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Back row Left to Right: Granddaughters Kayla & Stephanie, David, Steph's husband, grandson Isaac, Michelle wife of our son, Steve, son-in-laws Ken & Ted, daughter Pat, grandson in-law Keith
Middle row: Grandson Trevor, son-in-law Tuppy, his wife Elizabeth, my wife, Maureen, Tidridge, grandson Koen, his mom, Sarah, grandchildren David & Rachael
Front row: Granddaughters Sarah, Emily, Megan and Andrea
Bottom left: Great granddaughter Felicity, brother Reuben. Far right: Jude son of Rachael and Keith, their second child. Eliza Maureen not surviving at birth

John Tidridge was reading the novel,The Shack by Wm. Paul Young and came across this 'Author Unknown' quote,

"Growth means change
and involves risk,
stepping from the known
to the unknown".

Changes should not be made for change sake, but there is perhaps a need for John Tidridge to make his mark on this site. What changes are pending?

'Bear with us, this sign will always be around

Under construction

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November 28 2013 Update: Additional reports on the incident on Malta regarding the 3 rd Battalion Grenadier Guards during the Suez Crisis. Go to here
December 22 2013 Isaac Tyler, New songwriter, singer and partner with Nicholas Yee. See and hear Isaac, see and hear Nicholas here
January 1, 2014: Another church added. Click here Scroll the end of page.
January 11, 2014: Several items added to the Parks, Benches etc. of the Highlands Community. Simply click here and have a good read.
January 17, 2014: Update to the unofficial Grenadier Guards Association, North American Branch website. To view click here
January 26. 2014: David McEwan McAra Bench Memorial added [still under construction] To view click here
January 28, 2014: "Historical Buildings" added. Views of some of the 'designated buildings' in Highlands and Bellevue. To view click here
February 4, 2012: Another 'church' added, pictures numbered. To check it out click here
February 6, 2014: And another... click here
February 14, 2014: And more... click here
February 27, 2014: Borden Park plans made available and added to as a last entry here
March 19, 2014: New business, Moon River Mercantile added 11209-65 Street to view click here Scroll to 11209-65 Street.
March 25, 2014: New business, JAMR Agencies, 6509-118 Avenue, to view click here Scroll to 6509-118 Avenue.
April 3, 2014: New idea implemented and added to the 112 Avenue Business file; now to include local [historical?] events. To see the first, the 54th Edmonton Cub Pack click here scroll to 5347-112 Avenue.
April 14, 2014: An earlier picture of the Pack now included click here scroll to 5347-112 Avenue.
May 9, 2014: Partial history of Delwood Baptist Church added. Click here to view.
May 14, 2014: Be-a-Bella new store at 6510-112 Ave. Click here and scroll through!
May 6 22, 2014: Letter from Bob Deans, of New Zealand regarding Bellevue School. To see click here scroll to last item.
June 18, 2014: Picture of head stone for John Harry Tidridge, 1883-1947, located in Essex County, Ontario, Canada. To view click here
June 19, 2014: While checking Police Class 10 Reunion noticed many pictures missing... they have now been included... to view click here
June 21, 2014: Gullion family bench history updated click here
June 21, 2014: Mary Yardley-Jones Memorial bench added click here
July 5, 2014: The saga of the sidewalk along Ada Boulevard: to view click here
July 6, 2014: Marlene Gelette Tree Memorial added: To view: click here
July 7, 2014: Vivian Kucy information added to Police Class 10 reunion. To view click: here
July 7, 2014: It was decided not to go ahead with the 55th Class 10 Reunion. here
July 7, 2014: Pat Dawson's tribute to Gordon Botsford, a former principal of Highlands Junior HS. To view click here
July 9, 2014: More 100th Anniversary Highlands Junior HS material. To view click here
July 17, 2014: 'New' Hockey teams [Eastwood School 1930's}added, names needed! View by clicking here
July 18, 2014: The Police Reunion is on... to view progress click here
July 18, 2014: St. Paul's Presbyterian Church Banff added. view by clicking here. Scroll to #92
July 27, 2014: River Valley pictures updated. To view click here

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