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January 20, 2018: Highlands Junior Hight School garden...a start has been made click here

January 18, 2018: A new T TUTHERIDGE Alfred [1906-23] click here see also https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2018/01/tuberculosis-common-cause-of-death.html

January 8, 2018: New photo of the airfield, Qrendi, Malta used for a 'tent town' during the Suez Crises. Click here and scroll way down to Malta

January 7, 2018: William Joseph Blaik Titheradge m Emma Dorothy Higgins. Click  here. Also: James Wm. [1843-90], m Mary Ann Blaik. James Fabian [c. 1816-77] m Dianah F. Jamieson.

January 6, 2018: Is there a place for unions in the armed forces. Click here and scroll down to the Suez item.

January 4, 2018: James Titheridge/Tetheridge [1840-1923], Eliza Harfield/Titheridge/Tetheridge [1847-1909] and their family. Moved from UK to New Zealand check here

December 25, 2017: Even after 51years the Suez/Malta 'incident' still lingers: check here and scroll down.

December 13, 2017: Added late obits..

Eric 'Dusty' Titheridge here

Edward Harry Tidridge here

Martha Lou Tidridge nee Scatterday here

Frances Moynahan McKinney nee Tidridge click here                                                        

December 12, 2017: The Ryedale Talking Magazine editor, Philip Anthony Lester Titheradge click here

December 9, 2017: Our Catholic connection, a priest in the family, Joseph Tytheridge click here.

December 7, 2017: George Robert Titheradge Sarah Isabella Emblim [1964-c. 1825] family update check here.

November 28, 2017: Finally Emily Eliza or Eliza Emily Titheridge [1874-?] information here

November 27, 2017: John Tytheridge [c. 1795-} and his wife Sarah nee Saunders, had eleven childeren. One daughter Elizabeth [c. 1828-?] [married Obed WICKENS]  and had a son, John Tytheridge born 1847 click here for more information. See blog from AnnT below. 

October 2017: Fifth great grandchild for John and Maureen. London Grace Ella born to Nicole and Trevor Tidridge

October 19, 2017: Ainslie Burton Tytheridge Honour Roll and family update click here 

October 17, 2017: Four churches added, Lao Temple, former Pentecostal Church, United Church and a Catholic Church. Click here and then scroll down! 

October 16, 2017: Gertrude [nee King] Kroll family added click here

October 16,, 2017: Sad news of Florence Haven's [nee King] death. Click here

October 13: Page added to cover possible extinct T's. Click here

October 7, 2017: Some interesting [for some] items from the  1st. Battalion Grenadier Guards, Berlin 1954-55. To view click here

October 4, 2017: Laurier Height Baptist Church click here and scroll

September 29, 2017: More of John's garden, from way back click here and scroll to the heading...'Some photos found..'

September 27, 2017: New business, Highlands Yoga Room. To view click here

September 24, 2017: Business updates at 11209-65 Street. Click here and scroll!

September 14, 2017: Some interesting changes to our NZ Titheridges check here and here

September 12, 2017: Crestwood Presbyterian Church and Higher Ground Tabernacle added. Click here and scroll

September 8, 2017: Highland's Shops damaged click here

September 3, 2017: Update on 5809 & 6401 118 Avenue, click here and scroll! And 11209 65 Street Click here  and scroll.

July 19, 2017: Vacations put on one page, click here

 July 19, 2017: LaBoheme restaurant seeks to renovate click here

 July 7, 2017: Guards Regiments pictures updated, possible family member added, in Life Guards uniform. Do you know him..click here to see.

July 3, 2017: Up date from Craig Paul Tithridge of New Zealand. Looking to up date his emails. Click here

June 19, 2017: Two new churches: Ralph Connor United, Sacred Heart RC, both Canmore, Alberta, click here and scroll to the end.

June 22, 2017: New 118 Avenue store added, scroll to 5015

June 22, 2017: Andrea and Danian picture updated look here

May 22, 2017: Borden Park working on a new style pool. Click here and scroll down..

May 17, 2017: Highlands Community Hall - demolition process click here

May 16, 2017: New store on 112 Avenue Majesty to view click here 

April 24, 2017: Some Barrett family pictures click here 

 April 8, 2017:  Memorial service for Det. Boyd noted click here

April 8, 2017: Two Churches: Zion Baptist and Our Lady of Good Help RC added click here

 April 5, 2017: St. Edmund's RC Church added check here

April 4, 2017: Evengelical Baptist Church added check here

 March 23, 2017: Stolen Plaque replaced: Betty Stanhope-Cole click here

 February 5, 2017: Highlands Community Garden click here

February 1, 2017: Obituary for Betty Stanhope-Cole. Canadian golfer click here

January 21, 2017: Some info on Titheradges of Sidney NSW Aus. click here

January 13, 2017: Up date on Charles Clark and Charlie Clark, and Harefield House click here.

January 10-2017: An update on the Diane Mason story, photos of Diane, click here to read.




 ANN TITHERADGE'S BLOG ...Ann is the go to person for all things Titheridge/Titheradge/Tidridge and all variations of the name.


January 17, 2018 Read about sad loses through TB https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2018/01/tuberculosis-common-cause-of-death.html

January 7, 2018: Read about the Trades Union man... https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2018/01/william-titheradge-trade-unionist-and.html

January 3, 2018: Tither or Tether...read Ann's blog here: http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2016/11/a-voyage-from-east-meon-to-new-life-in.html

December 9, 2017: A priest found in New York https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2017/11/

December 7, 2017: Some unusual names among the Titheradges: https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2017/12/the-unusual-use-of-surnames-in-two.html

November 23, 2017: The South African Tytheridges: https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2017/11/john-tytheridges-journey-from-kent-to.html

October 13, 2017: More interesting news  on, perhaps, extinct T names click here: http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2017/10/titteridge-and-titeridge-extinct_13.html Ann Titheradge at her best!

September 12, 2017: Tough justice... https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2017/09/tough-justice-for-william-titheridge.html 

August 31, 2017: More about those Tidridges, this time from Eire, https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2017/08/the-tidridge-family-of-cork.html

August 14, 2017: The last days of Ernest Tidridge  https://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2017/08/ernest-alfred-tidridge-died-4-august_4.html

August 1, 2017 http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2017/07/joseph-titheridge-died-31-july-1917-he.html : The last days of Jospeh Titheridge [1889-1917]

July 24, 2017: The nerve of it! Stealing our name! http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/stage-name.html

 July 12, 2017: More from Ann: Madge Titheradge makes a film to sell War Bonds: http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2017/07/madge-titheradge-on-film.html

June 21, 2017: Arthur Robert Titheradge: 100 year aniversary of his death, go to: http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2017/06/in-memory-of-arthur-robert-titheradge.html courtsey of Ann Titheradge.

May 31, 2017: Ann Titheradge seeks information on Lawrence Tiotherige, d December 31, 1952, Cornwall. Conact Ann at http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2017/05/titheridge-family-of-st-tudy.html

 December 23, 2016: Another interesting item from Ann, Christmas at the Titheridges click: http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2016/12/christmas-in-waltham-chase-with.html  For the family file click here

November 15,2016: Excellent paper by Ann and Mike Titheradge on Frederick Titheridge/Titheradge. [1842-1914] Check the blog: http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2016/11/from-swanmore-to-australia-and.html For the family file check here

October 19, 2016: Read Daniel Titheridge's story [blog] about life in Australia click here or her http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.co.uk/2016/10/daniel-titheridges-journey-from.html   Please note: All blogs [unless identified as otherwise] are by Ann Titheradge.

October 12, 2016: For Henry Titheridge's [1836-80] sad story click: http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2016/10/henry-and-robert-titheridges-journey.html

Octoberhttp://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/  3, 2016: Read about Daniel Titheridge's [1807-72- trip to Australia courtesy of Ann Titheradge:




From time to time information on the Grenadiers is received. so, being somewhat biased, I have provided a space for this inforamtion. For your edification and whatever!

This Facebook item is monitored for content and makes good reading. https://www.facebook.com/groups/fbgrenadiers/

This one from my English, Swedish Grenadier Tony Matthews https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhsb4W_iZ_E







Frnt R. l-r Sarah (Liz - Tuppy] Emily [Sarah-Ken] Megan [Pat-Ted] Andrea [Elizabeth-Tuppy]

Mid R. l-r Trevor [Steve-Michelle] Tuppy [Elizabeth's spouse] Elizabeth [daughter] Maureen &  John Koen [Sarah-Ken] Sarah [daughter] David [Pat-Ted] Rachael [Elizabeth-Tuppy]

Bck R. l-r  Kayla [Steve-Michelle]Stephanie [Elizabeth-Tuppy] David [Stephanie's spouse] Isaac [Elizabeth-Tuppy] Michelle [Steve's spouse], Steve [son] Ken [Sarah's spouse] Ted [Pat's spouse] Pat Keith [Rachael's spouse]  

Pictures taken circa 2007




             Greatgrand children: Stephanie and Reuben [parents- Stephanie & David]                                           Greatgrand children Eliza RIP Jude & Sully, and Guineveve[parents- Keith & Rachael]




Greatgrand child: London Grace Ella - [parents- Trevor and Nicole










                                   Nicole-Trevor [Steve & Michelle]                      Kayla-Landon [Steve & Michelle]             Sarah-Colin [Elizabeth & Tuppy]




                           Sarah-Danion [Elizabeth & Tuppy]        Kathryn-Isaac [Elizabeth & Tuppy]                   Justin-Emily [Sarah & Ken]

                                                                                               All pictures c 2016-17]



To those who are interested in more T information are directed to here , the excellent Mike and Ann Titheradge site.
'Bear with us, this sign will always be around

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*ASHTON, Mary w of John TITHERIDGE [1823-?] click here

*BATCHELOR Sarah [1787-1822] w of  TITHERIDGE, John [1786-1866] - ]. Their chilren were: Mary [c1810-?], Harriett [c. 1812-?], Elizabeth [c. 1814-?], William [1815-c. 1891], James [1817-?], Jane [1820-?]. To view click here

*BATHGATE, John [1853-?] - Janet. Earliest known members of the John BATHGATE [1934-?], To view click  here

*BATHGATE, John [1934-?] - Jean Ann Tidridge Click here

*BATHGATE, John [1960-?] Click here

*BATHGATE, Michael [1962-?] Click here

*BIGNELL,  Ada Cornelia w of Arthur Edwin Titheridge [1870-?] check here

*BULGAR,  Elizabeth w of William Titheridge [1832-1877] check here   

*CHUBB, Nicholas - Unknown Their children were: Nicholas, Marie [1616-?], Susannah [1622-?] These are the first known descendents on the material side of John BATHGATE [1934-?] To view click here

CLARK, Caroline Elise m John Tytheridge [1847-?] More information here

*CLARK, Frances Ethel see TIDRIDGE, Frances Ethel

*COLE, Rosemary click here

*COLLINS, Raymond John [1952-?], - Glenda May PARISH [1962]. Their children: Daniel John [1997-?], Zoe Rebecca [1998-?] Other connections: William George Collins [1887-1958] - Alice May Green, Agnes May Clark [1896-1986] - William Collins [1887-1958]. To view click here

*CLEMENT, Elizabeth [c. 1613-1741] w of William Titheridge/Tythereg [1674-1743]. Cick here and here 

*FIELDER, Elizabeth Rose [c 1893-?] w of Alfred Charles Titheridge [1893-1937] Click here for more info.

*HAND, Lily Bess w of James Titherdge [1856-?] click here

*HANNIBAL, Georgina w of George TITHERIDGE [1862-1933]   Click here

HAREFIELD, Eliza Rossey wife of James TITHERIDGE [1840-1923] Click here

*HARVEY, Alan Barry [1942-?] to view click here

*HASTED, Anne w of Henry Titheridge 1856 click here

*HASTINGS, Eliza w of John TITHERIDGE [1829-1886] click here

HAVEN, Richard L h of  Florence KING m of Virginia and Annie click here

*HOUSE, Bertha w of John Titheridge 1880-1970] click here

 *JARVIS,  Eliza [1832-c. 91] w of Henry Ashton Titheridge [1837-1916] clock here 

*KENT, Sophia [1840-1938] h of John Titheridge [1837-92] For more info click here

KING, Florence [1923-2017] w of Richard L. HAVEN- c Virginia and Annie click here

KING, Gertrude [1925-?] m John Kroll Sr. c Marc, John Jr., m Cathy, Marion m Edward De Long c Katherine and Wm. , Beverly,m Michael LaCrone,  Robert H. m Diane c Jennifer, Dan, Ben, Allana  click here

*LASHAM Mary Ann [c. 1811-74]. h of  TITHERIDGE, Richard [1808-91] - Their children: Mary Ann [1832-?], Willaim [c. 1834-1917], Henry Ashton [c. 1837-?], Richard Ashton [1839-?], Frederick [1842-?], Anna Maria Hannah [c. 1844-?], Emma [1848-?], Elza [1850-?], George [1853-?]. Click here

*LEE, Elizabeth [1806-80] w of William TITHERIDGE [1805-66] click here

LUDLOW, Peter [-2002] h of Virginia HAVEN Click here  s Michael LUDLOW [1977-?]

*MAIDMENT, Sarah Jane w of Arthur Earnest Titheridge  click here

*MANSFIELD, Mary [?-1801] w of John Titheridge [1743-1821]  Click here for more info

*MANSFIELD, Sarah [? -1786] w of TITHERIDGE, John [1710-1767] - Their children were: John 1737-1786], Sarah [1739-?], Willam [1743-1821] To view click here and here

*MASTERS, Ema Elizabeth w of William Henry TITHERIDGE Click here

*MERRETT,  Jane [c. 1851-?].w of TITHERIDGE, James [1817-83]  Their children: Elizabeth [1838-?], William [1840-?], John [c.1842-96], Ellen [1845-?], Sarah [1847-?]  Click here

*MERRITT, Eliza [1831-1904] w of William Titheridge [1830-1908]  Click here for more info. 

MOSS/MOYES Mary w of William TITHERIDGE  [1831-1907]  click here

*PACE, Harriett [1842-1914] w of James TITHERIDGE [c. 1840-1905] Click here

*PAICE, Ann [1817-1901] click here

*PLACE, Robert [Rob] [1975 - Janice Louise AUBERTIN. Their children: William Edward [2008-], Rose [2011-] to see click here

*POINTER, Amelia [1849-1922], wife of William Titheridge click here

PORT, Emily Jane wife of Frank TITHERIDGE [1854-?]  click here

*PRIOR, Elizabeth w of George TITHERIDGE [c. 1849-71]  click here

*PRIOR,  Hannah w of William Titheridge [1772-1851] Click here for more info. 

*QUALLAT[T], Ann ?-1792] husband of John Titheridge, earliest Titheridge click here

ROGERS, Willaim husband of Maria TITHERIDGE [1838-?] click here   

SAUNDERS, Sarah m John Tytheridge. More information here

SCATTERDAY, Martha Lou [1922-2008] w of Edward J. Tidridge click here

*SCAMMELL, Lydia [1868-?] w of Alfred George Titheridge Click here for more info.

*SMITH, Mike - Linda Turner (Henry Ashton Titheridge) Click  here

*STEWART, Phyllis Susannah [1884-1921] here

SUCHOMEL, Michael h of Annie Haven, child: Steve MOOSOL [1975-?]

*TEE,  Jane [1776-c. 1831 w of TITHERIDGE, Thomas [c. 1774-1846]

*TURNER,  Linda h of Mike Smith Click  here

*UNKNOWN, Fanny w of Goerge Titheridge [1856-c.1930] click here

*WALKER,  Celia Kate w Arthur Horace Titheridge [1887-1962] Click here

*WELLS,  Eva Agnes w Benjamin James Titheridge [1884-1951] Click here 

*WEST, Catherine w of  Albert James Titheridge 1866  more info click here 

WICKENS, Obed m Elizabeth Tytheridge. More information here 

WILLS, William husband of Elizabeth TITHERIDGE [1842-?] click here

*WITHERS, Sarah [1808-1875] w of John Titheridge [1804-1873] Click here for more info.   

*WOODERSON, Mary [?-1801] w of William Titheridge [1743-1821] More info click here






*TIDRIDGE, Alfred, Welsh Regiment Reg. No. 29177 No further connection.

*TIDRIDGE, Alfred William [1871-?] - Mary. Their children: Anna, Florence, Alfred William [1902-1987] To view click here

*TIDRIDGE, Alfred William Jr. [1902-1987] - Marie DRUM Their children: Alfred Livingstone [1929-1998]. To view click here Alfred [1929-1998] married Wauneta BOWEN Their children Alfred Livingstone [1949-?], Elizabeth Suzanne [1950-?] Alfred [1949-?] married and had a son Lawrence. In a first  marriage he wed Rosalinda GARCIA. Their children; Christopher J [1975-?], Patrick Joseph [1977-?], Jennifer [1980-?]. Elzabeth Suzanne has a son Daniel Biffy To view click here

*TIDRIDGE, Bertie [1893-1958] - Minnie A. Daisy LEAMON Their children: Doris [1916-19160, Barbara Joan [1923-?] - Peter BOARD. Their children: Richard [1946-?], Elizabeth [1949-?], Lesley [1951-?], Nicholas [1953-?]. Nicholas [1953-?] married Sandra [1955-?]. Their children: Christopher James 91994-?], Catherine Louise [1985-?]. To view click here

TIDRIDGE, Edward Harry [1884-1971] m Ellen Connor [1883-1971] Chilsdren: Jane Ellen, Barbara, Mary Therese. Click here

*TIDRIDGE, Ernest Alfred [1898-1917]  for family click here for military history click here

*TIDRIDGE, Frances Ethel To view click here

*TIDRIDGE, Harriett Elizabeth [1899-1980] - George Harley BISHOP [?-1957]. There child was Ruth Bishop [1941-?] To view click here

TIDRIDGE, Harry [1842-1916] - Ann CULLIMORE [c.1839-1917] Their children were: Ellen [1862-?], Harry John [1862-1944], Sarah Agnes [1867-?], George Cullimore [1869-1941], Alfred William [1871-?], Minnie Louise [1873-c1939], Frederick C. [c1877-1937], Annie [1878-?]. To view click here

*TIDRIDGE, Harry J. [1863-1944] - Emma L. NEWMAN Their children were: Edward Harry [1884-1971], Annie Louisa [1886-1949], William John Newman [1888-?], Amelia Minnie Georgina [1891-1939], Berite [1893-1958], Daisy Lilian [1896-1966], Ernest A. [1898-1917],John [1900-?], Louise Ellen [1902-1981], Walter Sidney [1905-1991] To view click here and here

*TIDRIDGE, Ivan C. (1940-?], married  Phyllis Meatyard. Children Alec and Sanda. For more information click here.  

*TIDRIDGE, Jane [1947-?] - James SPARROW Their children: James [1967-?], Patrica Ann [1972-?] To view click here

*TIDRIDGE, Jean Ann [1938-] - John Michael BATHGATE [1934] Their chilren were: John [1960-?], Michael [1962-?]. To view click here

*TIDRIDGE John Harry [1884-1947] - Evelyn DAVIS [?-1989] Their children: William A. [1916-?], Lionel J. [1918-1980] To view click here

*TIDRIDGE, John Walter Francis [1935-?] click here

*TIDRIDGE, Lionel John [1912-1980] - Helen Jane MUSSON [1924-?] Their children: Jane [1947-?], Nancy Ann [1949-?], Timothy John [1955-?], Elizabeth Edith [1957-?] To view click here

*TIDRIDGE, Louise Ellen [1902-1981] - John [Jack] PLACE [1903-1952] Their children were: Edward [1922-?], Jack [1924-2010], Gwendolyn {1926-?], Ronald [1928-?] To view click here to see other members of the Place family.

TIDRIDGE, Melody [1992-?] click here Father Lawrence, Her siblings Catherine and Brandon

*TIDRIDGE, Nancy Ann [1949-?] first married to Carl Boyle, then Daniel Heaney. Children: Heather [1978-?], THomas [1999-?] To view click here

*TIDRIDGE, Nathan [1978-?] - Christine VANDERVAL [1980-?] Their children: Sophie [2009-?], Elyse Greta Rae [2011-?] To view click here

*TIDRIDGE, Raymond [1963-2013] - Janet Williams Click here for more information.

*TIDRIDGE, Timothy John [1955-?], - Lynn CHARRON [1957-?] Their children: Nathan To view click here

*TIDRIDGE, Walter Sidney [1905-1991] - France Ethel Clark. Their chlidren were: John Walter Francis [1935-?], Jean Ann [1938-?], Ivan Charles [1940-?]. Click here to view

*TIDRIDGE, William [1845-1929] - Mary Baker BROWN [1856-1939] Their children were: John Harry [1883-?], Ann Amelia [1885-?], William Alfred [1887-?], Elizabeth Jane [1887-?], Mary Alice, [1887-?], Louisa Frances [1889-?], James Alexaner [1894-?], Ruth Lydia [1896-?], George [1898-?], Harriett Elizabeth [1899-1980]. To view click here

*TIDRIDGE, William Alfred [1887-?] - s of Henry Titheridge/Tidridge Click here





*TITHERADGE, Annie [1880-?] Click here

*TITHERADGE, Annie Sophie [1857-?] Click here

*TITHERADGE, Alfred [c. 1859-/] son of Edward E. Titheradge. Click here

*TITHERADGE, Alfred Henry [1859-?] Click here

*TITHERADGE, Alfred R. Royal Engineers. Driver Reg. #'s 3128, 558611No connections.

*TITHERADGE, Arthur Charles [1883-1914] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Arthur Charles [1920-1941] Click here and here

*TITHERADGE, Arthur Robert [1887-1917] Click here and here

*TITHERADGE, Augustus [1852-1877] Click here and here

*TITHERADGE, Barbara Ann [1936-1941] Click here

*TITHERADGE, Colin Francis [1917-?] - Elizabeth Priscilla HOWARTH Their children: Frederick James [1940-?], Leslie John {1942-1994], Eleanor Ruth [1943-?], Douglas Colin [1945-?], Barrie Reginald [1956-/}, Stuart Allan [1958-?]. click here

*TITHERADGE, Christine Janice [1956-?] - Gerald Anthony PHELAN Click here

*TITHERADGE, Christopher Fabian [1852-1877] - Martha E. SUTTON Their children: Elizabeth [1844-?], James Fabian [c1816-?], Frances M [1821-?], George Robert [1825-?], Ursula J. Click here

*TITHERADGE, Eric [Bob] Norman [1921-2000] - Beatrice ALLEN, their children were: Robert Edward [1947-1993], Michael A. [1951-?] To view click here

*TITHERADGE, Edward E. [1832-1874] - Eliza PETERS. Their children were: Elizabeth Emma, Emma Eliza [1852-?], Sarah Ann [1854-?], Henry John [1955-?], Annie Sophie [1857-?], Alfred [c1859-?], To view click here

*TITHERADGE, Edward Hetrel[l] - Rose Warding MOSS. Their children: Harold Edward [1900-?], Francis [Frank] Hetrell [1902-?], John A.J. [1904-?], Herbert Owen [1906-?], Stanley [1909-?], Gladys E. [1913-?], Lawrence Ernest [ 1915-?], Doris D. [1918-?], Eric [Bob] Norman [1921-200]. To view click here

*TITHERADGE, Elsie Beatrice [1895-1972] click here

*TITHERADGE, Frederick [1884-1938] - click here  Phyllis Susannah STEWART [1884-1921]. Their children: Thelma Phyllis Martha [1906-1974], Frederick Stewart [1908-1927], Leonard Austin [1909-1969], Keith George [1911-1978], Wilfred Henry [1914-1975], Colin Francis [1917-?] click here

*TITHERADGE, Frederick James [1940-?] - Lorraine Janice McCAULEY Their children: Christine Janice [1956-?], Trudsy Jasmine [1966-?], Susan Jeninifer Click here

*TITHERADGE, George Robert - Sarah Isabella EMBLIM [c. 1825-64]     Their children:  George Sutton Click here Ernest Montague [1850-51], Augustus Fabian [1852-1877], Sarah Ann Elizabeth Adela [1853-?] Blanche [1857-?] Herbert Hine [1859-1926], Annie Ada [1862-?] Robert [1864-64]

*TITHERADGE, Henry John [1855-?] - Louise DENNIS. Their children: Edward Hetrel [1877-1942], Annie [1880-?], Edith [1881-?], Alfred Henry [1855-?], Nellie [1890-?], Florence [1900-?]. To view click here

*TITHERADGE, James [1748-?] - Mary FABIAN, their children were: Mary [1772-?], Becky Fabian [1778-?], James Fabian [c1784-?] Elizabeth F. [1789-?], Lizzy [1791-?], Daniel [1754-?]. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, James [1817-43] h of Jane MERRETT [C. 1851-?]. Their children: Elizabeth [1838-?], William [1840-?], John [c.1842-96], Ellen [1845-?], Sarah [1847-?]  

*TITHERADGE, James Fabian [c1784-?] - Mary HEATHRELL, their children were Henry [1808-1857], Mary Heathrell, James Fabian. To view click here

 *TITHERADGE-TITHERIDGE, Frederick [1842-1938] - Martha Hannah PRITCHARD [1860-1943] Their children: Unknown prior to 1879, Margaret [1879-1964], John Albert [1882-1992], Frederick [1884-1938], Daniel [1885-1961], Richard Joseph [ 1888-1969], Leonard Arthur [ 1890-1968], George William [1892-1899], Henry David Alexander [1894-1967], Elsie Beatrice [1895-1972], Rita Muriel [ 1897-1988] click here

*TITHERADGE,  Michael  [1951-? ] h of Ann Christine MEEKER. Their children: Catherine L, David A.H. Richard D, Rachel K.K. Click here

 *TITHERADGE, Peter Dion {1910-89]- s of Dion George TITHERADGE to read more click here.   

TITHERADGE, Philip Anthony Lester s of William Charles. Click here

TITHERADGE, William Joseph Blaik [1895-1955] m Emma Dorothy HIIGGINS click here





*TITHEREDGE, John [c. 1830-?], William [c. 1831-?], sons of William Titheridge and Elizabeth Lee. To view click here and here




*TITHERIDGE, Alfred Dudley. Australian Engineers. Regimental # 6426  No further connections.

*TITHERIDGE, Alan John [1949-?] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Alan J. 3rd Company of London Yeomanry, Machine Gun Crps [Calvary] Reg. #'s 1949, 110661. No further connections.  

*TITHERIDGE, Alan William RAAF. Commended for Valuable Air Service. Nothing more.

*TITHERIDGE, Albert [1869-1925] - Ester GAMLIM [1867-1950] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Albert [1885-1941/5] - Florence Huey COX [1885-?] Their children: Albert James [1885-1941}, Arthur Charles [1920-1941], James [1922-?], Edward [1926-?], William {1930-83]. click here

*TITHERIDGE, Albert Edward [1881-1971 - Edith Margaret AYLING [1877-1963]. Their children were: Leonard Albert [1903-1999], Henry Alex [1914-?], KItty [1916-?], Margaret [1918-1918] To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Albert Edward [1910-?] - Margaret Mary HENDERSON [1912-1973] Children: Mary Rose [1941?], Anthony Charles [1943-?], Angela Christine [1945-?], Barry, Roslyn, Jean, Diane. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Albert George [1906-1966] - Iris Elaine PIKE [1905-1985] Their children were: A. Noel [1927-?], Henry Ross [1931-?]. To view click here and here

*TITHERIDGE,  Albert James [1866-?] h of Catherine West, click here for more info. 

*TITHERIDGE, Albert James Henry L/Cpl. 6th Essex Regiment Reg # 1922 No further connections. 

*TITHERIDGE, Albert J.R. 17th London Regiment. No connections found.

*TITHERIDGE, Alex Stanley James [1900-1965] - Coila Lily MOSES [1897-1982] Their children were: Fay, Tui Lily, [1921-?], Neil Alexander [1924-2005] To view click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Alfred Charles [c. 1847-?] s of John TITHERIDGE [1804-73] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Alfred Charles [1893-1937] - Elizabeth Rose FIELDER [c1893-?] Their child: Pat Titheridge [1927-?] To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Alfred George [1864-?], - Lydia SCAMMELL [1868-?] Their children were: George Edward [1888-?], Lydie Elizabeth [1890-?], Alfred Charles [1893-1937], Isobel May [1897-?], Florence Rosina [1904-?]. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Alfred G. mpshire Reg. Prvt. Labour Corps Reg. #'s 25354, 245887 Cannot tie into Alfred George above.

*TITHERIDGE/TYTHERIDGE, Ann [1664-64] d of John TITHERIDGE/TYTHERIDGE/TETHERIG [1643-C.1708] Click  here 


*TITHERIDGE, Ann [1843-?] d of John TITHERIDGE [1804-73]  Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Anne d of William TITHERIDGE [1743-1821] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Annie [1858-?] - Henry CLARK [1852-?] Their children were: Cecillia [1882-?], William Henry [1884-?], Herbert James [1886-?], Alice Mabel [1889-?], George [1890-?], Annie C [?], Margaret Matilda [1894-?], Agnes May [1896-1986] To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Anne[ie] - William OAKLEY To view click h ere

*TITHERIDGE, Anthony Charles [1943-?] - Margaret Ruth McLAUCHLAN [1946-?] Children: Craig Paul [1971, Simon Andrew [1973-?], Kirsten Louise [1977-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Anthony Robin [1926-2005] s of William Henry Titheridge/Tetheridge [1892-1951] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Arthur Earnest [1869-1937] m Sarah Jane Maidment click here

*TITHERIDGE, Arthur Earnest [1900-1943]  click here 

*TITHERIDGE, Arthur Charles [1883-1914] - Bertha Rose MERRITT [1883-1920]. Children: Ellen 91877-?], Emily Rosetta [1879], Ester [1882-?], Arthur Charles [1883-1914], Mary [1886-?], Gertrude Adelaide [1897-1943], Ada Florence [1899-?] To view click here and here 

*TITHERIDGE, Arthur Charles [1920-1941] son of Albert Titheridge [1885-1946].  Click  here  more information here  and here

*TITHERIDGE, Alfred [1877-1949] s of John TITHERIDGE [1837-92] Click here 

*TITHERIDGE, Alfred Edwin [1870-?] h  of Ada Cornelia BIGNELL   Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Arthur Horace [1887-1963] - Celia Kate WALKER. Click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Barry John [1943-?] son of Joseph Philip. Click here and here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Benjamin [1857-1918] - Louisa POPE. Their children were: Ruth [1882-?], Benjamin James [1884-?], William George [1886-?], Arthur Horace [c1887-?], Ethel Louise [1892-?], Harry Percival [1899-1970], To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Benjamin James [1884-1951] - Eva Agnes WELLS Their children were: George William [1911-?], Harry [1914-?], Philip [1917-?], Jack Ronald [1920-?], Ethel Beatrice [1921-?], Elsie [1922-?]. To view click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Benjamin Ralph [1920-?] - Alva Joy ELFORD [?-1995] Their children: Gregory John [1948-?], Martin Ralph [1953-?], Jan Alva [1954-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Bertram [1876-1927] son of Henry [1834-1901] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Betty 1776-?] d of William TITHERIDGE [1743-1821] Click here

 *TITHERIDGE, Bettie [?-1775] daughter of John [1737-1786] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, B[ruce], possibly son of Cecil Edward Arthur Titheridge click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Bruce Graeme [1958-?] - Carol Ann SMITH [1958-1998] Their children: Liam Stanley [1989-?], Alana Rose 91991-?]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Carolyn Jenifer [1985-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Cecil Baird [1900-70] - Mae SNEDDON Their children: Jack Ralph George [1924-/], Nanette [1932-?] Click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Cecil Edward Arthur [1900-?] - Edith Rose HAMES. Their children William Hames, Dorothy May R. [1920-?], Edward Henry [1925-?], Edith, Douglas, Margaret, Bruce, Patricia. Click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Charles [1844-?] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Charles, 1849-1915] - Ann GARRETT [1858-1958] Their children: Ellen [1877-?], Emily [Rosetta [1879-?], Ester [1882-?], Arthur Charles [1883-1914], Mary [1886-?], Gertrude Adelaide [1897-1943], Ada Florence [1899-?]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Charles Henry [1845-1885] - Elizabeth EMERY [1847-1899] Their children were: Elzabeth Harriet [c. 1866-?]. Ann Elizabeth [c. 1868-71], Fanny [c. 1870-?], Harriett Eleanor ]c. 1872-?], Kate [c. 1874-1939], Charles Henry [ 1875-?], Lucy [1879-?], Alfred George [1880-1928], Edith Florence [1883-?], Ann Elizabeth [1884-?]. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Charles Henry [1875-?] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Charles Levi [c. 1862-?] son of William [1830-1908]

*TITHERIDGE, Craig Paul [1971-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Daniel f of. Daniel Tytheridge Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Daniel [1807-72] - Charlotte DUFFEN Their children: Alfred [1807-72], Henry [1836-80], Robert [1939-99], Daniel [1850-87]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Daniel [1850-87] son of Daniel [1807-72] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Daniel son Daniel Tytheridge: To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Dayrell Charles John [1915-39] - Jessica WEBB Click here and here  on Wars page.

*TITHERIDGE, David son of Reginald Samuel Click here

*TITHERIDGE David James [1989-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, David Alexander [1911-99] His son Warwick John Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Dora [1895-?], Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Dorothy Gladys [1902-86] Father Noah J. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Edith d of George TITHERIDGE [1862-1933] 

*TITHERIDGE, Edith Florence [1883-?], - William Adolphus BELL Their children were: Cyril, Christine, Dorothy, Norman. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Edward [Ted] [1874-?] - Isabella McDONALD [1876-1958] Their children: Albert George [1903-1966], Maytel Geraldine [1879-1985]  Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Edward [1876-?] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Edward Henry Reginald [1923-?]  click here and here then scroll to Cecil Edward Arthur

*TITHERIDGE, Edward William [1849-1921] - Mary Ann PHILLIPS [1852-1963] Their children were: Henry Edward [1873-1943], Philip William [1874-c. 1942], Edward [1875-?], Agnes [1877-?], William [1879-c. 1933], Albert Edward [1881-1971] To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Eliza [1846-?] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Eliza [1850-1901] - John BOULTON [c. 1845-c. 1901] Their children: John [c. 1878-?], Harry [c. 1880-?], Sarah [c. 1881-?], William [c. 1882-?], Ada [c. -1885-?], Alberta [c. - 1889-?]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Elizabeth [1701-02] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Elizabeth [1705-05] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Elizabeth [1807-07] d of William TITHERIDGE  [1772-1851]

TITHERIDGE, Elizabeth [1842-?], husband of William WILLS click here

*TITHERIDGE, Elizabeth Ann [1850-?], d. of William Henry Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Elizabeth Harriet [1866-?] d. of Charles Henry Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Ellen [1877-?] possible d. of Charles click here

*TITHERIDGE, Ellen Beatrice [1867-?] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Elsie Olive [1892-?] d. of Noah John click here

TITHERIDGE, Emily [1874-?] d of James Titheridge [1838-?] and Eliza Williams [1842-?] Their children: Georgina Rhoda Agnes, Emma , James Henry, George Surgay, Eliza Emily, Florence, Willam John. Here for more information 

*TITHERIDGE, Emily [1855-?] d. of William [1830-1908] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Emily Rosetta poss. d. Charles 1848/9 Click here and  here 

*TITHERIDGE, Emma [1848/9] d. of Richard [1808-91] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Emma [1862-?] d. of William Henry [1828-] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Ethel [1891-?] - William Thomas TRIMMER Their chilldren: Wiilam, Annie, Eric, Elsie, Dorothy, Cecil, Phylis, Alec. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Eric [Dusty] Victor [1923-?] - Ruth HUNTER Their children: Janet, Mark Allan [1950?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE-TITHERADGE, Eric [Bob} Norman [1921-2000] - Beatric Ellen UNKNOWN Their children: Robert Edward [1947-93] Michael A. [1951-?] For Click 7 click here and for family here

*TITHERIDGE, Ernest [1900-76] s of George TITHERIDGE [1862-1933] Click here   

*TITHERIDGE, Ester [1882-?], d. of Charles click here

*TITHERIDGE, Fanny [1855-?], d. of Wm. [1830-1908] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Fanny [1870-?] d. of Charles H. [1845-85] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Flora Marie [1864-1954] - James HEDGES Their children: Florence Emma [1887-?], Henry James [1889-?], Unknown [1892-?], Ethel Kate [1893-?], Lilian Jane [1894-?], George Leonard [1896-?], Regie Victor [1899-?], Winifred [1906-?], William Herbert [1908-?]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Florence Rosina [1904-?] - David Frederick HARVEY [1903-?] Their child: Barbara Isobel [1928-?] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Frances not further infor but check  here

*TITHERIDGE, Frank: [1860-] To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Freda Flossie [1898-1983] - George A. GREEN[A]WAY Their children: Ellen Joyce [1919-?], Neville Arthur C. [1923-?], Claude [1926-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Frederick [1841-?] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Frederick [1869-1902] - Rachel Louise HOMEWOOD Children were: Frederick William [1893-1977], Louise Maude [1895-?], Doric May [1900-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Frederick George [1888-?] s. Noah John [1858-1929] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Frederick Willam [1893-1977] - Victoria Phyllis PORTER [1893-1980]. Children: Frederick Syd [1916-98], Hazel June [1919-96], Olive June [1933-77]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Gavin Roy [1956-?] - Jan McDONALD Their children: Kendrah Leah [1989-?], Jemma [1992-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, George s. Wm. Titheridge-Tythreg [1674-1743] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, George [1803-?] - Charlotte Winter [c. 1805-1893]. Their children: William (c. 1835-?) Charles (c. 1835-?), Mary Ann (1837-?), George (1839-?), Henry (1842-?), James (1844-?), Eliza (1846-?), Sarah (1849-?), Hannah (1852-?) Click here

*TITHERIDGE, George [1839-1910] - Emily Charlotte Whitear [1844-?]. Their children :Georgina (1866-?), William (c. 1867-?) Louisa [c. 1869-?), Alice Louisa (1870-?), James (c.1871-?), Rose Emily (c.1875-?), George (c. 1877-?), Mabel (c.1880-?) Click here

*TITHERIDGE, George [c. 1849-71] h of Elizabeth PRIOR Click here

 *TITHERIDGE, George [1853-?] f. Richard [1808-1891] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, George [1856-c. 1930] - Fanny UNKNOWN [1861-c. 1935]. Their children: William George (1882-?), Dorothy Blanche (1887-?), Albert (c. 1890-?), May (1893-?), Ada Pamphylia (c. 1896-?), Walter James (1898-1918). Click here

*TITHERIDGE, George [1862-1933] - Georgina HANNIBALL Their children: Edith [?], Ruth [1883-1971], George David [1884-1885], Samuel [1885-1957, Mary 1866-?], Lily [1888-?], Joseph [1889-1917] William Henry [1892-1969], Ernest [1900-1976] To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, George [c.1870-1905] f. William Henry Titheridge [1828-1896] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, George [1892-1916] click here and further here

*TITHERIDGE, George David [1884-85] s of George TITHERIDGE [1862-1933] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, George Edward James [1888-?] s. of Alfred George [1862-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, George H. [1892-1943] Click here.

*TITHERIDGE, George William [1912-43] s. of Benjamin James [1884-1951] Click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Gertrude Adelaide [1897-1943] d. of Charles [1848/9. Click here. Possible connection here

*TITHERIDGE, Gillian d of Peter Lionel TITHERIDGE [1923-96] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Gregory John [1948-?] s. of Benjamin Ralph [1920-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Hannah [1852-?] - Henry SIMMS Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Harriett [1810-?] - James ANGLESS Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Harriett Eleanor [1872-?] d. of Charles Henry Click here

 *TITHERIDGE, Harry Percival [1899-1970] - Edna WEST. s. of Benjamin. here, family click here

*TITHERIDGE, Harriett [1810-?] - James ANGLESS To view click here

*TITHERIDGE Harry Percival [1899-1970] - Edna WEST To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, [note name change from Titheradge] Henry [1808-1857] - Eliza JENKINS [?-1875]. Their children were: Henry [1829-1836], James [1830-?], Edward E [1832-?], Sarah Ann [1834-?], Eliza Jane [1840-?], John [1841-?], Lewish G [1842-?], Elizabeth A. [1844-?]. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Henry [1813-1873] - Agnes TAYLOR Their children were: Henry [1834-1901], Agnes [1835-?], James [1838-?], Sarah [1840-?], Emma [1842-?], Mary Ann [1846-1904-], Edward William [1849-1921]. To view click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Henry [c. 1834-1901] - Lucy BURGESS [1839-1909]. Their 6 children were:James (1866-?), William (1868-1915), Lucy Harriet (1870-?), Alice Mary (1872-?),Bertram (1876-1927), Amy Ann (1880-1882) Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Henry [1836-80] - Louisa BUSH Their children: Rhoda [1864-93], Walter [1865-1934], Daniel [1867-1904], Frederick [1869-1902], Edward [1871-78], William [1872-1952], Ann [1874-75]. Click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Henry [1837-?] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Henry [1842-1928] - Phoebe [Lucy?] BURGESS [?-1927] To view click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Henry [1846-1913] - Elizabeth UNKNOWN [1849-?] Children: Elizabeth Jane [1876-?], Martha Ella [1878-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Henry [1856-?] - Anne HASTED Their children: John [1880-1970], Louisa [1882-?], Mary Rosa [1884-?], Charles [1860-1931] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Henry [1860-] - Eliza FLETCHER Click here for suggested family connection here

TITHERIDGE, Henry [1868-?] s. William Henry [1828-1896] Click here

TITHERIDGE, Henry [1872-1952] - Nellie Matilda JOHNSON [1879-1967] Their children were: Albert George [1903-1966]. Maytel Geraldine [1879-1967] To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Henry Alex [1914-?] - Dorothy Maude JACKSON [1923-?] Children: Shirley Ann [1949-?], Arthur Alex [1953-?], Janice Dorothy [1955-?], Vivian Paul. Click  here and herehere

*TITHERIDGE, Harry Ashton [1837-1916] - Eliza JARVIS [1832-c. 1891] Children: Clara Emily [1863-?], Frederick [1865-?], Albert Edward [1868-?], Julia [1870-?], Harry [1874-?]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Henry John [1855-?] - Louisa DENNIS Children: Edward Hetrel [1877-1947], Annie [1880-?], Edith [1881-?], Alfred [1885-?], Nellie [1887-?], Florence [1890-?]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Henry Ross [1931-?] - Doris Merle CANTON Their children were: Masrl Albert [1967-?], Grant Henry [1969-?] To view click here and here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Henry William [1853-?] Click here for *TITHERIDGE, Henry William [1873-?] Click here *TITHERIDGE, Henry William [1889-1976] s. of Henry and Eliza. Click here *TITHERIDGE, Herbert Harry [1873-?] s. of William [1830-1908] Click here

*TITHERIDGE,  Herbert John [1884-1963] h of 1. Bertha 2. Jessie Kirby click here

*TITHERIDGE, Hilda Grace [1895-?] d. of Noah John Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Isabel May [1897-?] d. of Alfred George [1864-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Jack George Ralph [1895-1958] - Mabel STEAINS Children: Benjamin Ralph [1920-?], Roger Noel [1928-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Jack Ronald [1921-1941] s. of Benjamin James [1884-1951] Click here

*TITHERIDGE-TYTHERIDGE, James [1711-1711] s. of John Tytheridge-Titheridge Click here

*TITHERIDGE, James [1779-1815] - Ann PITT Their children: James [1804-?], Daniel [1807-72], Robert [1812-?], Alfred [1818-?] Click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, James [c.1785-?] s. John Tythuridge Click here

*TITHERIDGE, James [1817-83] h of MERRETT, Jane [c. 1851-?]. h of  Their children: Elizabeth [1838-?], William [1840-?], John [c.1842-96], Ellen [1845-?], Sarah [1847-?]  Click here

 *TITHERIDGE, James [1833-40] s of John TITHERIDGE [1804-73]  Click here

*TITHERIDGE/TETHERIDGE, James [1840-1923] - Eliza ROSSEY [ROSSI] Their children were:  To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, James [c. 1840-1873] - Harriett PACE [1842-1914] Children: Harry [1864-73], Albert James [1866-1951], Alice [1869-?], George [1872-1955], Amelia Harriett [1874-5], Kate [1880-?], Ellen [1884-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, James [1850-?] See here

*TITHERIDGE, James [1852-55] s. of William Henry [1828-96]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, James [1855-?] See here

*TITHERIDGE, James [1856-1942] - Eliza INNEL [1859-C. 1934] Children: Blanche Ineel [1884-?], Maude May [1889-?], Ernest James Baird [1890-1955]. Click here and here *TITHERIDGE,  James [1856-?] - Lily Bess Hand click here

*TITHERIDGE, James [1864-?] s of John TITHERIDGE [1837-92] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, James [1866-?] s. Henry [c. 1834-1901] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, James [Jim] [c. 1868-?] - Mary Ann DAVIDSON [c. 1873-1947?] Their children: Rita Ruth Clara [c.1903-?], Ronald Granville [c. 1905-?], David Alexander [1911-99] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, James [1922-?] s. of Albert [1885-1941] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, James [1959-?] - Albertia BALTAZER [1956-?] Children: Roger Herbert [1977-98], Fiffany [1998-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, James E [1865-?] - Alice BUTTERWORTH Children: Percival [1896-?], James E. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, James Francis Charles [1898-1918] Click here TITHERIDGE, James Henry [1895-1915] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, James Herbert [1892-1962], - Minnie Ella MILLEST Children: James Arthur Frederick [1916-1994], Minne Beatrice [1920-?], Edith Sarah [1925-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Jan Alva [1954-?] d. of Benjamin Ralph [1920-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Janet d. of Eric [1923-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE-TYTHERIDGE-TETHERIG, John [1643-c1708] - Ann QUALLAT [-1702]: Their children: Ann Ti-Ty [1664-1664], Ann T/T [1665-?], Mary T/T [1667-?], John Tythreg/Titheridge [1669-1711], Em. Ty [1672-c1690], William Tythreg/Ti, Sarah Titheirdge [1677-?]. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE/TYTHERIDGE, John [1710-1767] - Sarah MANSFIELD [-1786] Their children were: John [1737-86], Sarah [1739-?], Willam [1743-1821] To view click here and here

*TITHERIDGE-TYTHEREG, John [1719-65] - Mary RING Their child: John Tythereg [1755-1830] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1737-1786] - Elizabeth COMPTON [1735-1805] Their children were: Betty [?-1775], Mary [?-1764], John Ty [1768-1802], Richard [1769-1893], Elizabeth Ty [1772-?], James Ty [1774-1775]. To view click here click here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1742-1815] - Elizabeth HICKER [?-1806] Their children: William [1765-?], Sarah [1769-?], Thomas [1777-91], William [1775-1851], James [1779-?], Jane [1779-?], Robert [1781-82] Click here

TITHERIDGE-TYTHURIDGE , John [1755-1830] USA Click here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1786-1866] - Sarah BATCHELOR [1787-1822]. Their chilren were: Mary [c1810-?], Harriett [c. 1812-?], Elizabeth [c. 1814-?], William [1815-c. 1891], James [1817-?], Jane [1820-?]. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1804-1873] - Sarah WITHERS [1808-1875]. Their children were: Wliiam [c. 1830-1908], John [1831-1837], James [1833-1840], Ann [1834-?], Sarah [1835-?], John [1837-1892], James [c. 1840-1905], Maria [1841-1902], Charles Henry 1845-1885], Alfred [c. 1847-?], George [c. 1849-1871] To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1814-c. 1905] - Ann PAICE [1817-1901]. Their children: William (1842-1844), Richard (1844-1845), Mary Ann (1846-?), Sarah (1849-?), Harriett (1851-?) James (1854-1855), Henry (1856-?) George (1856-c. 1830), Frank (1860-1931) Click here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1823-?] h of Mary ASHTON click here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1831-37] s of John TITHERIDGE [1804-73] Click here

*TIITHERIDGE, John [1832-?] Click here 

*TITHERIDGE, John [c. 1829-1886] - Eliza HASTINGS Click here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1837-1892] - Sophia KENT [1840-1938] Their children: George [1862-1933], James [1864-?], John [1864-1865], Arthur [1869-1937], Louisa [1872-1946], John [1874-1961], Alfred [1877-1949]. To view click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1859-?] To see C lick here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1860-1946 - Maude UNKNOWN Children: Jack George Ralph [1895-1958], Cecil Baird [1900-70] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1864-65] s of John TITHERIDGE [1837-92] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1874-1961] s of John TITHERIDGE [1837-92]  Click here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1875-?] To see  click here

*TITHERIDGE, John click here

*TITHERIDGE, John  click here

*TITHERIDGE, John [1880-1970] - Bertha HOUSE Click here and here . And here

*TITHERIDGE, John Edwin [1876-?] - Annie MILES Their children: Florence Ivy [1905-?], William Henry [ 1908-c. 1999] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Johnathon s. of Warwick John Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Joseph  Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Joseph [c. 1898-1917] Click here and here and here 44. s of George TITHERIDGE Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Kate [c. 1866-?] d. of Kate Titheridge, Her child Georgina Kate. Nothing further

*TITHERIDGE, Kitty [1916-?] d. of Edward William Click here

*,TITHERIDGE, Lawrence [died December 31, 1952]  click here 

*TITHERIDGE, Leonard Albert [1903-c1999] s. of Albert Edward [1881-1971] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Leslie Frank [1920-1941] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Lewish G [1842-1927] - Sarah A. LOOP Their children were: Sarah A. [1864-c. 1865], James E. [1865-?], Edward E. [1867-?], Harriett [1873-c1874], Willam D. [1872-1952], Elizabeth M. [1877-1880], Eliza Jane [1879-?]. James E. [1865-?], married Alice Butterworth. THeir children were: Percival [1896-?], James E. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Liam S. [1989-?] s of Bruce Graham Click here

*TITHERIDGE, [TYTHURIDGE] Lidia [c1783-?] - William BONE Their child: George Titheridge. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Lois Jean [1922-?] d. of Fredrick William [1893-1977] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Lottie Ivy [1896-?] d. of Noah John [1828-1929] Click here

*TITHERIDGE Louisa [1872-1946] d of John TITHERIDGE [1837-92]

*TITHERIDGE, Lucy [1879-?] d. of Charles Henry [1845-85] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Lucy Harriett [1870-?] d. of Henry [c. 1834-1901] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Lydia Elizabeth [1890-?] d. of Alfred George [1864-?] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Mabel Leah [1890-?] d. of Noah John [1858-1929] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Mabel Iris Ruth Clifford [1909-?] d. of Samuel Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Maisie Geraldine [1919-2009] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Maria [c.1800-?] wife of Joseph Hall, children John and Emma Titheridge. Click here for more information

*TITHERIDGE, Maria [1841-1902] d of John TITHERIDGE [1804-73] Click here 

*TITHERIDGE, Margaret [1870-?] d. of Wiliam Henry [1828-96] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Margaret [1918-18] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Mark Alan [1950-?] s. of Eric Victor Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Martin Ralph s. Benjamin Ralph [1920-?] click here

*TITHERIDGE/TYTHERIDGE,   Mary [1667-?] d of John TITHERIDGE/TYTHERIDGE/TETHERIG [1643-C.1708] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Mary [1667-?] d of John TITHERIDGE/TYTHERIDIGE/TETHERIG [1643-c. 1708] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Mary [1707-?] d. of John Tytheridge/Tythereg [1669-1711] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Mary [1886-?] possible connection click here d. Charles [1848-1915]

*TITHERIDGE, Mary Ann [1837-?] - possibly MATTHEWS Their[?] child: Rose Matthews Titheridge. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Mary Ann [1854-54] d. of William Henry [1828-1905] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Mary Ann [1864-?] d. of William Henry [1828-1905] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Mary [1886-?] d od George TITHERIDGE [1862-1933] Click here

 *TITHERIDGE, Mary Ester [1896-?] d. [possible line] click here Albert [1869-1923]

*TITHERIDGE, Melanie Faith [1957-?] d. Peter Lionel [1923-96] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Muriel [1913-?] d. of Reginald Sam [1911-99] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Neil Alexander [1927-2005] - Margaret Mary BOWN Their children: Sandra Gail [1953-?], Roy Gavin [1955-?], Bruce Graeme [1958-?] To view click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Noah John [1858-1929] - wige Amelia Gardner [1858-1940] Children: Alice Jane [1878-?], Edith Florence [1880-?], William Edwin [1883-?], Walter Charles [1884-?], Noah John [1886-?], Frederick George [1888-?], Mabel Leah [1890-?], Elsie Olive [1892-?], Alfred Charles [1893-?], Reginald Hubert [1894-?], Dora [1890-?], Hildra Grace [1895-?], Lottie Ivy [1897-?], Freda Flossie [1898-?], Audry Dora [1900-?], Dorothy Gladys [1902-?]. Click here  To learn how the family spent Christmas go to ANN TITHERADGE'S BLOG AT: http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2016/12/christmas-in-waltham-chase-with.html

*TITHERIDGE, Noah John [1886-1959] - Annie Louise FERRIS [1896-1951] Their children: Dayrell Charles John [1915-39], Ubert [1918-?], Walter [1921-?], Clifford [1925-?], Maurice [1926-?], Stanley [1928-?], Edgar [1919-?], Daphne [1936-?]. Click TITHERIDGE, Norman

*TITHERIDGE, Pamela Margaret [1947-?] d. of Philip Joseph [1929-63] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Pat [1927-?] to view click here

*TITHERIDGE , Peter [1948-?] s of Anthony Robin TITHERIDGE [1926-2005] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Peter s. of William John Henry [1875-1962] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Peter Lionel [1923-96] - Rose UNKNOWN Children: Valeria, Gillian. Second wife: Sheila GRAHAM Child: Melanie Faith [1957-?]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Philip Errol [1917-?] Click here s. Benjamin James [1884-1951]

*TITHERIDGE, Philip James [1956-?] - Sue BRADLEY Their children: Caroline Jenifier [1985-?], David James [1989-?] To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Philip Joseph [1920-1963] - Minnie BARTON Children: Barry John [1943-?], Pamela Margaret [1947-?] Click here and here and here TITHERIDGE, Reginald Samuel Clifford [1911-1999] - Violet LESTER [1919-96] Their children: Patrical [1947-?], Alan John [1949-?], Philip James [1956-?]. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Reginald Frank [1892-?] was born 1892 in Eastleigh, Southampton, Hampshire son of James and Lilly Bess Titheridge. He married Violet Burton in 1919. Not enough information to make a family connection. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Reginald John [1874-?] s. of Noah John [1858-1919] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Reginald Samuel Clifford [1911-99] - Violet LESTER {1919-96] Their children: Patrica [1947-?], Alan John [1949-?], Philip James [1956-?] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Richard [c. 1712-13] s. of William Henry Tith-Teth Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Richard [1769-?] - Sarah WHEELER. Their children were: Sarah [1804-?], Richard [1807-96], Elizabeth [c. 1809-09], John [c. 1809-?], William [c. 1810-93], Henry [1813-75]. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Richard [c. 1779-c1860] - Mary UNKNOWN Their children: Sarah [1802-?], Annie [1804-?], Elizabeth [1807-?], Harriett [1810-?], John [1814-?], James [1815-?], Richard [1820-?], To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Richard [1807-1896] - Ann PARVIN [c1807-?]. Their children were: William Henry [1828- 1896] - John [c1884-?], Sarah [c1884-?], Mary Ann [c1884-?], Elizabeth [ c1836-?], Richard [1841-1870] To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, Richard [1808-91] - Mary Ann LASHAM [c. 1811-74]. Their children: Mary Ann [1832-?], Willaim [c. 1834-1917], Henry Ashton [c. 1837-?], Richard Ashton [1839-?], Frederick [1842-?], Anna Maria Hannah [c. 1844-?], Emma [1848-?], Elza [1850-?], George [1853-?]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Richard [1788-1834 Dickey Dung Prong Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Richard [c. 1779- c. 1860]  wife Mary  ?? [1780-c.1855]  click here

*TITHERIDGE, Richard [1841-?] No further info. Click here *TITHERIDGE, Richard Ashton [1839-?] s. of Richard [1808-91] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Rita Ruth Clare [1902-93] d of James [Jim] TITHERIDGE Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Robert [1842-?] No further info. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Robert [1784-1834] - Lucy Ann HOLDUP Their children: William Henry Walter [1812-86], Mary Ann [1815-?], Elizabeth Holdup [1818-?], Lucy Ann [1820-?], Ellen [1830-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Robert Arthur [1861-1915] Service number 100310 Born Paddington, Middlesex on 08 May 1861 son of James and Emma Titheradge. Died on 19 September 1915. No family connection Click here

TITHERIDGE, Roger Herbert [1977-98] s. of John Click here

TITHERIDGE, Ronald [1784-1834] Ronald and dob don't go together! No further info.

*TITHERIDGE, Roy Gavin [1956-?] click here  to see connections

*TITHERIDGE, Ruth [1883-1971] d of George TITHERIDGE  [1862-1933] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Samuel [1885-1957] - Daisy Florence LOVELAND Children: Philip Joseph [1920-1963], Ursula Joan [1921-?], Geoffrey William [1923-94], Monica Ruth [1924-96], Greta Valerie [1926-?], Margaret Clarice Peggy [1928-?], Dennis John [ 1929-?], Derek [1931?]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Samuel - Maud Ann CLIFFORD Their children: Mabel Iris Ruth Clifford [1909-?], Reginald Samuel Clifford [1911-?], Muriel [1913-?], David [1915-?]. To view click here


*TITHERIDGE, Sarah [1739-?] d of John TITHERIDGE [1710-67] Click here

*TITHERIDGE-TYTHERIDGE, Sarah [1701-?] d. of John T-T [1669-1711] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Sarah [c. 1714-?] Daughter of Wm T-T click here

*TITHERIDGE, Sarah (1722-?) married Richard Lympus. No other information.

*TITHERIDGE, Sarah [1783-?] d of William TITHERIDGE [1743-1821] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Sarah [1812-?] d of William TITHERIDGE [1772-1851]  Click here

*TITHERIDGE-TYTHERIDGE, Sarah [1808-?] - Thomas MOCKFORD Their child: Mary Ann [1825-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Sarah [1835-?] d of John TITHERIDGE [1804-73]  Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Sarah [1848/9-?] - Edmunder FORDER Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Sarah Emma [1859-1915] d. William Henry [1828-1896] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Tiffany [1998-?] d. of James Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Timothy [1949-?] - Cheryl HITCHCOCK Their children: Anna, Peter Alexander [1976-?], Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Thomas [1706-?] s. of William T-T [1674-1743} Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Thomas [c. 1744- 1846] - Jane TEE [c1743-?]. Their children: William [To view click here and here   ] [1805-06], Ann [1807-1824], Hennry [1811-1831], James [1818-?], Maria [1820-1833]

*TITHERIDGE, Valerie d of Peter Lionel TITHERIDGE [1923-96]  Click here

*TITHERIDGE, Walter James [ 1898-1918] s. of George [1858-c. 1930] Click here and here and

*TITHERIDGE, W.click here

*TITHERIDGE, Walter [1865-1934] click here

*TITHERIDGE, Warwick John His child: Johnathon Click here

*TITHERIDGE-TYTHERIDGE, William [1701-79] - Sarah TURNER [1711-90] Click here. See also William Tytheridge - Mary Tillman

*TITHERIDGE, William [1705-06] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, William [1709-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, William [1734-1802] - Ann CRANSTON c. 1720-1802] Their child: William [1762-1802] click here

*TITHERIDGE, William [1743-1821] - Mary WOODERSON [?-1801] Their children were: Anne , Mary [1667-?], William [1772-1851], Betty [1776-?], Richard [1779-c. 1860], Sarah [1783-?], John [1786-1866. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, William [1762-1802] - Ann SMITH Their children: Robert [1784-1834], William [1786-?], Richard [1788-1834], Joseph [1789-?], Stephen [1791-91], Jeremiah [1792-1793], Elizabeth [1794-?] Click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, William [1772-1851] - Hannah PRIOR Their children were: William [1803-1803], John [1804-1873], Elizabeth [1807-07], Richard [1808-91], Sarah [1812-?], James [1817-83] To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, William, [1775-1851] - Priscilla PARGENT Their children: Fanny [1806-66], William [1809-73], Charles [1812-74], Henry TITHERIDGE-TIDRIDGE  Click here

TITHERIDGE, William [1803-03] s of William TITHERIDGE [1772-1851] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, William [1805-66] h of Elizabeth LEE [1806-80] Their children: Harriett [1827-1830], John [1829-86] h of Eliza HASTINGS, William [1831-1907] h of Mary MOYES, Harriett [1833-36], Eliza [1835-?], Jane [1836-37], James [1840-1923], h of Eliza Rossey HARFIELD,  Ann [1841-?], Elizabeth [1842-?] w of William WILLS,  Sarah [1844-1932] w of William FLY, Hannah [1846-46], Henry [1847-55], Ellen [1849-?], Frank [1854-?] h of Emily Jane PORT.     

*TITHERIDGE, William, [1809-1873] son of William [1775-1851] To read his sad story click here 

*TITHERIDGE, William [c. 1810-93] - Jane Ann HEWETT [c. 1812-85] Children: Sarah Jane [1840-?], Martha [1841-?], William [1844-49], Richard [c. 1845-?], Henry [c. 1846-1913], John [1849-?], Benjomin [c. 1851-1929], Jane Ann [1852-?]. Click here

*TITHERIDGE, William [1815-c. 1891], Cecelia GRIFFEN [c. 1820-1899]. Their children were: Charles [1848-1915], Henry William [1850-?], James [1855-1911], Annie [1858-?], Elizabeth [1863-?]. To view click here

TITHERIDGE, William [1831-?] Click here No family connections. A serivce number of 47837.

TITHERIDGE, Willam [1831-1907' h of Mary Moyes/Moss check here

*TITHERIDGE, William [1830-1908] - Eliza MERRITT [1831-1904] Their children were: Emily [1853-?], Fanny [1855-?], Alice [1856-?], Noah John [1858-?], William Henry [1860-?], Cherles Levi [1862-?], Alfred George [1863-?], Ellen Beatrice [1867-?], Albert [1869-?], Olive LInda [1871-?], Herbert Harry [1873-?], John Edwin [1876-?]. To view click here

*TITHERIDGE, William [c. 1834-1917] - Sarah Ann KEELING [1864-1954] Their children: William Henry [c. 1857-?], Harry [1859-?], Frederick [1862-?], Sarah Ann [c. 1862-?], Flora Maria [1864-?], Kate [1866-?], Amelia Emily Alice [1868-?], Arthur Edwin [1870-?] Charles Bernard [1872-?]. click here

*TITHERIDGE, William [1840-?] - Ellen DYER Click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, William born [184?-?] In ?esford, possibly Alresford. No family connection made.  Click here

*TITHERIDGE, William [1866-?] [mother Jane Tee [c1743-?] - Elizabeth LEE Their children: Ann [c. 1828-?], John [c1830-?] William [c. 1831-?], James [1840-?], Sarah [c. 1844-?], Henry [c. 1847-?], Ethel [1850-?]. To view click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, William [1868-1915] s. Henry [c. 1834-1901] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, William [1880-?] Click here 

*TITHERIDGE, Willam [1930-83] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, William Edwin [1883-c. 1963] - Beatrice Louisa DAYSH [1883-1961] Children: Reginald George [1910-?], Doris [1914-?] Eric [Dusty] Victor [1923-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE, William Henry [1828-1896] - Elizabeth Ann BAIRD Their children: William Henry [1849-1905], Elizabeth Ann [1850-?:], James [1852-1855], Mary Ann [1854-1855], James [1856-1942], Benjamin [1857-1918], Sarah Emma [1859-1915], John [1860-1946], Emma [c1862-?], Ann [c. 1864-?], Mary Ann [c. 1864-?], Henry [1868-?], Margaret [1870-?], George [c. 1870-?]. To view click here and here

*TITHERIDGE,  William Henry [1874-1916]  Son of Willam [1832-1877] and Elizabeth. Click here      

* TITHERIDGE, William Henry [1887-c. 1901] - Agnes [?] SLATTERY. Their child: William [1920-?] Click here

TITHERIDGE, William Henry Walter [1812-86] h of Sophia Cunninghan. Their children TYTHERIDGES , Henry Burton Holdup Tytheridge [1847-1918] Cecil Walter Langford [1875-1947], Arthur Burton Storbrock [1867-77], Arthur George [1878-1907], Ainslie Burton [1860-1919], Dorothy May [1881-1960]   Wm H's father was Robert Titheridge [1784-1834] click here

*TITHERIDGE, [TETHERIDGE] William Henry [1892-1951] - Ema Elzabeth MASTERS Their children: Peter Lionel [1923-96], Anthony Robin [1926-?] Click here  and here

*TITHERIDGE, William Henry [1920-?] Click here and here

*TITHERIDGE, Unkown [1719-19] Click here

*TITHERIDGE/TIDRIDGE Henry [1815-1868] - Ann NEWELL [1815-1873], their children were: Harriett Ann Tidridge (1840-?), Harry Tidridge (1842-1916), Jane Tidridge (1844-1898) Ellen Tidridge (1845-c1845), William Tidridge (1845-1929), Mary Tidridge (1847-?) Alfred Tidridge (1850-1910), Priscilla (1851-?), Elizabeth Fanny Tidridge, Emma Tidridge (1859-?) Edith Tidridge (1863) Click here

*TITHERIDGE-TYTHEREG, William  [1674-1743] - Elizabeth CLEMENT [c. 1613-1741]. Their children were: William  [1701-1779], Mary Ti  [1703-?], Elizabeth Ti [c. 1705-1705], Thomas Ti [1706-?], George Ti [c. 1710-1711], John  [1710-1767], Richard Ti [c. 1712-1713], Sarah Ti [c. 1714-c?], Ann Ti [c. 1716-1743], Unknown male [c. 1719-1719]. To view click here and here

*TITHERIDGE-TYTHEREG-TYTHERIDGE, William [1701-1779] - Sarah TURNER [1711-1790] Children were: William [1734-1802], Robert [1736-37], Anne [1737-c1741], John [1739-1`741], John [1742-1815], Sarah [1744-1783], Jane [1746-?], Frances [1749-?], Thomas [ 1752-1811], James [1756-?]. click here

*TITHERIDGE [TITHERADGE] Frederick [1841-?] Click here

*TITHERIDGE-TITHERADGE, Frederick [1842-1914] - Martha Hanna PRITCHARD [1860-1943] Their children: Unknown prior to1879, Margaret [1879-1964], John Albert [1882-92], Frederick [1884-1938], Daniel [1885-1961], Richard Joseph [1888-1969], Leonard Arthur [1890-1986], George William [1892-99], Henry David Alexander [1894-1967] Elsie Beatrice [1895-1972] Click here

*TITHERIDGE/TYTHERIDGE/TETHEREG,   John [1643-1708/09]  - Ann QUALLAT [?-1702] Their children: John Titheridge/Tytheridge/Tetherig (1643-c1708) Their 7 children were: Ann Tytheridge/Titheridge (1664-1664), Ann T/T (1665-?), Mary T/T (1667-?),John Tythereg/Titheridge (1669-1711), Em Tytheridge (1672-c1690), William Tythereg/Titheridge (1674-1743), Sarah Titheridge (1677-?) Click here

*TYTHEREG-TITHERIDGE, John [c. 1695-1772] - Elzabeth CHASE [?-1763] Their Children: John [c. 1719-?], Daniel [1720-?], Sarah [1722-?] Click here




*TYTHERIDGE, Ainslie Burton [c1879-1919] son of Henry Burton Holdup Tytheridge - Frances Amelia Click here and here and here


*TYTHERIDGE-TETHEREG, Ann [1700-?] - Thomas Allen click here

*TYTHERIDGE, Ann [c. 1716-43] d of

*TYTHERIDGE, B.C. [Bertie] [1878-?], son of John and Caroline Tytheridge. Click here

*TYTHERIDGE, Daniel - Rebecca BAKER, their children were: John Tytheridge [c. 1745-?], Daniel [c. 1746-1750], James Tytheridge [c. 1748-?], Elizabeth [c. 1851-?], Daniel [c. 1854-56]. To view click here Please note: at some point in times this family used Titheradge as their surname. Click here for that family history

*TYTHERIDGE, Daniel [1769-1884] - Ann MITCHELL Their children: Ann TITHERIDGE [c1797-?], Lydia [c1799-?], Daniel [1806-?], Sarah [1808-?], Hannah TITHERIDGE. Click here

*TYTHERIDGE, Elizabeth [c.1705-05] d of William TITHERIDGE/TYTHEREG

*TYTHERIDGE, Elizabeth [1751-?] click here

*TYTHERIDGE, Elizabeth [1701/1702-?] - James POWELL No further connection

*TYTHERIDGE, Elizabeth [1772-?] click here


*TYTHERIDGE, George [c1710-11] s of  William TITHERIDGE/TYTHEREG

*TYTHERIDGE, James [1774-1775] click here

*TYTHERIDGE, James [1748-?] click here

*TYTHERIDGE, John [1745?] click here

*TYTHERIDGE, John [1768-1802 - Mary BERRY Their children were: James Titheridge [1791-?], John Titheridge [1793-1795], Richard Titheridge [1801-1801]. To view click here

TYTHERIDGE, John [c. 1795-] m Sarah Saunders, daughter Elizabeth [18c. 1829] m Obed Wickens click here 

TYTHERIDGE, THETHERIDGE, TUTHERIDGE,  John [1847-?] m Caroline Elise Clark. Their children: Carynthia Elise [1874-?] John Stanley [1876-?] Bertie Cecil [1878-?] who married Lilian May, they had one son, Bertie Cecil who died at the age of eight months in. 1905 Harry Aubrey [1880-?] Reginald Jack [1881-?] For more information click here

*TYTHERIDGE, John Stanley [1876-prior to 1959] son of John and Carolyn Tytheridge. Click here and here for more information. John married Edith May Judson [1878-1956].  Their children: John Stanley [1907-75] William Edward [1909-59] Norman Victor 1910-63] Emily Beatrice [1912-c. 59] George Ernest [1917-2011]  Here for more infromation

*TYTHERIDGE,  Joseph [1896-1962] s of Joseph [1837-1877] click here and here for family details.

*TYTHERIDGE, Mary [1703-?] d of William TITHERIDGE/THYREG

*TYTHERIDGE, Richard [c.1712-13] s of  William TITHERIDGE/THYREG

*TYTHERIDGE, Sarah [1704-?] - William GILL No children recorded. To view click here

*TYTHERIDGE, Sarah [c. 1714-?] d of  William TITHERIDGE/TYTHEREG


*TYTHERIDGE, William [1701-1779] - Mary TIL[L]MAN [?-1731] Their children: Mary [1725-1749], Ann [1731-1731] To view check here SEE ALSO Titheridge-Tytheridge - Sarah Turner

*TITHERIDGE-TYTHEREG Daniel [c1699] - Ann MARSHALL. Their child: Daniel TYTHEREG-TITHERIDGE [1734/35-?] To view click here

*TYTHERIDGE, Mary [1667-?] - Daniel LOVE No record of children. To view check here





*TYTHEREG, John [c. 1695-1722] - Elizabeth Chase. Their chlidren: John [c. 1719-?], Daniel [1720-?], Sarah [1722-?] click here

*TYTHEREG, John [1719-?] son of John [1695-1722] click here

*TYTHEREG, Sarah [c1722-] daughter of John Tethereg [1695-1722] click here

*TYTHEREG-TITHERIDGE Daniel [1734/35-?] Note name reversal. - Sarah PARSON[S] [?-1802] Their children. Note different surnames: Hannah TYTHURIDGE [1763-?], Ann Tytheridge [c1766-?], and following all Tytheridge's Daniel [1769-?], Sarah [c. 1771-?]. To view click here

*TYTHEREG-TITHERIDGE John [1669-1711] - Ann BREWER [?-1730], their children were: John Tythereg-Titheridge, Daniel Tytheridge, [1697-1809], Ann Tythereg [1700-?], Sarah Tytheridge [1701-?], Elizabeth Tytheridge [1701/2-?], William Tytheridge [ 1705-1706], Mary Tytheridge [1707-?], William Tytheridge [1709-?], James Tytheridge [1711-1717]. To view click here

*TYTHEREG-TYTHERIDGE John [c. 1695-1772] - Elizabeth CHASE [?-1763]. Their children were: John [c1720-?], Daniel {1720-?], Sarah [1722-?]. To view click here It would appear John also married Mary RING Their child John TYTHURIDGE Click here






*TITHRIDGE, John [c. 1739-c1824] - Mary TUCKER [c. 1743-1817] Their children Mary [1770-?], Sarah [1772-?], Anne [1773-?], Elizabeth [1782-?], John [1784-?] Anne - Robert Giles. click here





*TITHURIDGE, William [c. 1781-?] click


        TITTERIDGE AND TITERIDGE FAMILIES  Click here  and  http://titheradgetitheridge.blogspot.ca/2017/10/titteridge-and-titeridge-extinct_13.html
TUTHERIDGE, Alfred William [1906-23] s of Alfred John [1876-?] gs of William click here


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