'Doc' has a friendly, outgoing nature, and exudes personality. He's quite a character! He loves adults and children alike. He shows a lot of curiosity in everything around him. In the house, he will routinely "bump" things with his nose to see if they move. If they do, he will  pick them up to play with them. He will steal things. Laundry, shoes, papers, and anything within reach on counters and tables. In his exuberance he knocks things over. If you are moving about the house, Doc is likes to follow you everywhere you go. He wants to see what you're doing, and likes to be around people always. If you sit down, he will try to crawl in your lap, and will smother you with kisses. Doc is an active dog, and loves to run. Jogging or cycling are activities that he enjoys being a part of and so are long walks or hikes, either on leash or off leash. Doc LOVES to swim. 

Doc is the club's first placed rescued Airedale. As you can see, he is adapting to his new environment just fine.  Due to the efforts of our rescue coordinator, we were able to place Doc in a good, loving home.

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