Message from the President 

In 1998 a small group of Airedale enthusiasts met to organize an Airedale Fun Day. The response was overwhelming, 30 Airedales took their families along for Fun and Games. From that point the High Altitude Airedale Club of Alberta, Canada was born.

The goal of the Club is to promote purebred Airedale Terriers and encourage owners to discover the versatility of their breed. Educational programs for Airedales are strongly promoted by the Club. Upcoming clinics include obedience training, first aid and grooming.

Rescue is an important focus of Club founders. Airedales in need of a new permanent home can be assured that their next home is carefully chosen.

Semi-annual fun/picnic day - twice a year we bring out dogs for a fun day. Highlights of these days have included demos of agility & lure coursing, scent hurdles & tracking.

Show and trial activities, the club supports an annual Airedale breed booster at local all-breed championship shows and obedience trials.

The HAATCA offers a puppy buyer referral service through our members who are experienced ethical breeders. All breeders on our list have signed a Code of Ethics. The HAATCA supports the standard of the breed as approved by the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).

The Club and its members are proud to share their knowledge and skills with all Airedale owners and interested people. Anyone who enjoys and loves Airedale Terriers is welcome to join us.

I would also wish to thank the many members who have contributed to the success and to the appeal of this club by voluntarily devoting their time to getting this Club off the ground. Special thanks for the HAATC logo to Hazel Mah-Chapeski for the art work, to Boleslav Dvorak for that great Rocky Mountain picture of his Airedale ‘Rufus’ and to Louise Chady of  LC–Designs for the revamp of our Web Site. Thanks to Steve and Bonnie Gilbert for the inspiration as we reach for High Altitudes.

Yvan Mongeon
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Founding members: Yvan Mongeon, Louise Chady, Terri Paxton, Alison Poole, Karen Clouston, Hazel Mah-Chapeski and Larry Chapeski

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