This illustration, by Charles Livingston Bull,
sed for the Rescue T-Shirt is from the
 November 23rd, 1918 issue
of the Saturday Evening Post

Dogs were used for various tasks through the great war. No dogs, though, were more valuable than the "sanitary" dogs, also known as Red Cross dog or ambulance dogs. These were used extensively and gained great fame. They worked in conjunction with the ambulance service, carrying first aid kits and leading stretcher bearers to wounded men. Indeed, the Airedales performed a sort of battlefield triage for they were said to have had a talent for determining which men could still be helped and which were too far gone. The illustration on the T-shirt shows how the Airedale was trained to seek out fallen troops, on the front lines, and to bring back an article of their uniform to the waiting Red Cross paramedics, and then lead the Red Cross team out to the fallen soldier.

Thanks to Colonel Richardson, we know that Airedales served during World War I. The Airedale had been selected because of their intelligence, courage, speed and endurance. Many dogs were used for Red Cross purposes and some say that at least 10,000 wounded men were saved by these valiant animals. 

Any Airedale owner can and will readily tell you how brave and durable these dogs can be. We know that while performing their duty they did so happily and with great determinedness (read stubborn) to save as many human lives as possible.

This is why we chose this particular illustration to raise money for rescuing Airedales in our area. We can never hope to repay them for their valiant service many years ago of 10,000 men, but we are determined to save as many as we can. The proceeds for this T-Shirt go to our club's rescue fund.

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