITHERIDGE, William Henry [1887-c. 1901] - Agnes [?] SLATTERY. Their child: William [1920-?] Click here

TITHERIDGE, William Henry Walter [1812-86] h of Sophia Cunninghan. Their children TYTHERIDGES , Henry Burton Holdup Tytheridge [1847-1918] Cecil Walter Langford [1875-1947], Arthur Burton Storbrock [1867-77], Arthur George [1878-1907], Ainslie Burton [1860-1919], Dorothy May [1881-1960]   Wm H's father was Robert Titheridge [1784-1834] click here

*TITHERIDGE, [TETHERIDGE] William Henry [1892-1951] - Ema Elzabeth MASTERS Their children: Peter Lionel [1923-96], Anthony Robin [1926-?] Click here  and here

*TITHERIDGE, William Henry [1920-?] Click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Unkown [1719-19] Click here

*TITHERIDGE/TIDRIDGE Henry [1815-1868] - Ann NEWELL [1815-1873], their children were: Harriett Ann Tidridge (1840-?), Harry Tidridge (1842-1916), Jane Tidridge (1844-1898) Ellen Tidridge (1845-c1845), William Tidridge (1845-1929), Mary Tidridge (1847-?) Alfred Tidridge (1850-1910), Priscilla (1851-?), Elizabeth Fanny Tidridge, Emma Tidridge (1859-?) Edith Tidridge (1863) Click here

*TITHERIDGE-TYTHEREG, William  [1674-1743] - Elizabeth CLEMENT [c. 1613-1741]. Their children were: William  [1701-1779], Mary Ti  [1703-?], Elizabeth Ti [c. 1705-1705], Thomas Ti [1706-?], George Ti [c. 1710-1711], John  [1710-1767], Richard Ti [c. 1712-1713], Sarah Ti [c. 1714-c?], Ann Ti [c. 1716-1743], Unknown male [c. 1719-1719]. To view click here and here

*TITHERIDGE-TYTHEREG-TYTHERIDGE, William [1701-1779] - Sarah TURNER [1711-1790] Children were: William [1734-1802], Robert [1736-37], Anne [1737-c1741], John [1739-1`741], John [1742-1815], Sarah [1744-1783], Jane [1746-?], Frances [1749-?], Thomas [ 1752-1811], James [1756-?]. click here

*TITHERIDGE [TITHERADGE] Frederick [1841-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE-TITHERADGE, Frederick [1842-1914] - Martha Hanna PRITCHARD [1860-1943] Their children: Unknown prior to1879, Margaret [1879-1964], John Albert [1882-92], Frederick [1884-1938], Daniel [1885-1961], Richard Joseph [1888-1969], Leonard Arthur [1890-1986], George William [1892-99], Henry David Alexander [1894-1967] Elsie Beatrice [1895-1972] Click here

*TITHERIDGE/TYTHERIDGE/TETHEREG,   John [1643-1708/09]  - Ann QUALLAT [?-1702] Their children: John Titheridge/Tytheridge/Tetherig (1643-c1708) Their 7 children were: Ann Tytheridge/Titheridge (1664-1664), Ann T/T (1665-?), Mary T/T (1667-?),John Tythereg/Titheridge (1669-1711), Em Tytheridge (1672-c1690), William Tythereg/Titheridge (1674-1743), Sarah Titheridge (1677-?) Click here

*TYTHEREG-TITHERIDGE, John [c. 1695-1772] - Elzabeth CHASE [?-1763] Their Children: John [c. 1719-?], Daniel [1720-?], Sarah [1722-?] Click here




*TYTHERIDGE, Ainslie Burton [c1879-1919] son of Henry Burton Holdup Tytheridge - Frances Amelia Click here and here and here


*TYTHERIDGE-TETHEREG, Ann [1700-?] - Thomas Allen click here

*TYTHERIDGE, Ann [c. 1716-43] d of

*TYTHERIDGE, B.C. [Bertie] [1878-?], son of John and Caroline Tytheridge. Click here

*TYTHERIDGE, Daniel - Rebecca BAKER, their children were: John Tytheridge [c. 1745-?], Daniel [c. 1746-1750], James Tytheridge [c. 1748-?], Elizabeth [c. 1851-?], Daniel [c. 1854-56]. To view click here Please note: at some point in times this family used Titheradge as their surname. Click here for that family history

*TYTHERIDGE, Daniel [1769-1884] - Ann MITCHELL Their children: Ann TITHERIDGE [c1797-?], Lydia [c1799-?], Daniel [1806-?], Sarah [1808-?], Hannah TITHERIDGE. Click here

*TYTHERIDGE, Elizabeth [c.1705-05] d of William TITHERIDGE/TYTHEREG

*TYTHERIDGE, Elizabeth [1751-?] click here

*TYTHERIDGE, Elizabeth [1701/1702-?] - James POWELL No further connection

*TYTHERIDGE, Elizabeth [1772-?] click here


*TYTHERIDGE, George [c1710-11] s of  William TITHERIDGE/TYTHEREG

*TYTHERIDGE, James [1774-1775] click here

*TYTHERIDGE, James [1748-?] click here

*TYTHERIDGE, John [1745?] click here

*TYTHERIDGE, John [1768-1802 - Mary BERRY Their children were: James Titheridge [1791-?], John Titheridge [1793-1795], Richard Titheridge [1801-1801]. To view click here

TYTHERIDGE, John [c. 1795-] m Sarah Saunders, daughter Elizabeth [18c. 1829] m Obed Wickens click here 

TYTHERIDGE, THETHERIDGE, TUTHERIDGE,  John [1847-?] m Caroline Elise Clark. Their children: Carynthia Elise [1874-?] John Stanley [1876-?] Bertie Cecil [1878-?] who married Lilian May, they had one son, Bertie Cecil who died at the age of eight months in. 1905 Harry Aubrey [1880-?] Reginald Jack [1881-?] For more information click here

*TYTHERIDGE, John Stanley [1876-prior to 1959] son of John and Carolyn Tytheridge. Click here and here for more information. John married Edith May Judson [1878-1956].  Their children: John Stanley [1907-75] William Edward [1909-59] Norman Victor 1910-63] Emily Beatrice [1912-c. 59] George Ernest [1917-2011]  Here for more infromation

*TYTHERIDGE,  Joseph [1896-1962] s of Joseph [1837-1877] click here and here for family details.

*TYTHERIDGE, Mary [1703-?] d of William TITHERIDGE/THYREG

*TYTHERIDGE, Richard [c.1712-13] s of  William TITHERIDGE/THYREG

*TYTHERIDGE, Sarah [1704-?] - William GILL No children recorded. To view click here

*TYTHERIDGE, Sarah [c. 1714-?] d of  William TITHERIDGE/TYTHEREG


*TYTHERIDGE, William [1701-1779] - Mary TIL[L]MAN [?-1731] Their children: Mary [1725-1749], Ann [1731-1731] To view check here SEE ALSO Titheridge-Tytheridge - Sarah Turner

*TITHERIDGE-TYTHEREG Daniel [c1699] - Ann MARSHALL. Their child: Daniel TYTHEREG-TITHERIDGE [1734/35-?] To view click here

*TYTHERIDGE, Mary [1667-?] - Daniel LOVE No record of children. To view check here





*TYTHEREG, John [c. 1695-1722] - Elizabeth Chase. Their chlidren: John [c. 1719-?], Daniel [1720-?], Sarah [1722-?] click here

*TYTHEREG, John [1719-?] son of John [1695-1722] click here

*TYTHEREG, Sarah [c1722-] daughter of John Tethereg [1695-1722] click here

*TYTHEREG-TITHERIDGE Daniel [1734/35-?] Note name reversal. - Sarah PARSON[S] [?-1802] Their children. Note different surnames: Hannah TYTHURIDGE [1763-?], Ann Tytheridge [c1766-?], and following all Tytheridge's Daniel [1769-?], Sarah [c. 1771-?]. To view click here

*TYTHEREG-TITHERIDGE John [1669-1711] - Ann BREWER [?-1730], their children were: John Tythereg-Titheridge, Daniel Tytheridge, [1697-1809], Ann Tythereg [1700-?], Sarah Tytheridge [1701-?], Elizabeth Tytheridge [1701/2-?], William Tytheridge [ 1705-1706], Mary Tytheridge [1707-?], William Tytheridge [1709-?], James Tytheridge [1711-1717]. To view click here

*TYTHEREG-TYTHERIDGE John [c. 1695-1772] - Elizabeth CHASE [?-1763]. Their children were: John [c1720-?], Daniel {1720-?], Sarah [1722-?]. To view click here It would appear John also married Mary RING Their child John TYTHURIDGE Click here






*TITHRIDGE, John [c. 1739-c1824] - Mary TUCKER [c. 1743-1817] Their children Mary [1770-?], Sarah [1772-?], Anne [1773-?], Elizabeth [1782-?], John [1784-?] Anne - Robert Giles. click here





*TITHURIDGE, William [c. 1781-?] click


        TITTERIDGE AND TITERIDGE FAMILIES  Click here  and  http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2017/10/titteridge-and-titeridge-extinct_13.html
TUTHERIDGE, Alfred William [1906-23] s of Alfred John [1876-?] gs of William click here


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