Granny Brick ELLEN BRICK (1904-1996)

The Liens dedicate this recipe section; which contains excerpts from our 1996 edition of the "Liens Love to Cook" Book, to Grandma Brick, who was our instructor, our coach, our tester and our critic for so very many years.

Family Recipes, Family Cookbook
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Updated Friday, February 29, 2008

Appetizers and Other Goodies

Bacon-Wrapped Water Chestnuts Joan Crosbie's Cocktail Spread
Betta' Bruschetta Mary Knox's Crab Dip
Crab Mousse Railroad Dip
Gram's Philly Ham Dip Surprise Cheeseball
Grandma's Cheese Squares Yummy Spinach Bread Dip
Japanese Chicken Wings Barb's Dry Spareribs
Alice's Party Mix Betty Lints's Vegetable Pizza
Chile Con Queso Dip Hot Artichoke Dip
Curried Chicken Almond Rolls Fred & Val's Pot Stickers
Mary Knox's Sweet'n'Sour Meatballs Pepper Jelly Tarts


Bread and Breakfast

(Including Buns and Brunch Ideas)
Air Buns Hearth Bread
Butterhorns "Not as Troublesome Hobo Bread
Cheese Pepper Bread Herb and Cheese Rolls
Cliff's Sunny Oat Bread Karen's Buns
English Muffin Cheese Loaf Land of Nod Cinnamon Buns
Fermipan Two-Hour Buns Make-Ahead French Toast
Fred's Sourdough Pancakes Oven Pancakes
Ginger Oat Pancakes Plain Ol' White Bread
Country Seed Bread Cheese and Bacon Biscuit Sticks
Bread Machine Cinnamon-Pecan Buns Cathy Acheson's Hot Cereal Mix
Baking Powder Biscuits Banana Bread
Cheese Basil Breadsticks Crusty Bran Bread
Dilly Casserole Bread Grandma's Cranberry Loaf
Norma's Oat Bread Scones
Whole Wheat Oatmeal Bread Fred Brick's Sourdough Pancakes
Ginger Oat Pancakes Norma's Holiday Strata

Cakes and Calories!

Boiled Raisin Cake Iona's Dump Cake
Diana's Cherry Cake Iona's Fruit Cocktail Cake
Easy Pineapple Cake Fruit Cocktail Cake the Old Way
Featherweight Cake Overnight Blueberry Coffee Cake
Carrot Pineapple Cake Carrot Cake w/Cream Cheese Frosting
Gram's Golden Date Cake Turtle Cake
Pumpkin Chiffon Cake Allene's Saskatoon Cake
Chocolate Sheet Cake Grandma's Presidential Fruit Cake
Mrs. Beebe's Brazil Nut Cake Patt's Rhubarb Cake (Squares)
Tiramisu Angel Torte

Candy and Sweets for the Sweet

Gram's 3-Way Fudge Mary's Candied Pecans
Dianne's Choco-Covered Peanut Shells Mexican Orange Candy
Brenda's Easy Toffee Divinity Fudge
Hop Scotchers Maple Cream Candy

Casseroles and One-Dish Meals

Six-Layer Casserole Apple-Bacon-Cheddar Bake
Lucille's Bacon Cheddar Crepes Overnight Scalloped Turkey Casserole
Quiche Lorraine Stan's Shepherd Pie
Ted-a-Rena Spaghetti Beef Casserole

Chicken---finger lickin' good!

Chicken Diable Honey Curry Chicken
Bev's Chicken Casserole Lemon-Mustard Chicken
Bill's Favorite Chicken Lemon Sesame Chicken
Chicken Hurry Chicken Magnifique
Maxine's Chicken with Sticky Rice Cranberry Chicken

Christmas Recipes

Appetizers and Goodies Brunch or Breakfast
Cookies, Candies and Cakes Dinner and Dessert

Cookies for your Favorite Jar

Boiled Raisin Cookies Iona's Oatmeal Drop Cookies
Brown Sugar Cookies Iona's Uncle Cookies
Choco Peanut Butter Cookies Maxine Zutz's Jam Buns
Date-Filled Cookies Jumbo Cookies
Fruit Cake Cookies Perkins
Ginger Snaps Shortnin' Bread
Iona's Barnyard Cookies The Great Cookie - Charlie Brown
Maxine's Ginger Sparklers Rum 'n Butter Mincemeat Cookies

Desserts to Die For

Baked Apple Slices Gram's Apple Kagaker
Boiled Custard for Trifle Gram's Pudding Sauce
Bread Pudding Honey Cream Sauce for Fruit
Bread Pudding A` Laska Hot Lemon Pudding
Cappucino Creme` Brulee Lemon Brulee Tart
Chocolate Lush Lemon Sponge Pudding
"Cliffy" Pudding Mary's Nutty Peach Crisp
Cream Puffs Norma's Fresh Fruit Flan
Cream Puff Filling Patt's CheeseCake
Easy Raspberry Ring Real Shortcake
Fruit Salad by Brenda Special Bananas Foster
Fruit Sauce Sex in a Pan
Fruit and Cream Supreme Valerie's Caramel Chocolate Cake
Strawberry "Shortcut" Cake Yorkshire "Dessert" Pudding
Apple Custard Apple Angel Delight
Dianne's Carrot Pudding Layered Lemon Square
Mary Ann's Fruit Dip Rice Pudding
Sweet Success Trudy's Mincemeat Mallow Cheesecake

NEW!! Ethnic Entrees

"Mystery" Beef & Veggie Stir-Fry Almond Chicken Chop Suey
Chicken Chow Mein Linda Mitchell's Enchiladas
Stir-Fry Mandarin Chicken Bread Machine Perogy Dough
Coral 'n Pearls (berries & chestnuts) Jim's Macktown Chili
Krumkaker Marjorie's Cabbage Rolls
Nalysnky (Ukrainian crepes) Pineapple Chicken Balls

Fish and Seafood

Batter for Deep Frying $100 Seafood Casserole
Garlic Shrimp Seafood-Filled Jumbo Shells
Lemon Batter for Fish Shrimp Jambalaya
Lemon Buttered Fish Sweet and Sour Shrimp
Norma's Fresh Salmon Loaf Saucy Salmon Loaf
Salmon Loaf - Old Fashioned Seafood Supreme

Fine and Fancy Frostings

Broiled Coconut Frosting Jonnye's Sheet Cake Frosting
Cream Cheese-Pecan Frosting (2) Lemon Butter Icing
Fresh Orange Icing Never Fail Caramel Frosting
Jello Seven-Minute Frosting

Meats for Manly Men

Ann Landers Meat Loaf Mary Knox's Sweet'n'Sour Meatballs
Betty Lint's Baked Weiners Mexican Pot Roast
Barb's Dry Spareribs Muffin Tin Meat Loaf
Barb's Sweet'n'Sour Ribs Picnic Pot Roast
Beef Crust Pie Pizza Buns
Beef Onion Pie Pizza Mix "Quickie"
Cheeseburger Impossible Pie Polynesian Ham
Favorite Pork Spareribs Porcupine Meatballs
Ham and Cheese Rolls Gram's Quiche Lorraine
Hawaiian Pork Quick Hamburger Pie
Honey Garlic Ribs Stan's Shepherd's Pie
Hot Meatballs on a Crusty Bun Yummy Pork Chops
Meatballs in "Secret Sauce" Fruit-Stuffed Pork Loin
Dad's Turkey Stuffing Easy Easter Ham
Mike's Bulls Eye Beef Tony Roma's Baby Back Ribs

Muffins to Munch Upon

Apple Raisin Bran Muffins Eileen Didow's Pina Colada Muffins
Barb's Plain Muffins Golden Corn Muffins
Buttermilk Bran Muffins Pumpkin Muffins
Cheddar Muffins Sunshine Orange Muffins
Cherry Oatmeal Muffins Very Berry Blueberry Muffins
Cranberry-Nut Muffins Bran Muffins
Overnight Blueberry Coffee Cake

NEW!! Mustards, Sauces and Condiments

Barbecue Sauce for Ribs Basil Tomato Pesto
Beupre' Chili Sauce Polynesian Ginger Veggie Dip
Moxham's Mustard Traditional Cranberry Sauce
Mustard Sauce for Ham Verna's Mustard

Pasta that Pleases

Creamy Fettucini Alfredo Crab Linguine
Stuffed Shells Fred & Val's Shrimp Rolls
Spatzle Seafood-filled Jumbo Shells

NEW!! Pickles and Preserves

Auntie Bernice's Rhubarb Relish Beet Pickles
Mary Knox's Dill Pickles Nectarine and Peach Chutney
Peach Chutney Rhubarb Conserve
Rhubarb Relish Vera's Green Pickles
Vera's Sandwich Spread

Pies and Pastries

Aunt Myra's Butterscotch Pie Mrs. Colwill's Best-Ever Raisin Pie
Best-Ever Pecan Pie A La Mode Peach Sour Cream Pie (2)
Bluebottom Blueberry Pie Pumpkin Custard Pie
Cathy Acheson's Plum Pie Rhubarb Custard Pie
Dairy State Apple Pie Strawberry Pie
Dieter's Pie Swiss Apple Pie
Glazed Strawberry Pie Tenderflake Perfect Pastry
Graham Wafer Pie Three-Fruit Pie
Gram's Lemon Pie Verna's Cherry Pie Filling
Mrs. Carignan's Cream Pie Filling Allene's Saskatoon Pie Filling
Canadian Living Pumpkin Pie Betty Mitchell's "Just Tarts"
Mincemeat Tarts - Verna's Mincemeat Tarts - Dianne Brick's
Butter Tarts - Grandma's Butter Tarts - Doris'
Maid of Honour Tarts Pecan Tarts
Lemon Curd Tart Filling

Salads for Slimming or Sinning

Barb's Chicken Salad Jello Fruit Salad
Barley Corn Salad Dzaman's Noodle Soup Salad
BLT Salad June's Broccoli Delight Salad
Broccoli Mandarin Salad Karen's Onion Salad
Carole's Japanese Cabbage Salad Betty's KFC Coleslaw
Cranberry Salad Mandarin Orange and Almond Salad
Cukes and Red Onion Salad Orange Salad
Deb's Jellied Salad Patt's Seven-Layer Salad
Eggnog Cranberry Salad Sunshine Salad
Foo Yong Supreme Salad Verna's Chinese Salad
Iona's Cabbage and Fruit Salad NEW! - Patt's Strawberry Spinach Salad
Carrot Salad Kathryn's Pistachio Salad
Mom's Whipped Cream Salad Pecan Pear Tossed Salad
Romaine w/Oranges and Pecans U.S. Pickles
Verna's Cheese and Pineapple Salad Wheat Salad
Creamy Lo-Cal Caesar Dressing Emma's Sinless Dressing
Grandma's Homemade Dressing Garden Lettuce Dressing
Quick Spinach Salad Dressing Sesame Mayonnaise

Soups That Satisfy

Barb's Corn Chowder Norgene's Cold Stawberry Soup
Golden Carrot Soup Ron Mundell's Leek Soup
Hamburger Soup Stan's New England Clam Chowder
Iris Napora's Borscht "Stolen" Strawberry Soup from Norgene
Kelly's Boston Clam Chowder Verna's Corn Chowder
Kay's Mushroom Soup

Scrumptious Squares

Apple Squares Patt's Cheesecake Squares
Cranberry Butter Tart Squares Patt's Rhubarb Squares
Cranberry Cheesecake Bars Patt's Toffee Squares
Caramel "Toffee" Squares Stella's Chocolate Pecan Crisps
Carol's Cheese-Apple Squares Rainbow Squares
Granny's Cherry Slice Raspberry Squares
Grandma's Date Bars Rice Krispie Squares
Lemon Squares Trudie's Brownie Miniatures
Honey Almond Bars Zucchini Bars

Vegetables for Your Health

Barb's Hash-Brown Casserole Marjorie's Cabbage Rolls
Broccoli and Rice Norma's Sweet Potato Puff
Corn Pudding, Iowa Style Old Fashioned Baked Beans
Crispy Cheese-Topped Potatos Potato Pancakes
Fran's Lazy Baked Beans Potato Rolls
Glazed Celery and Carrots "Retarded" Teachers Baked Beans
Gram's Hot Slaw Sauerkraut and Tomato Casserole
Green Bean Casserole Tomatos in Garlic Butter
Harvard Beets Turnip Casserole
Layered Potato Pie Butternut Squash Casserole
Lorne's Western Corn-on-the-Cob Verna's Creamed Corn
4-Cheese Zucchini Bake Quick & Easy Mixed Vegetables
Potato Latkes Rumpledethumps
Sweet Potato and Ham (Quick)

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