Havik, the story after...

Nearly two years ago, Havik came to us a physically and emotionally traumatized soul. She suffered a major attachment disorder and quickly retreated from any type of touch or affection. The constant terror in her eyes mirrored her undeniable lack of trust in people. She was underweight, malnourished, and her matted coat told us that she had unlikely ever been bathed or brushed.

Today, 22 months later, I can hardly believe she's the same dog. Now, her big brown eyes look up at me with such love, trust and intensity that I find myself inspired by her remarkable will. Havik's ability to overcome so many obstacles has motivated me to believe anything can be achieved with perseverance, determination, trust and love.

Sadly, the nighttime still seems to bring an uneasiness that likely is linked to the ghosts of her past. Her curious nature however, more often overrides her intense fear of the unfamiliar and unknown.

Havik constantly amazes us with her intelligence, sharp perceptiveness, and desire to learn. By watching, she has figured out how to open the back screen door to go outside when she wants to. More amazingly she has figured out that ringing the doorbell is an effective way of signaling us that she wants back inside.

She has taught herself that dropping her Kong down the stairs, rapidly releases the treats hidden inside. This of course saves her the hassle of having to CHEW it.

One of her most creative discoveries is that persistently knocking items off of our night stands is an effective way of getting us out of bed at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday mornings. A creature of habit, this of course is her breakfast time Monday thru Friday.

Havik is always eager to learn anything someone wants to teach her. She always seems to know exactly what we're asking of her and she catches on to new tricks with almost no effort at all. She has become much better with her obedience but still gets distracted if too many things are going on around her .

Each day another piece of her personality surfaces from within and she becomes even more endeared into the hearts of those who know her.

Her goofy nature and uncontrollable excitement about everything from breakfast
to blowing leaves, bring us constant laughter and entertainment.

Havik is a master entertainer and clown, a die-hard ball player, a relentless attention hog, a professional dirt devil, an instigator and the Queen of couch potatoes.

She has become an Airedale filled with love for her people and canine pals. She is generally very good tempered with other dogs, however, Havik has become the "Leader of her Pack", and valiantly rises to the defense of any of us she believes is in need.

It seems Havik will always deal with digestive issues, food sensitivities, bowel upsets, and an array of other health concerns. For some, this would seem too much to deal with. For us, it has taught us patience, tolerance, and compassion.

I often think fate played a big part in our lives the day we went to an obedience class with one little Airedale, and came home with two. Looking back, although sometimes it was difficult, I would do it all again.

“A faithful friend is a lasting treasure”


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