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Updated Tuesday, November 06, 2001

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UpdatedMulti-Colored Navajo Afghan

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UpdatedEaster "Bread" Bunny

Easter Bunny Cutting Diagram
Thaw one loaf of frozen white or brown bread dough until just workable. Cut the loaf into portions as diagrammed above. Form the body, head, legs and arms and lay them out on a greased cookie sheet. The head should be touching the body, but place the legs and arms not quite touching. When the dough rises they will join. Make scissor cuts for claws on the arms and legs. Roll the ear pieces into a rope twice as long as you want the ears to be and fold them in half and bend them into the shape you want. Lay them just touching the head with the joined end at the head. Make three little balls for the nose and cheeks and press them in place. Make cuts for whiskers. Allow the dough to rise covered with plastic wrap sprayed with Pam until doubled. Brush the bunny with an egg white mixed with a Tbsp. of water. Press in two dark raisins for eyes and place two sliced almonds for teeth. Bake at 350 deg. F. for about 25 min. or until body sounds hollow when tapped.